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Editor’s note. While my family and I are on vacation, we are running some of our favorite NRL News Today stories from the last four months, entries from our “Roe at 40" series, and an occasional update.


Fascinating research demonstrates unborn children can learn

By Luis Zaffirini A group of scientists at the University of Helsinki has published findings in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that show that children are capable of learning and retaining information much earlier than previously believed possible

Planned Parenthood: We Have a Job to Do

By Carol Tobias, NRLC President Earlier this month, the District of Columbia announced that it was giving $375,000 to the local Planned Parenthood affiliate to help enroll people in Obamacare. Planned Parenthood will be a “navigator”

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Life Before Birth

  We all began our journey from the moment we were conceived. Here’s some of the facts of life you may not know about your time in your mother’s womb.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Expected to Die, Young Man Today Attending College on Academic Scholarship

Dalton McBeath
By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research When you’re dropping your daughters off at college, the last thing you expect to do is to run into a great pro-life story.

Requests for euthanasia in Belgium are rarely refused

By Alex Schadenberg A study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management,“Process and Outcomes of Euthanasia Requests Under the Belgian Act on Euthanasia: A Nationwide Survey,” found that only 5% of requests for euthanasia in Belgium are refused.

Dehydrated Patients May be Aware!

Elderly woman's hand
By Wesley j. Smith Imagine you are in a hospital or nursing home with a brain injury. Doctors say you are “not there,” but you are. And you hear doctors tell your family to stop giving you food and water!

Suicide Advocates Seek to Influence Institute of Medicine

Wesley J. Smith
By Wesley J. Smith The euphemistically named Compassion and Choices–spawned out of the old Hemlock Society–is funded in the millions by those who want to make assisted suicide the law of the land.
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Articles of Impeachment Delivered

Articles of Impeachment Delivered - Conservative Byte

Another Whoper from Slick Willy

Bill Clinton: It’s Easier to Buy an Assault Rifle Than Vote in America

The old saying says, "If you are going to tell a lie, make sure it is a big one."

Evil men have always known that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will start believing it.

Sadly, you do not even need identification to vote at many polls in our country. 

Voting is free.  In fact, if you play your cards right, you might even get paid to vote a few times by the local thugs and corrupt cronies of the progressive movement that are taking over our country.

It will cost you a lot more to buy ANY kind of a weapon anywhere.

I DARE you to go down to a local Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer and tell them you want to walk out of their store without any kind  of paperwork or back ground check, etc. etc.  They'd laugh you out of the place.

Clinton claims to be a Rhode Scholar, for crying out loud.  He certainly KNOWS BETTER.

Can you tell this headline really pushed my button? 

25 Quotes about the Coming War with Syria

Every American Should See These Quotes about the Coming War with Syria

Benghazi Jihadists Connected to Obama

Benghazi Jihadists Directly Connected to Obama Supported Syrian Rebels

Gun Confiscation Taking Place In Several Democrat Controlled States

Gun Confiscation Taking Place In Several Democrat Controlled States

Imprimis Issue

Hillsdale College - Imprimis Issue

We need to go back to training up our children in THE WAY in which they should go...  

Take them back from the STATE.
For too long we have let the government mold them into what it wants them to be.  No wonder (voter fraud aside) we have what we have in our elected offices today.  God save us from the progressive, atheistic, secular humanist mentality of modern society.  Give us back biblical standards and godly morality again.  Put a bit in the mouths and a bridle on the necks of those in places of political power and leadership and TURN them oh God back to the direction of truth, righteousness and the American way.  If there are any that are too obstinate to bow to the enduring legacy of our founding documents, may God take them OUT any way He sees fit.    

