Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ireland trip

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords:

Many thanks to those who prayed for me as I traveled to Ireland for the organization of our Mission work there into a true New Testament congregation of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The trip went very well.  Marion took me to SEATAC on the 9th of October (our 49th anniversary) and I flew on British Airways to Heathrow Airport in London, England.  There I connected with an Aer Lingus flight to Cork, Ireland where Brother and Sister Ellis picked me up and got me checked in at a nice four star B&B in Carrigaline, Cork.  With the time differences, it was early afternoon on the 10th.  I was able to rest for a while and clean up after the long flight.  Later in the afternoon Brother Robert Ellis, our Missionary to Ireland, picked me up and we had sweet fellowship at his home, discussing the plans for the organizational meeting scheduled on Sunday the 12th.  

I had breakfast Saturday morning with the Ellis family.  Sister Ellis makes her own home made sausage.  Yummy.  The Ellis' also took
me out for dinner at Romanoe's, an Italian Restaurant.  The meal was delicious.  My cell phone did not have a signal while in Ireland so I simply turned it off and relied on email and Skype on Brother Bob's computer to communicate with Marion back home.  Bob and Dee's lovely daughter, Leta, helped shuttle me at times.  They all went out of their way for me, as did Adrian, the proprietor at the Glenwood House where I stayed.

Adrian served me a light breakfast Sunday morning per my request.  Leta picked me up and services started promptly at 10:30AM.    The two other families that make up the newly organized church are the Doherty's and the Muller's. 

The services began with congregational singing and Brother Bob announcing the purpose to organize the Mission Work into a True New Testament Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Council of Elders consisted of Elder Larry Killion, Pastor of The Lords Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington and Elder Robert Ellis, Missionary to Ireland sent under the authority of the Lords Baptist Church in Tacoma.  Elder Killion gave the congregation an over view of the agenda for the day.  Elder Ellis read the Church Constitution, Church Covenant and the letter of authority from The Lords Baptist Church for the organization of eleven of her members who were lettered out in good standing to organize a sister church of like faith and practice in Ireland.  Elder Killion read the articles of Faith.  The Council of Elders recommended to proceed with the organization.

Elder Killion called the eleven charter members to order for a brief business meeting in which they voted to organize as The Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Cork, Ireland adopting the founding documents as read and calling Elder Robert Ellis as their Pastor.  Brother Ellis accepted the call as Pastor and the meeting adjourned.

The Council of Elders agreed to formally recognize The Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Cork Ireland as a true New Testament church and sister church of like faith. 

Elder Killion then asked the charter members of the newly organized congregation to all join hands in a symbolic picture of their unity in the faith as one corporate Body of Christ in this location and Elder Ellis prayed the organizational prayer.  After this emotional season, Elder Killion brought the charge to the new church and her Pastor taking his text from the Great Commission and examining the question "Who is the 'YE' of the Great Commission?"  After the preaching, there was the traditional "Pot Providence."

The church is praying for the salvation of souls and for the Lord to add the saved to the church.  They do have a comfortable and convenient place to administer biblical immersion  as the Lord leads.

On Monday the 13th, I 
went with Bob and Dee on a little drive (on the left side of the narrow Irish roads) to a near by village called Crosshaven.  It was an old Pirate town years ago.  The scenery was beautiful and the weather was very nice all during my stay.  In time, I made it back home safe and sound.  Below are some of the snapshots I took on the trip to Crosshaven.

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Greg Wilson said...

Thank you, Brother Killion for an excellent report. I will be sharing it with our folks.