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Franklin Graham Says LGBT Rainbow-Colored
White House Is ‘Slap in the Face’ of ‘Millions of
Americans;’ White House Calls It ‘Victory’

ISIS Threatens Mass Slaughter of Christians in
Israel Before End of Ramadan

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Franklin Graham Says LGBT Rainbow-Colored White House Is ‘Slap in the Face’ of ‘Millions of Americans;’ White House Calls It ‘Victory’
When Loving God Conflicts With Loving Our Neighbor 
America, the Storm Is Upon Us
Mike Huckabee Says Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling ‘Has Left Christians With No Choice but to Follow God or Civil Law’


nulify scotus decision

  Rainbow White House

This news might come as something of a shock to some of you, but Congress has the CLEAR and UNDENIABLE authority and power, under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States, to NULLIFY the recent lawless decree by five unelected black-robed tyrants that elevates perversion to the status of marriage.

       All it takes is a simple majority vote in the House and the Senate and, once it is done, the courts have no power to rule on it and Barack Obama has no authority to veto it. If Congress votes... IT IS DONE.

       So why isn't Congress taking a vote right now? ... Why have so few in the media brought this simple Constitutional remedy to your attention? Senator Ted Cruz said it best: "Sadly, the political reaction from the leaders of my party is all too predictable. They will pretend to be incensed, and then plan to do absolutely nothing. That is unacceptable."

       Cruz is right. Their lack of action is UNACCEPTABLE, but you have the power to fix that right here and right now by calling our elected officials on the carpet. It only takes a simply majority of the House and the Senate to nullify this lawless Supreme Court ruling, and we want to see a vote NOW.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives and the Republican Members of Congress who have declared their candidacies for President of the United States. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. That's over 290 Blast Faxes.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If it is the Law of the Land, politicians MUST obey it too

Last week was a bad week for our country; the Supreme Court saved ObamaCare again! Justice John Roberts betrayed us again!
It has become clear that we can’t count on the courts to stop ObamaCare. We have to do it ourselves.
Congress should have to live under the laws it passes. The Supreme Court should have to live under the laws it upholds. Why is this such a hard concept to understand?
Congress passed ObamaCare against the will of the American people. The Supreme Court has gone out of its way to save ObamaCare, twice. Yet Congress, Supreme Court justices, and their staff enjoy subsidies that protect them from ObamaCare’s astronomical costs. In the meantime, regular Americans like you and me are left with the bill.
It’s time to end the unfairness. If you and I have to pay full price for ObamaCare, so should they.
I guarantee that if members of Congress and the Supreme Court had to live under this law ObamaCare would already be gone. 
Larry, this is unacceptable, government officials know how terrible ObamaCare is and they’re hiding from their own bad law. Send a message to your congressmen tell them to end Congress and the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare exemption.
Once they see the damage ObamaCare has done to their own health care they will have to change it. Let your voice be heard, tell Congress to end the ObamaCare exemption.
Together we will make freedom work.
Adam Brandon
Chief Executive Officer, FreedomWorks

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Citizen LINK Update

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June 30, 2015
What Can We Do About Marriage? | CitizenLink Report

by CitizenLink Team

Outrage? Civil Disobedience? Impeachment? Convention of States? Tom Minnery discusses the wide range of possible ways we could react to the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling.

Thank you for partnering with us at CitizenLink. Your support will help protect religious freedom.

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Slowly, Slowly, Slowly

by Tom Minnery

This September, Tom Minnery will step back from his position as CitizenLink president. To honor his nearly 30 years in the public policy arena at Focus on the Family and CitizenLink, we decided to run a ‘Best of Tom’ article series. This piece was published in Citizen magazine in May 1992.

Slowly, slowly, slowly people are getting involved in their communities, trying to take back their corner of the culture.
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“God was pleased to put an end to the American Revolution much sooner than we had reason to expect. His name be praised!”
Benjamin Franklin, July 4, 1786
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---->>>>> Shift update

Shift Washington logo

Team –

Jay Inslee just struck out. He struck out on his state capital gains income tax. He struck out on his a cap-and-tax scheme. And, he even struck out on his fuel mandate.

Shift has worked hard to shine the light on Inslee’s agenda. We exposed the negative consequences that Inslee’s priorities would have on Washington’s working families, because we knew the truth would eventually force him to give up. And, it worked.

Shift is committed to continuing our efforts. But, we need your help. Will you consider contributing to our cause today?

The state budget will not include Inslee’s capital gains income tax or his cap-and-tax scheme. But, that’s not all. Inslee could not prevent the inclusion of the consumer protection provision in the transportation package. That means he won’t be able to jam through his fuel mandate by executive order without serious side effects.