No matter what your opinion, - see this


Like many people in the Great Northwest, Joe has a passion for the outdoors. After retiring from law enforcement, he purchased a piece of property near the Canadian border and looked forward to spending his time in peace.
Joe decided that he wanted to share his land with the local wildlife and even improve it to attract more species to the area. He spent his own time and money on the project.
The one thing he didn't do was ask for permission from the local government. Now, despite the fact that Joe's actions actually created a positive environment for the local wildlife, Whatcom County's central planners have demanded that Joe destroy the improvement he made to his land. I hope you watch Joe's story and share it with your friends, neighbors, and especially your local officials. Government should be applauding any citizen's attempt to make life better for themselves and those around them, not crushing the attempt because it doesn't fit into their "plan."

For Freedom,
Lasse Lund
Director of Digital Outreach
FF logo email

More Dictatorial Moves To Disarm US

Obama Makes More Dictatorial Moves To Disarm Americans : The Last Resistance

Police Storm Homeschool Class, Take Children

Police Storm Homeschool Class, Take Children by Force | Vision to America

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sonntag Scathed by DEMS

A little over a month ago, we announced that former State Auditor Brian Sonntag would be joining our organization as our Senior Fellow for Government Accountability. We were overjoyed to have him come aboard, but there are others in Washington who didn't take the news so well. You can read more about that a little further down.

Over the past few weeks, Brian has stepped into his role nicely, visiting our office, sharing his wisdom with our staff, and scheduling appearances at several events around the state. While he was here, he took the time to record a special video message for you.
Brian SonntagSenior Fellow for Government Accountability
at the Freedom Foundation
We're thrilled to work alongside a champion of open government such as Brian, and if the news media coverage and online response over the past few weeks is any indication, so are many other people in Washington state.
There are some who are not so excited. Washington State Democrat Party Chair Dwight Pelz made headlines yesterday after he formally excommunicated Brian from the State Democratic Party. He accused Brian of joining up with a "union-busting outfit."
Sonntag wasn't flustered, though. His comment on the situation was simply, "If I were as narrow as Dwight wanted me to be, I don't think I would have been in a very good position to govern on behalf of all the citizens in the state."
Our Executive Vice President, Trent England, also took the time to respond publicly to Pelz and defend our new Senior Fellow. You can read his comments here.
You can keep the fight for government accountability going strong by making a donation today in honor of Brian Sonntag. We'll use the funds, and his expertise, to ensure Washington continues to improve its transparency and openness for all its citizens. Your donation is a great way to stand up to bullies like Dwight Pelz.

Thank you for your support,

Lasse Lund
Director of Digital Outreach
 FF logo email
P.S. - Show your support for Brian! Leave him a comment on our recent Facebook post.

2 More Executive Orders to Go After Guns

Obama Announces 2 More Executive Orders to Go After Guns


Below please find a special message from our advertiser. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our advertiser alone, and not necessarily the opinion or editorial positions of
Center For Individual Freedom
John Boehner Has Just Ordered Rank-And-File House Republicans, During A Private Conference Call, NOT To Defund ObamaCare!

       National Review is reporting that "Boehner strongly hinted on a conference call with rank-and-file House Republicans that the upcoming continuing resolution will not be a do-or-die fight over Obamacare spending. 'Our intent is to move quickly on a short-term continuing resolution [CR] that keeps the government running...'" 

       Don't be fooled by the Washington weasel-speak. Boehner and others are throwing down the gauntlet, essentially saying to rank-and-file House Republicans: Don't listen to the pesky demands of the American people... move to defund ObamaCare and you won't just invite Barack Obama's wrath... YOU'LL INVITE MY WRATH. 

       Make no mistake, Boehner is trying to herd cats and is issuing veiled threats precisely because the calls and faxes from patriotic Americans are starting to be heard loud-and-clear in Washington... And now that John Boehner has played his hand, we - the American people - must play ours

       Our elected officials must make a choice, and they need to make it now. Let them know that they can either do what House Leadership wants, or they can do what the American people want and DEFUND OBAMACARE

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Send My Blast Faxes

Is The Federal Government Really Hiring "An Army Of ObamaCare Detectives?"

       You already know about the "ObamaCare Navigators," ... the Obama-bots and so-called "Community Organizers" (and potentially even people with criminal records) who will be given access to your most private financial information. 

