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True the Vote

Tell the State of Florida to Stand Against Noncitizen Voting

This week Florida Governor Rick Scott announced his Administration’s plan to drop its defense of a policy that works to remove known noncitizens from voter rolls before elections. John Fund at National Review summed the case up: “After years of legal battles between the governor’s office and the Obama administration, a federal-appeals-court panel issued an astonishing ruling last November. It forbade Florida from removing aliens here illegally and other non-citizens from its voter rolls in the 90 days prior to a federal election...The panel overturned District Judge William Zloch’s earlier ruling, which had concluded that such an interpretation would “stand in direct contravention of Florida law [and] produce an absurd result...So absurd that both Judge Zloch, a Reagan appointee, and Judge Robert Hinkle, a Clinton appointee, have tossed out the claims of the Holder Justice Department and its liberal allies and affirmed Florida’s laws against non-citizen voting. After the two judges ruled, even the Holder Justice Department gave up and withdrew from the case. But its liberal allies persisted and hit the jackpot with a rogue ruling last November from two Obama-appointed judges on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.”

It makes no sense to drop the case before petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court. Every voter in the nation stands to be potentially impacted by this ruling. Raise your voice in support of a SCOTUS appeal today by
contacting Governor Scott.

The VRAA is Back.

Remember in mid-2014 when True the Vote and a cadre of liberty-minded groups set meetings to educate Members of Congress on the reasons Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s (Wisconsin) amendment to Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act was bad news? The effort managed to keep the bill bottled up in the 113th Congress. This week, however, the bill was refiled. TTV attorney J. Christian Adams had this to say about the continued inspiration for the bill at PJ Media: “Attorney General Eric Holder has claimed that federal control of state elections is necessary because voting rights are ‘under siege.’ Yet Holder’s Justice Department hasn’t filed a single Voting Rights Act case in two years, and has only brought a handful in over six years, far fewer than the Bush administration brought during the same time period. If voting rights are under ‘siege,’ thus justifying federal control over state elections, Holder doesn’t seem to be doing much about it besides advocating for expanded federal power over states.” You can read more about how VRAA 2.0 captures new states like Virginia and others here.
Replay the February 2015 National Conference Call

Did you happen to miss our February 2015 National Conference call? During the call, Heritage Foundation Fellow and True the Vote Advisory Board Member Hans von Spakovsky went into detail about how a recent federal court ruling in south Texas affects the current executive amnesty orders and our voting systems. You can access a replay of the call here. Don’t overlook the opportunity to get this important update!
Voter Roll Research Starts Here

Research season has finally arrived. Are you one of the thousands of Americans who want to get involved? You can start by signing up
here. Whether you are a new recruit or an experienced veteran, this application helps TTV connect you to the database tool according to your experience and areas of interest. Click here to take the first step!
The Tacoma 912 Project in Tacoma WA. is working on a True the Vote campaign in Pierce County and is need of some help from patriotic volunteers. Click Here.
The Legislative Working Group’s Drawing Board
We’re excited to see this effort gaining participation from engaged voters around the country. As a reminder, email us if there is legislation on the move in your state that you’d like to see passed/defeated.


HB 29
– Requiring individuals who apply to register to vote after June 30, 2015, to submit proof of United States citizenship; providing that individuals who are not citizens of the United States are not qualified to be registered voters; requiring an applicant for voter registration to submit specified documents or information to prove United States citizenship; etc. Maryland voters are encouraged to show their support by writing members of the Election Law Subcommittee.


HB 2177
-- Directs secretary to register as elector each nonregistered person who is qualified to vote and to notify persons how to decline registration and how to adopt political party affiliation. Increases maximum number of electors in precinct from 5,000 to 10,000. Establishes July 1, 2015, as date for determination of total number of registered electors in this state for purpose of maintaining status as minor political party for 2016 general election. Prohibits public record disclosure of voter registration information for persons under 18 years of age who are registered to vote. Declares emergency, effective on passage. Oregon voters are encouraged to contact the House Committee on Rules.


SB 5184
– Authorizing counties to establish and conduct polling place voting. WA voters are encouraged to contact the Senate Government Operations & State Security Committee to share their thoughts on the bill.
Help TTV with the Click of a Button

TTV receives calls and emails all the time from people wanting to know how they can help. Even though jobs as election observers or voter roll research aren’t for them, they still want to show their support. If this sounds like you, then look no further. True the Vote unveiled its first crowdfunded campaign to raise support for our ongoing efforts to expose the truth about the IRS targeting scandal. We hope you’ll check out our first-ever True the Vote Fundly campaign and then spread the word to your own network of liberty-loving friends. If you are a veteran email forwarder or a social media maven, we need you! You can track our progress on the page and see the impact you’re making. Get started today!

