Friday, February 27, 2015

March for LIFE

Hey Larry!

Did you see all the amazing pictures from the March for Life?  In case you missed it,pictures from the Rally, March, and Conference and Expo can be viewed HERE.  These pictures truly bring the March for Life into the light, and show the world for what it really is – a passionate, loving, and youth-led movement.

This month, the March for Life was also honored to receive the “Grassroots Organization of the Year” Award from the Weyrich Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. This award belongs to ALL marchers because YOU are what make the March for Life the largest pro-life rally and march in the world! We are also proud to announce that our very own Tom McClusky, VP of Government Affairs, was honored with the Faith Leader of the Year Award!

Give Life February

Have you taken the March for Life’s Give Life Challenge for the month of February?

40 Days for Life kicked off on February 18 and will take place through March 29. You can find a local campaign HERE and learn more about it HERE. You can also check out the Journal Blog Post of our Give Life February Instagram Guest, Sean Maguire.

And if you share your story with us about giving life this month through 40 Days for Life, we’ll send you a March for Life bumper sticker to proclaim that you are “pro-baby, pro-woman, and pro-life” everywhere you go!  Be sure to sign up for our Give Life Challenges so that you can make a difference for life not just at the March for Life, but all year.  The challenge for the month of March will be announced next week!

Capitol Hill Update

This week, U.S. Senators Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Pat Roberts (R-KS) introduced legislation to enact a permanent, government-wide prohibition of taxpayer funding for abortion, the “No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act.” Additionally, the legislation would require all health care plans offered on the Obamacare exchanges to disclose whether or not they have the abortion surcharge and if they provide coverage of abortion.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the “No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act” on the day of the March for Life last month.  To learn more about abortion coverage in Obamacare, click HERE.

The Dropbox

We recently saw a preview of a documentary film called “The Drop Box Film,” about a Pastor in South Korea who rescues babies abandoned after birth, and we highly recommend you see it!  In a world that emphasizes the need to be perfect, the Drop Box Film gets to the heart of love, life, and the unique giftedness of every human being, and the story is a perfect embodiment of our 2015 March for Life theme, “Every Life is a Gift.” The Drop Box Film will be in movie theaters nationwide for a limited three-night engagement, March 3, 4, and 5.  You can get your tickets
On a more somber note for February, the pro-life movement lost two pro-life heroes, Dr. Jack Willke, and Brother Paul O’Donnell.  We mourn their passing, but celebrate their contributions to the pro-life movement.  They are an inspiration to each of us to continue their work in defending the unborn and building a culture of life.


Jeanne F. Mancini
March for Life P

How can we save our nation?

 Friday, February 27, 2015
                       What can I (you) do?
People are writing me saying that they write letters, call elected officials,
attend town hall meetings, send emails, faxes and texts, but nobody is
listening.  Our elected officials do not receive the advice of those who
elected them.  So the feeling out there is helplessness. Nothing works.

Nobody listens. This is true. These elected officials for the most part care
about getting elected and keeping there power.

Many are frustrated, even angry when folks like me say they must act.
First, what can you do?    You can pray, and if that's all you can do,
then pray like you have never done before.

If you can do more, let's get on it. But, we need to stop seeking political
solutions, a political messiah if you will, to a spiritual problem.

As I see it, we are commanded by Christ to make disciples and preach
the good news to all creatures around the world. This doesn't mean
going to a great rally, getting people all emotional, getting people saved,
and then leaving them on their own to figure out their salvation.

We must be willing to coach people, hold them accountable, have
relationships.  This is difficult.  It puts us out of our comfort zone.
We have to know more about the Word of God than what we have
heard from the pulpit.  We have to get out of what is generally being
taught in churches --a self indulgent, emotional and extra-biblical
concept of Christ.

It is not about us, it is about the Messiah. He died for us, what are we
doing for him?  Sitting in the pews thinking about what God is going to
do for us has disastrous consequences. If we were making disciples,
and telling, teaching, exhorting, accounting, contending for the truth,
then the nation would not be in this physical bondage and spiritual
darkness. Leadership that is antichrist would not be elected. It would
not survive the light. We have to ask ourselves the question: Does what
we are doing here on earth matter in eternity? For that is what will be
judged. What can we do to change the nation? We need to conduct
heart to heart combat. Matthew 11:12 says,"And from the days of
John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence,
and the violent take it by force."