       But now the Daily Mail UK is reporting that the "Feds are building a detective squad to target consumers and companies that don't follow Obamacare's rules." 

       Their words, not ours... 

       The Daily Mail goes on to say: "More than 1,600 new employees hired by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources in the aftermath of ObamaCare's passage include just two described as 'consumer safety' officers, but 86 tasked with 'criminal investigating' – indicating that the agency is building an army of detectives to sleuth out violations of a law that many in Congress who supported it still find confusing." 

       If Boehner and the rest of the House leadership believe that keeping ObamaCare around so they can pretend to fight it is "good politics," then our elected officials must be disabused of that idiotic notion here and now

       The insanity must end today. Simply put, unless we stop ObamaCare in the next 30 days, it will likely be here to stay and all of the nightmares that they told you could never happen will come true in short order

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Send My Blast Faxes

And Even More Shoes Are Dropping. Medicaid For Everyone Is Just Around The Corner.

       Not only have health insurance premiums risen, on average, by more than $3,600.00 since 2008, but major employers like UPS, the University of Virginia and a number of local governments have just announced that they'll be dropping coverage for some spouses of their employees. They aren't the first, they won't be the last... and millions of people eventually will be forced into government-dictated exchanges. 

       Conservative activist Gary Bauer summed up what is going on: "This growing trend highlights another of the perverse incentives in ObamaCare: it encourages companies to end health care coverage entirely and dump entire families into ObamaCare's exchange programs. This shouldn't surprise anyone. 

       "Barack Obama has spoken openly about his support for a socialist single-payer system, adding, 'But I don't think we're going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There's going to be potentially some transition process.' 

       "ObamaCare is that 'transition process' of 'eliminating employer coverage,' one giant step in the 'fundamental transformation' of America into a European-style, socialist welfare state." 

       But our fight to defund and ultimately repeal ObamaCare is winnable. Senator Ted Cruz recently said: "Republicans have the votes to make defunding possible." But it is only possible if our so-called leaders in Washington are willing to stand up and fight. 

       Boehner has made his move and now we must make ours. Win, lose or draw, we must make it clear to our elected officials that they must now make a choice. They can either side with those who don’t wish to stand up to Barack Obama’s threats and demands and fund ObamaCare, or they can side with the American people and defund it

       It is time to force our elected officials in Washington to stake a stand and defund ObamaCare now… before it is too late. 

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Send My Blast Faxes

Yours In Freedom 
Center For Individual Freedom 

Center for Individual Freedom
815 King Street
Suite 303
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-535-5836
Fax: 703-535-5838

How ObamaCare defunding became a showdown

How the ObamaCare defunding fight became a political showdown - The Hill's Healthwatch

OK I admit it

I guess I’m an Extremist - Patriot UpdatePatriot Update

Labor Strike should target Obama

Rush: Strike should target Obama -

Eric Holder Covers Up for the NSA

Eric Holder Covers Up for the NSA

Yes, We are in a police state... Already! 

Barry's War Crimes

Call Obama A War Criminal Already! : The Last Resistance

False Accusers should pay Defense Expenses

Why Shouldn’t The False Accuser Owe Zimmerman Defense Expenses? : The Last Resistance

Black & Right

Take a 10 minutes and listen to this guy he is right.    