Shift has been dedicated to ensuring responsibility and accountability won out by exposing Inslee’s agenda and shining the light on its consequences. Due to our relentless efforts, we can now declare victory for this time around.

Our work is only possible because of our faithful supporters. Consider helping us by donating to our cause today.

Unfortunately, the far-left is also relentless. You can bet that Democrats and their far-left supporters are already planning and organizing news ways to accomplish their priorities. That’s why our work here at Shift is so important.

Shift is ready and willing to meet the challenge presented. We are dedicated to shining the light and exposing the truth. You can count on us to make a difference and shift the debate in Olympia because we’ve proved we’re up to the mission. Can we count on your support?

Please help us continue our work by making a contribution of $3 or more. Help us meet our month-end goal and allow us to continue pushing forward toward our goal of shifting the debate in Olympia.

With deep gratitude,

Matthew, Josh and the rest of the Shift WA Team
Shift Washington | PO Box 406 | Woodinville, WA 98072 |

Be ready for more of the same...

White House predicts 127,000 new unaccompanied alien minors will cross the border this year

We know how to fight this, but we need your help now!

Dear Member,

Better get ready, because another massive surge of so-called "unaccompanied alien children" (UACs) is moving across our southern border right now.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has just unearthed an incriminating year-old PowerPoint presentation to Congress prepared by the White House and four Cabinet departments. The presentation predicted that 60,000 illegal alien minors would cross in 2014, and that twice as many would cross this year, in 2015.

You'll recall that Obama and other officials claimed that they were taken by surprise at the border surge last year, but this slideshow reveals the truth and proves that the White House knew what was coming all along.

Do you remember watching TV news day after day after day, showing the minors crossing the border and then turning themselves in to the first Border Patrol agent they could find?

You remember that because these UACs were from Central America and they were operating under a loophole in the law that allowed them to disappear into the U.S. population in the custody of family members or friends already in this country. Court hearings were set for the minors, and guess what -- hardly any showed up for the hearings, and virtually none have been deported.

America was scammed last year, and according to the White House, the scam isn't over! We're going to be slammed twice as hard this year.


How much will this disaster cost the American people? The slideshow said the surge would cost taxpayers more than $2 Billion.

So, what can we do about it? Better said, what can NumbersUSA and our millions of citizen activists do together to end illegal immigration once and for all? LOTS OF THINGS!

The House Judiciary Committee has approved 4 terrific bills that, if signed into law, would help end the problem of illegal immigration. These bills would strengthen interior enforcement and close loopholes at the border:

1. Rep. Lamar Smith's (R-Texas) mandatory E-Verify bill, the Legal Workforce Act (H.R.1147) would require all businesses to check new hires through this web-based system within three years.

2. Rep. John Carter's (R-Texas) Protection of Children Act (H.R.1149) would prevent unaccompanied alien children (UACs) without a legitimate humanitarian claim from using loopholes and inconsistencies in immigration law to remain in the U.S. and instead be returned home.

3. Rep. Jason Chaffetz' Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act of 2015 (H.R.1153) would make critical improvements to an asylum system that is overwhelmed with fraud and abuse.

4. Rep. Trey Gowdy's bill, the Michael Davis, Jr. in Honor of State and Local Law Enforcement Act (H.R.1148), would bolster the interior immigration enforcement system dismantled by the Obama Administration and defund President Obama's unconstitutional executive actions on immigration.

Wouldn't you like to live in an America with these laws in place? It can happen! As I said, these bills have already passed in committee. They need a VOTE on the House floor to advance to the Senate. So, again, it depends on House Speaker John Boehner to allow these desperately needed bills a fair vote.

The question is: Will Boehner do it? It probably depends on outside pressure from NumbersUSA and other citizens.

We will need to send hundreds of thousands of free faxes and have our members make many thousands of toll-free phone calls to get this matter enough noise to force the Speaker to act. We've done it before, and we will do it again.

Well, I said "free", but obviously our faxing system and our toll-free lines are anything BUT free! It costs us a fortune to support this enormous volume of citizen activism.

We all want to stop the surge at the border. We all want to end illegal immigration. But letting up is not an option!

NumbersUSA cannot do this alone. We need you and the rest of our members to help fund this effort, and course, send the faxes and make the phone calls.

Will you help? We need you to donate today.


Prefer our old donation form?

Keep the faith, and don't ever give up!

Jim Robb
VP Operations, NumbersUSA

P.S. If you are sick, out of work, living on a small fixed income, please do NOT donate. We only want you to donate if you are able to do so. Thanks.