We cannot make a difference in this world by disconnecting from it.
We cannot make a difference in this world by asking what God is going
to do for us.  He already did it.  He sent His only begotten Son to die for
our sins that we may have everlasting life. The rest of the story is how
we work out our salvation under the commandments of Christ. If we
collectively were doing our job, as did our forefathers in the early days
of this nation, the leadership of this nation would reflect it.

We have to get outside ourselves and be effective at making disciples.
But? Here is a "But" for you:  But you are a chosen generation, a
royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own; that you should
show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into
his marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9)."  Make disciples, change the nation.  

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

BO IRS Crime

True the Vote

HOUSTON, TX. -- February 27, 2015: True the Vote (TTV) President Catherine Engelbrecht issued the following statement in response to Thursday night’s House Oversight Committee hearing testimony, in which TIGTA Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, Timothy Camus, revealed that the IRS is now being investigated for criminal misconduct including lying under oath about disposition of missing emails and finding of email backup tapes that appear to have been intentionally erased.

Stand against IRS targeting and help True the Vote get to the bottom of this scandal today!

“The IRS was apparently given instruction to do whatever necessary to silence those who spoke out against the Obama Administration. It became a West Wing weapon of choice,” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “As the nation’s only pro-liberty election integrity organization, True the Vote was marked for takedown by the IRS early in 2010, along with hundreds of other organizations that spoke openly about government corruption. It took a long time, too long, for the pieces to be put together, but Americans are beginning to understand that the politics of ‘hope and change’ has an enforcement arm that operates like an organized crime syndicate. 

“The time for choosing is now,”
 Engelbrecht continued. “Our elected officials need to stop playing politics and use the powers we’ve entrusted to them to restore the rule of law in Washington. Stop handing out bonuses and start sending law-breaking bureaucrats to jail. If Congress doesn’t have conviction enough to get the job done, then just turn out the lights, get off the payroll, go home, and get out of the way. Enough is enough. The American people will not be silenced.” 


Your continued support of True the Vote’s effort to fight IRS abuse is vital. Please consider a generous contribution toward our efforts. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


The National Review reports that there are fundraising groups that prey on Republicans, pretending to be raising money for GOP candidates and causes while pocketing most of the money.[1]  One group, “The National Draft Ben Carson for President” Super PAC, has raised $13 million - but they are not affiliated with Carson and none of their money has gone to him.[2]  According to reports, tens of millions of dollars have been collected by dubious organizations.[3]

The good news is that when you donate to the Washington State Republican Party, you know that your money will be used to promote Republican candidates and to win elections.  
All revenues and expenses are available on the PDC and FEC websites, so you can know how your money is spent. Your support makes it possible for the WSRP to conduct its victory campaigns, including hiring staff, making thousands of phone calls, and knocking on thousands of doors.  Our efforts are changing the GOP’s image in Washington State and making it possible to win big in 2016.  Please donate $25, $50, $100, or any amount to help elect a Republican governor.


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party
Text 'WSRP' to (206) 259-1936 to receive WSRP text alerts
LIKE the WSRP on Facebook
FOLLOW the WSRP on Twitter
JOIN the WSRP Grassroots Club

[1] Jonah Goldberg, National Review columnist
[2] Conservative blogger John Hawkins, “50 Million Down The Tubes: How 17 Conservative PACs Are Spending Their Money”
[3] Erick Erickson, editor of

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We have a first-class political emergency.