Obama Administration:
Pass Amnesty to boost Obamacare
To Fight, We Must Raise $49,000 By Midnight Labor Day!
Please donate todayor click
Dear Larry Killion, 
Obamacare supporters promised it would never be given to illegal aliens. Now we know how the Obama administration intended to live up to that promise: make sure no "undocumented immigrant" is considered illegal! Here's what the Obama administration official in charge of the nation's healthcare bureaucracy had to say:
"Well, [Obamacare] is crafted in such a way that those who are undocumented will not have access to the tax credits or shopping in the marketplace. That has been limited, which is, frankly, why --another very keen reason why we need comprehensive immigration reform."
--Kathleen Sebelius, 
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
The government is already straining to implement Obamacare. Does anyone really think that making tax credits available to millions of presently illegal aliens will make Obamacare more financially sound? Of course not: your healthcare costs will soar as Washington rewards people for breaking our immigration laws.
Larry, I'm positive you want to prevent illegal aliens from receiving amnesty. Offering them subsidized health care will only encourage more illegal immigration. The only way to stop this reward to those who broke the law is to defeat any and all amnesties this fall. We need more funding to do this. The Open Borders Coalition is spending $ Billions to push Amnesty and higher numbers through. They outspend us 100 to 1. Help us even the odds!
Please donate todayor click
We must raise $49,000 before midnight on Labor Day. That amount will bring us up to budget for the month. It will be hard to meet this political crisis if we fail raising the budget. Please reach down deep and give generously right now.
The Senate's Comprehensive Immigration Reform will legalize or import 33 million more mostly low-income foreign workers. When they are covered by Obamacare, they will be subsidized by U.S. workers. When they aren't, employers will have a financial incentive to replace American workers who are covered. Either way, the American workers get punished.
But of course, there is a third option: enforce our current immigration laws. Any time you hear a politician claim we can't deport 11 million people, the likelihood is that he has an Amnesty plan up his sleeve, because without the jobs magnet, millions would go home. Our immigration system didn't break; our government sabotaged it. Mandating E-Verify would keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. workforce.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Support the Troops

Last Saturday Marion and I enjoyed the Downtown Parade sponsored by the Daffodil Festival in honor of our military.  Now that Ft. Lewis and McChord Air Force Base have become Joint Base Lewis McChord, it is the largest employer in Pierce County.  Marion and I both have Army roots.  In an earlier post, I mentioned that I would try and post some pictures of the parade.  This is my effort to keep my word on that.

Here is a slide show of some of the snapshots of the event.  Click Here

Here are some short video clips too.  Click Here

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pro-LIFE News Pro-Life News Report

Sunday, August 25, 2013
For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit
Current Headlines 

Top Stories
• Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Has Closed 24 Clinics in 2013
• Nidal Hasan Found Guilty, Reports Exclude Unborn Baby From Tally of Those Killed

• Prince William on Being a New Dad: “Things Affect Me Differently Now”
 Teen Sex Sleepovers: The Latest Fad in Immoral Sex Education

More Pro-Life News
• Loving Kate: A Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis Only Made Me Love Her More
• Emmy-Award-Winning Actress Holland Taylor Promotes Abortion in New Video
• Blistering Ad Exposes New Jersey Candidate Cory Booker’s Pro-Abortion Record

• Media Shows Pictures of Dead People in Syria But Not of Babies Killed in Abortion

• Ireland Newspaper Falsely Claims First Abortion Done Under New Irish Law
• Man Arrested for Punching Elderly Pro-Life Woman Protesting Abortion
• Wisconsin Abortions Now at All-Time Low Following Recent Decrease
• I’m Catholic, But That’s Not Why I’m Pro-Life on Abortion
• Scary Brave New World: Here Come Woman Fathers and Male Mothers

• Court: Arizona Can’t Stop Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
• Pennsylvania Faces a New Threat: Assisted Suicide

• UK: Arrest in Chichester Case Should Remind Why Assisted Suicide is Illegal

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Has Closed 24 Clinics in 2013Planned Parenthood offices across the nation have closed this year at a record rate, according to data compiled by Operation Rescue. At least 24 Planned Parenthood sites have closed in so far in 2013. This number includes 3 surgical abortion clinics, 3 clinics that dispensed abortion pills, and 19 offices that referred for abortions.
“Abortion numbers are down so there is less demand for Planned Parenthood. Couple that with recent scandals involving Planned Parenthood that have resulted increased disapproval of their abortion business and it’s easy to see why these clinics are closing on such a large scale,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. ics-in-2013/
Nidal Hasan Found Guilty, Reports Exclude Unborn Baby From Tally of Those KilledNidal Hasan has been convicted of killing 13 people in the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, but media reports on the conviction are ignoring the fact that 14 people died that day — including an unborn child.
As AP reports: The Army psychiatrist acknowledged carrying out the attack in a crowded waiting room where unarmed troops were making final preparations to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq. Thirteen people were killed and more than 30 wounded. r-tally-of-those-killed/

Makes you wonder

Defense Department is teaching that conservative and liberty-minded individuals’ views are “extremist.”   No wonder the term "Military Intelligence" has become a punch-line for jokes.  It kind of makes you wonder. 