Legislation on the Move


Conduct of Elections
HB 5416 was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary. This bill would increase the penalties from class D felony to class C felony as well as disenfranchisement for fraudulent voting, absentee ballot fraud, and voter registration fraud.


Early Voting
HB 194 was favorably reported by substitute. This bill would reduce the early voting period, which would commence on the third Monday before the election. A substitute of this bill provides that counties and municipalities would choose to either conduct voting on the second Sunday before the election between Noon and 4 p.m. or on the third Saturday before the election between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., but not both.

Same Day Registration
HB 355 was filed. This bill allows a person to register and vote during the period of advance voting.

Voter Registration bill
HB 401 was reported from Judiciary Committee. This bill provides that automatic voter registration for citizens who apply for an ID card or driver’s license.

Voter Registration
SB 150 passed a second reading. This bill requires that any person who is eligible to vote and applies for a motor vehicle driver's license, provisional license, or instruction permit, or for a civil identification card shall be automatically registered to vote if that person is not already registered to vote.


Youth Voting
HB 81 was posted in committee. This bill would allow minors aged 16 or 17 to serve as "student election assistants."


Absentee Voting
HB 342 was transmitted to Senate. This bill would allow voters wishing to remain on the absentee voter list to biennially verify their address and other information by email.

New Hampshire

Voter ID
SB 207 was heard on February 11. This bill eliminates the requirement that moderators photograph voters without identification, removing the need for staff and materials required for managing this aspect of New Hampshire's voter ID requirement.


Conduct of Elections
SJR 7 was referred to Committee. This resolution would add an eleven-item voter bill of rights to the Nevada Constitution. It would include the right to vote on Election Day if the voter is waiting in line at the time that polls close and equal access to the elections system without discrimination on the basis of race, age, disability, employment or overseas residence.

New York

Early Voting
AB 5068
was sent to Attorney General for opinion. This bill provides for early voting at presidential elections.

North Dakota

Absentee Voting
HB 1348 was reported back amended, do pass. This bill would require that absentee mail ballots must be sent to voters no earlier than twenty-one days before the election to which they pertain.


Voter ID Expansion
HB 1511 is scheduled to be heard by the House Elections and Ethics Committee this week. This bill would permit the use of student ID from an Oklahoma public or private system of higher education as voter ID.

Voter Registration bill
HB 1846 was read a second time. This bill allows certain persons to submit voter registration applications electronically.

South Carolina

List Maintenance
S 141 was referred to Subcommittee. This bill would require the South Carolina Bureau of Vital Statistics to provide the State Election Commission with a monthly report of persons eighteen years or older who have died. The State Election Commission shall remove a deceased voter from the statewide voter registration database and notify the county board of elections to update its voter registration files to reflect the necessary change. The bill would also require the State Election Commission to maintain a record of registered voters whose names have been removed from the statewide database and the reason for their deletion for four years following a deletion.


Vote by Mail
HB 1308 was filed. This bill would allow a mail ballot to be returned to the early voting clerk on Election Day if identification is provided.


HB 51 was reported favorably. This bill allows a person who challenges an individual's eligibility to vote not later than 21 days before early voting commences and requires the challenged individual to submit supporting documents, affidavits, and other evidence. The bill would also limit the district court's scope of review of an election officer's decision regarding an eligibility challenge.

Voter Registration/Absentee Voting bill
HB 177 was sent to standing committee.
This bill would establish a permanent absentee voter status for Utah elections. The bill also extends the voter registration deadline for participating in an election in counties not participating in the same day registration pilot program from 8 days before the election to 7 days before the election.

Same Day Registration bill
HB 219 was reported favorably. This bill would expand Utah's Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project to permit an individual to register to vote and to cast a ballot in project jurisdictions on the days when early voting is being held.


Voter ID
SB 1061 was assigned to House Appropriations Subcommittee General Government & Capital Outlay. As substituted, the bill would provide that if the electronic pollbook contains the photograph and identifying information received from the Department of Motor Vehicles for the voter, the pollworker must access the photograph and identifying information for that voter and the voter would not be required to present a photo ID to vote. If the voter does not appear to be the same person depicted in the photo in the ID presented or in the photo in the electronic pollbook, the officer of election must challenge the voter's vote.


Youth Voting
HB 1294
was referred to Rules. This bill establishes the young voter registration equality act. Allows a person who is sixteen or seventeen years old to preregister to vote at the department of licensing. Allows a person who is seventeen years old to preregister to vote at all other locations and through electronic means. Exempts from public inspection and copying under the public records act, information contained in voter preregistration records.

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