Boehner to backstab America?
Sens. McConnell and Reid make deal to FUND Obama's Executive Amnesties.
Please, Give TODAY!
or click

Speaker Boehner has already passed a procedure that could allow an amnesty deal to go through. We have only TWO DAYS to reverse this. If you want to stop amnesties, please send the biggest gift you can... THIS MINUTE!
We have a first-class political emergency.
Republicans in Congress seem ready to betray all their campaign promises. They're caving in to Harry Reid's demands. They are eliminating the language of the bill that would have DEFUNDED Obama's illegal and unconstitutional Executive Amnesties.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell started the betrayal ball yesterday when he announced he would rush through an amendment to the DHS appropriations bill STRIPPING OUT THE KEY LANGUAGE THAT DEFUNDS ALL OBAMA'S EXECUTIVE AMNESTIES. The Senate is voting right now to strip out the defund language. That means the Department of Homeland Security funding bill WILL PROVIDE THE FUNDS OBAMA NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO GIVE Social Security numbers and work permits to five million more illegal aliens.
It appears Sen. McConnell and Sen. Reid have worked this out together. Pres. Obama wins on Executive Amnesty if we don't stop this!
Meanwhile, John Boehner sneaked a measure through the House this morning that will allow him to suspend the rules anytime through March 1 to pass a DHS funding bill.
This means that Boehner can pass the bill FUNDING EXECUTIVE AMNESTY through the House by Saturday with all the Democrats and only a handful of Republicans.
We've been wondering when Boehner would push the Executive Amnesties' funding through, and it appears that time is now.
Larry, this betrayal will definitely happen unless the members of NumbersUSA act instantly and overwhelmingly to stop it.
Boehner must be forced to stop this. He must see that he may well be replaced as Speaker of the House if he cheats the American people with this low political trick.
We need funds to stop Obama, McConnell, Reid, and Boehner. We need those funds right now, this minute.
Please give generously now. The future of America is at stake.
Please, Give TODAY!
or click
You Can Donate 4 Ways:
1) On-line credit card. We take all major cards.
2) Give by PayPal.
3) Check -- see the instructions and a form to print out and send with your check.
4) Call (877) 885-7733 to arrange a wire transfer, stock donation, or to make a credit card donation over the phone. If our office is closed, please leave the time and your phone number and we will call back.
Keep the faith, and don't ever give up!
Jim Robb
Enable Images in Order to View Graphic
Vice President, Operations

P. S. IMPORTANT: If you are ill, unemployed, or living on a small fixed income, please do not contribute. We only ask for help from those able to help.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Call your GOP Senators NOW

  NumbersUSA Urgent Action 
chris chmielenski
  Senate GOP Leaders to bring 'clean' DHS bill up for vote -- Call your GOP Senator(s) and urge them to oppose

Moments ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he will bring a "clean" DHS funding bill (that fully funds Pres. Obama's unconstitutional amnesties) to the floor for a vote. This move represents a full retreat by GOP Leaders from their 2014 campaign promises and recent efforts to defund the president's actions.
Please call your GOP Senators TODAY and urge them to oppose a clean DHS funding bill until the Senate has first passed a bill that defunds Pres. Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesties.
Call your GOP Senators
Capitol Switchboard -- 888-995-2086
Use the toll-free number above that will connect you directly to the Capitol Switchboard. When the operator answers, ask to be connected to your Republican Senator's office. Once the staffer answers, you can use the following talking points.
I just heard that Sen. McConnell will bring a "clean" DHS funding bill to the Senate floor for a vote. I urge you to oppose this bill until the Senate first passes a bill that defunds Pres. Obama's executive amnesties. After federal Judge Hanen ruled last week that the president's actions were illegal, now is the time for Congress to reassert its authority over immigration.
 Action Board
or click
Thanks for your immediate attention!

Is nuclear armed terrorists OK?

 We have less than a month to save Israel from the Obama Administration.

President Barack Obama has sent Secretary of State John Kerry to Europe with a March 24th deadline to cut a secret deal with Iran over a nuclear program they have repeatedly lied about - a deal that excludes Israel but absurdly relies on Vladimir Putin's Russian government as a safety valve.

This is a recipe for disaster, not just for the Jewish State of Israel but for America's national security.

I need your help today to contact your Senators and tell them to stand strong in their support of Israel and to stand against President Obama's secret, backroom deals with Iran.

Secretary of State Kerry has devoted much of the last year to negotiating with the Iranian regime about their nuclear build-up. Reports coming out of the negotiations are pointing towards a deal that allows Iran to continue its program while shipping overflow nuclear materials to Russia. The United States would be appointing unprincipled thugs to be a safety valve on a group of seriously disturbed zealots.