Oh, THAT'S what he meant by 
redistribution of the wealth.


Great, They Spy on us and WE pay the bill.


Time for Al Sharpton to change his tune


Hillary will bring more 
Alinski style "Hope & Change"


If the Government shuts down, who will really cause it?


A Muslim March on September 11th


Sunday, August 25, 2013

What a great day

Praise the LORD!  We have a new Great-Niece!  Let me introduce you to Ella Ray from San Jose.  

Congratulations to Ethan and Jenn Ray.  Jenn is the daughter of Mike and Mary Hirata.  Mike is Marion's brother.  Mike and Mary know how wonderful it is to be Oma & Opa (German for grandma & grandpa).  It's GREAT!  Ain't she pretty?  Yeah, we know... 

Marion and I enjoyed attending the Parade in downtown Tacoma on Saturday.  It was a special parade to honor our troops.  We took some pictures and will try to post some of them as time permits.  

We thank God for the wonderful blessing on our services today in God's House at TLBC.  Here are some links to the audio clips of the lessons and sermons.

Mabel Clement 10:  Read by Jim Turner Click HERE.

Morning Sermon:  Perfect Hatred in the Bible by Pastor.  Click HERE.

Afternoon Lesson:  Perseverance in Prayer by Pastor.  Click HERE.    

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood

A few weeks ago we told you about reports coming out of Middle East news services that indicated the Muslim Brotherhood may have been behind the Benghazi terrorist attack against our U.S. outpost and CIA annex which killed four Americans and wounded countless others.
Fox News has a new bombshell report out that reveals more evidence showing the Muslim Brotherhood's involvement in the Benghazi attack, along with the fact that the Obama administration is aware of this and that is why they are trying to arrange a deal to extricate Mohammed Morsi from Egypt without standing trial - which would otherwise expose the involvement in the Benghazi attack.

Ahmed Moussa, a prominent Egyptian television personality on the Tahrir TV channel as well as a former officer in Egyptian State Security Intelligence (SSI), went public on July 30 with a remarkable piece of information...
Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi, and you know who killed him, the U.S. administration knows who killed him, and you know how he was killed and it was a major strike against the U.S. administration, and all of you...
If true, this is sensational news, for it directly ties the [Muslim Brotherhood]  to anti-American terrorism and repudiates the Obama administration policy of trying to work with the [Muslim Brotherhood]. It also further confirms that the [Muslim Brotherhood] is a terrorist organization.

It might explain why the Obama administration is mediating in talks with Egypt's interim government for a "reconciliation process" that would permit a safe exist for Morsi and other [Muslim Brotherhood] leaders outside Egypt without a trial that likely would disclose more embarrassing details about Benghazi.

The Obama administration is demonstrating once again that it is the most deceitful and manipulative presidential administrations in our nation's history.  

We can't let Obama get away with this.  We can't let him silence those who hold the truth about Benghazi and we cannot let this scandal and cover up continue. That's why we are airing a TV ad campaign that demands Obama be held accountable for these scandals - with your help we will not let him get away with this! Please, take just sixty seconds and watch this ad below:

We need your support to buy airtime to put this ad on TV stations across America so that millions of people will see it.  You can contribute anywhere from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 - CONTRIBUTE HERE.

You can also mail in a contribution to our office:
Conservative Campaign Committee
P.O. Box 1585
Sacramento, CA 95812
Thanks for reading this and being part of the fight to secure a better future for this great Republic.