Obama has not listened to Israel's warnings regarding the threat Iran poses. That is why Prime Minister Netanyahu must speak to a Joint Session of Congress in early March. Netanyahu needs to be embraced by America unequivocally and soon.

A nuclear-armed Iran would mean nuclear-armed terrorists.

We must make sure the Senate stands strong against Obama's efforts to backpedal on dismantling Iran's ability to build a bomb.

Click here to contact your Senators today and tell them that they need to stand with Israel - our strongest ally in the Middle East - and stop a nuclear Iran.

We only have a few short weeks left to take action. Please help TVC continue to sound the alarm!

Before we know it, the United States could overturn decades of foreign policy and abandon Israel to cut a secret deal with Iran.

Your Senators need to hear from you today!

Andrea Lafferty
Traditional Values Coalition

School Problem

Government Schools = America's Destruction
By Robert McCurry

Mind Control.
 Allah in our schools: "Our education system has been infiltrated by the enemy, as the next generation of Americans is brainwashed with white-washed Islam. The assault is coming from all directions and it never sleeps. 'Muslim Brotherhood front groups have been, and continue to be, integrally involved in the development of Common Core curriculum....
 "Our children are exposed to all manner of 'educational' activities that amount to Islamic propaganda, which is now endemic in the school system. 'In addition to Muslim Brotherhood front groups, Saudi Arabia exerts outside influence on school curricula. The Saudis spread a lot of money around, giving it to organizations that promote Islam throughout our institutions.'  See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

conversions: That Islamic propaganda has infiltrated our schools would be bad enough. But in addition, it was discovered that 100 pages on the history of Christianity and Judaism were removed from many of the history textbooks in Seminole County that were teaching the five pillars of Islam. least one teacher was trying to circumvent parents by directly communicating with her students via social media to remind them of their Islamic lessons and assignments. See Lawlessness

"I studied the Qur'an a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad." Alexis de Tocqueville (1843)

Spiritual Corruption.  Public school has students 'bowing to the sun god': "A legal case over a public school in California that has students 'bowing to the sun god' is looming in an appeals court, where a team of lawyers advocating for student and parental rights is challenging the Encinitas Union School District's Ashtanga yoga program."

Wake-up, Pastors! Wake-up, Christians!

True the Vote & Oscars

True the Vote

I have a confession to make. My daughter and I managed to sit through almost all of Sunday night’s Academy Awards broadcast– and I’m glad we did. Glitz and glamour (and the revelation that Lady Gaga is actually pretty talented, even without auto-tune) aside, I was reminded that there is no such thing as coincidence in political debate.
This year’s Oscar went to…pop culture agitprop.  Here’s what happened:

Immediately after John Legend and Common performed their song from the movie “Selma”, the artists won the Oscar for Best Original Song and, in their acceptance speech, decried that “We know that the Voting Rights Act that they fought for 50 years ago is being compromised right now in this country.”[1]

Meanwhile, back at the US Capitol, Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) just re-filed his race-dependent and stunningly retrogressive bill known as the Voting Rights Amendment Act (H.R. 885). If you think these two events aren’t related, it’s time to wake up.

Interestingly, the Oscars broadcast put a spotlight on the outrageous double standard that is somehow socially acceptable to those actors demanding “reform” of the Voting Rights Act. In one cast of characters are the minority interest groups and the cultural elite, citing historic moments like the 1965 civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, to demand change.  While they rant and rave (and rap), the Obama/Holder DOJ lawyers are in courtrooms all across this country attacking election integrity laws, actually making their case on the basis that minorities aren’t “sophisticated” enough to comply.[2] (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Since day one of the Holder Justice Department, we have heard constant Chicken Little attestations that “voting rights are under siege!” If that is true, then why hasn’t the DOJ filed any Voting Rights Act cases until late 2013 – and only then to attack voter ID laws? In 2014, the Department filed zero cases.[3]

Between intentions, rhetoric and results, none build a believable case for reforming the Voting Rights Act as advertised – which is precisely the argument we need your help in making before Congress.

What the Voting Rights Agitators are really fighting for is power and control.

Are you willing to cede more control over your elections to an increasingly politicized and weaponized Washington bureaucratic class?

In the weeks and months ahead, True the Vote will be addressing H.R. 885 in Washington. I know I’ve told you before (and thanks by the way for listening!) that this work is not cheap. I’ve tasked the TTV Research Department with compiling new information to help set the record straight and I plan on leading working groups in Washington that will use this research to help inform legislators about the motivations behind the civil rights industry’s never-ending pity party.

I need your help to keep True the Vote in this fight. We’re used to squaring off with the DOJ and the usual nonprofit suspect, but now, Hollywood is throwing new gas on the fire. Your contributions -- no matter their size – make a big difference.

Please help if you can.  Unlike so many of our adversaries to the left, we receive no funding from the government or the Soros set of mega-donors.  Our work is the result of your willingness to continue to stand with True the Vote.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support!


Catherine Engelbrecht, TTV Founder

Monday, February 23, 2015

Into the FRAY

Pro-LIFE News weekly update Pro-Life News Report

Monday, February 23, 2015

For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit
Top Stories• 17 Years Ago I Survived an Abortion: I Shouldn’t be Here But God Had a Different Plan
• The Number One Reason It’s Incredibly Obvious Barack Obama is Not a Christian

• British MPs Defeat Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions, Labor Party Defends Killing Girl Babies
• Her Father Repeatedly Raped Her, What He Did to Her When She Became Pregnant Was Even Worse

More Pro-Life News
• 7 Incredibly Shocking Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger
• This Boy Was Born Missing a Hand, But Some High School Students Had An Unlikely Solution
• The Most Horrible Thing Happened When Husband Was About to Take His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital
• Woman is Proud of Her Mother For Aborting Her Sibling, “I’m Better Off”

• Activists: She Was Already “At Deaths Door” So That Makes Euthanizing Her Alright
• Black Abortionist Says It’s Racist Not to Kill Black Babies in Abortions
• Is Someone Who is “Personally Opposed” to Abortion Really Pro-Life?

• New 40 Days for Life Campaign Has Already Saved 26 Babies From Abortion
• Abortion Clinic Owner Kicked Out of Other States Injures Woman in Botched Abortion in Florida
• Study Shows Places With Pro-Life Laws on Abortion Have Better Maternal Mortality Rates
• Dr. Jack Willke, Father of the Modern Pro-Life Movement, Passes Away
• After Seven Miscarriages, Woman Has Miracle Baby Thanks to a Stitch in Her Womb

• Brother Paul O’Donnell: A Lion Who Devoted His Life to Protecting the Vulnerable

Wonderful Pro-LIFE News:

Meet Gabriel: His Mom Aborted Him, 
then Changed her Mind.

-That's when the Incredible Happened . . . 


"It's important for those who take the deadly RU-486 drug to know that there is time to save the baby if they have a change of heart. And it's important that doctors know this simple protocol is available."

Last year, Andrea Minichini sat in a Planned Parenthood exam room in New Jersey knowing she didn't really want to swallow the deadly pill in her hand.

The doctor chided her that the pill was expensive and would melt if she didn't take it soon. This doctor-who had never seen her before-repeated what she and her boyfriend had already told themselves, that this was not the right time for a baby.

She swallowed the pill and went home with a second pill, misoprostol, that she was to take 24 hours later.

"I waited the 24 hours, and then I went to the emergency room," she said.
She was desperate to find a way to save her baby. Hospital personnel said her baby would be born "deformed" if she didn't complete the abortion.

She frantically called two ob-gyn doctors, including her own, but neither could help her.
By then she had started to bleed and had slight cramping. She thought it was too late, but a Google search led her to a story about a woman in California who had a child after her medical abortion was reversed. That story led her to a 24-hour hotline (877-558-0333), and the nurse at the hotline connected her to a pro-life doctor in Clark, NJ.

The doctor gave her progesterone injections to counteract the mifepristone, and monitored her throughout the pregnancy.

Amazingly, Gabriel David was born Dec. 31, 2014, two days before his due date and weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds, 9 ounces.
(Source: LifeSite News) Read more here.

Also reported by: Breaking Christian News

Coptic Christians

Egyptian Christians Honor and Celebrate the Lives of the 21 Martyrs in This Wonderful Way

Maybe you saw pictures or videos of the terrible beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya.

The Christian Community in Egypt gathered to celebrate, mourn and honor these Heroes and Martyrs.  As you can see in the video, they start praising and worship God all together.  

Question: "What is Coptic Christianity?"

Answer:"Coptic" means "Egyptian," and Christians living in Egypt identify themselves as Coptic Christians. As a denomination they originated in the city of Alexandria, one of the most faithful, respected, and fruitful cities during the Apostolic Period. Proudly, the Coptic Christians acknowledge and herald John Mark, (author of the Gospel of Mark), as their founder and first bishop sometime between A.D. 42 - A.D. 62. The Coptic Church was actually involved in the very first major split in the Church, well before there was such a thing as "Roman" Catholicism, and it was also well before the East/West split. (Christian Post)

HR279 Urgently Needed

Pray For US Email banner image

Dear Larry,
The FCC will vote this Thursday, February 26th, on Obama's plan to tax and censor the internet.
The FCC is a five-member panel with 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans, so we already know that this rigged vote will fall in favor of Obama's so-called "Net Neutrality" plan.
The only way that you can stop Obama from taxing your internet use and shutting down your favorite conservative Christian websites through censorship is by convincing Congress to intervene.
HR 279 is a bill that would limit the FCC's (and Obama's) authority over broadband internet service providers. This bill does an end-run around Obama's entire 332-page secret plan to control the internet.
The bill will allow the Congress, representing "we the people," to keep the internet open and free as it has been for years, rather than allowing Obama to seize control of the web through a regulatory agency.
Send your FaxGrams to the House Energy & Commerce Committee today and demand that they pass HR 279 immediately!
Image of Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Charles Benninghoff, Founder
We are running out of time before this Thursday vote in the FCC, so you must take action quickly.
Obama is trying to reclassify the internet as a public utility under the Communications Act of 1934.
That original Act was drafted based on shipping regulations that the federal government used in the 1800s. How can these rules possibly apply in a fair manner to 21st century technology such as the internet?
If these rules pass, Obama will have the authority to tax your internet use. Through regulations from the FCC (and soon the FEC, the Federal Elections Commission), he will be able to shut down conservative and Christian websites, everything from the Drudge Report to Pray For US.
This fight is the greatest threat to freedom of speech that America has ever seen!
HR 279 would amend the Communications Act of 1934 so that the FCC cannot tamper with internet service providers as if they are telephone companies.
The internet is an INFORMATION service, not a COMMUNICATIONS service, as Obama and the FCC are trying to claim, and HR 279 will set this in stone.
Tell the House of Representatives to pass Bob Latta's HR 279 immediately to protect the internet from Obama's wishes to be a dictator!
John 3:20 in the Bible tells us, "For every one that does evil hates the light, and will not come to the light, otherwise his deeds would be reproved."
If Obama's plan to impose "net neutrality" is so good for the internet, then why is no one outside of the FCC allowed to see this secret plan before it is passed?
The answer is, Obama's plan is evil. It will crush freedom of speech and will prevent elderly people on fixed incomes from being able to afford the internet. Obama's plan is evil, through and through.
You must speak out immediately and demand that Congress stop Obama's dictatorial internet grab, by passing HR 279 at once!
Send Faxes Now Image
Calling Obama a dictator on this issue is not an exaggeration. In fact, former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell says that foreign dictators LOVE Obama's net neutrality plan. Obama is trying to control the internet in the same way that foreign dictators do:  Regulation, taxation and censorship!
Then, please warn others about this issue, because the mainstream media has completely ignored the fact that Obama is about to tax and censor the internet. Send this link to everyone among your family members, friends and acquaintances who wants to keep the internet open and free:
Charles Benninghoff Signature Image for Email
Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US
2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
Henderson, Nevada 89074-7722
Personal Cell: 949-510-1100