Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why Traffic Exchanges?

Thank you to those who were praying for our grandson AJ.
It is not cancer or a tumor. It is something that is fixable.
We will know more after an appontment with neuro-surgeon on
November 9th.

Good services again today at TLBC. See Church web site. Click Here

Marion and I will be traveling over to Yakima Lord willing
this Tuesday for a visit with an elderly church member there.

Home business is not setting the world on fire but is doing OK.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Divine Challenge

We always have good services at TLBC it seems even if there are only a few of us there. I continued my study of the Greatest Sermon Ever Preached this morning. Sermon outline is on our church web site. Click here

The trip to Carmichael California went well also and I had liberty when I preached at the Bible Conference there last Thursday. Here is my sermon outline for the message at the conference.

The Divine Challenge
Jer. 6:16 (Pray)

We live in a day when it is easy to be discouraged. But most of us have to admit that God has been very gracious to us. The old prophet Jeremiah lived in very trying days too. Our text was a great challenge in that day and I believe we should take it to heart in our day also. Let us think today about the Divine challenge God gives us in this passage.

I. It is God’s Challenge.
1. Thus saith the Lord. 2Tim 3:16.
2. Nothing could be more important than to obey the word of God.

II. The Challenge is to do What?
1. STAND. 2Tim 4:1-8.
2. There is a great need today for church members who will be faithful.
3. Eph 6:11-17.

III. Where are we to do this Divine Challenge?
1. In the ways. What does that mean? Consider 3 examples.
A. The Way of Salvation. Jn 14:1-6. 8:23-27, 3:14-17.
B. The Way of Baptism. Jn 3:22-36.
C. The Way of Service in a true Church. Matt 16:18, Acts 2:47,
Acts 11:19-26,Acts 13:1-4, Acts 14:23-28, Acts 20:17-28.

IV. What are the results of Standing in the Ways?
1. You will SEE.
A. The unsaved cannot see spiritual things. 1Cor 2:14, Jn 3:3.
B. The unbaptised will also not see certain truth. Acts 22:4-18.
C. The unchurched are blind concerning the pillar and ground of
the truth. 1Tim 3:15.

V. How are we to Stand in the Ways?
1. By asking for the old paths. Prov 23:10.
A. The old paths is the good way. 1Kings 8:36.
B. We are to walk therein. Rom 6:4, Rom 8:1-4.
C. Ye shall find rest for your soul. Isa 40:28-31.

Conclusion: Many today are like those in Jeremiah’s day. You can tell them the truth with earnest sincerity and they will turn from it and refuse to walk according to “thus saith the Lord.” By the grace of God we will continue to rejoice around the things of the Lord and refuse to remove the old landmarks. Remember, the Divine Challenge in our text also comes with a Divine Promise of rest for your soul. God cannot lie and He cannot break a promise. AMEN.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It was good to have visitors in our worship services today at TLBC. My sermon outline is posted on the front page of our church web site. Click Here

I'll be flying down to Carmichael, California this Wednesday for the Bible Conference there, Oct 18-20, where Elder Bill Brown is Pastor. Pray for traveling mercies and a good conference.

Marion and I had a good time on our trip to Leavenworth earlier in the week when we celebrated our 41st Anniversary. It was great but I gained about 13 pounds from the German food I ate on the trip. I'll have to watch my portions more at the conference in California this week.

For more picture click HERE.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A MUST read for all Americans

No matter if you are for, or against the war in Iraq. No matter if you are
a liberal or a conservative. No matter if you are a Democrat or a
Republican. No matter if you are an atheist, Christian or a Jew. This is
a MUST read if you love the freedom to be any of the above.

This is the most cogent and powerful essay on the threat of Islamic
terrorism I have seen. It is by Dr. Vernon Chong and is
without a doubt the most articulate and convincing writing I have read
regarding the War in Iraq .

If you have any doubts please open your mind to his essay
and give a fair evaluation. It's also eerily applicable to other current
issues (Iran 's nuclear program, immigration, NAFTA's impact on
Americanjobs, trade deficits, etc.). I had no idea who Dr. Chong is, or
the source of these thoughts... so when I received them, I almost deleted
them - as well-written as they are. But then I did a "Google search" on the
Doctor and found him to be a retired Air Force Surgeon of all things and
past Commander of Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. So
he is real, is connected to Veterans affairs in California, and these are his
thoughts. They are worth reading and thinking about!

(The same Google search will direct you to some of his other
thought-provoking writings.)

If you would like to see who this fellow is, go to this Air Force web site
and look him up.

Subject: Muslims, and the USA : A different spin on Iraq war.

This WAR is for REAL!

Dr. Vernon Chong, Major General, USAF, Retired.

To get out of a difficulty, one usually must go through it.

Our country is now facing the most serious threat to its existence, as we
know it, that we have faced in your lifetime and mine (which includes WWII).

The deadly seriousness is greatly compounded by the fact that
there are very few of us who think we can possibly lose this war and even
fewer who realize what losing really means.

First, let's examine a few basics:

1. When did the threat to us start?

Many will say September 11, 2001.

The answer as far as the United States is concerned is 1979,
22 years prior to September 2001, with the following attacks on us:

Iran Embassy Hostages, 1979;

Beirut , Lebanon Embassy 1983;

Beirut , Lebanon Marine Barracks 1983;

Lockerbie , Scotland Pan-Am flight to New York 1988;

First New York World Trade Center attack 1993;

Dhahran , Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers Military complex 1996;

Nairobi , Kenya US Embassy 1998;

Dares Salaam , Tanzania US Embassy 1998;

Aden , Yemen USS Cole 2000;

New York World Trade Center 2001;

Pentagon 2001.

(Note that during the period from 1981 to 2001 there were 7,581 terrorist
attacks worldwide).

2. Why were we attacked?

Envy of our position, our success, and our freedoms.

The attacks happened during the administrations of Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush1, Clinton and Bush 2. We cannot fault either the Republicans or
Democrats as there were no provocations by any of the presidents or their
immediate predecessor, President Ford.

3. Who were the attackers?

In each case, the attacks on the US were carried out by Muslims.

4. What is the Muslim population of the World? 25%.

5. Isn't the Muslim Religion peaceful?

Hopefully, but that is really not material. There is no doubt that the
predominately Christian population of Germany was peaceful, but under the
dictatorial leadership of Hitler (who was also Chris tian), that made no
difference. You either went along with the administration
or you were eliminated. There were 5 to 6 million Christians killed by the
Nazis for political reasons (including 7,000 Polish priests).


Thus, almost the same number of Christians were killed by the Nazis, as the
six million holocaust Jews who were killed by them, and we seldom heard of
anything other than the Jewish atrocities. Although Hitler kept the world
focused on the Jews, he had no hesitancy about killing anyone who got in his
way of exterminating the Jews or of taking over the world - German, Christian or any others.

Same with the Muslim terrorists. They focus the world on the US, but kill
all in the way -- their own people or the Spanish, French or anyone else.
The point here is that just like the peaceful Germans were no protection to
anyone from the Nazis, no matter how many peaceful Muslims there may be, they
are no protection for us from the terrorist Muslim leaders and what they are fanatically bent on doing -- by their own pronouncements -- killing all of us "infidels." I don't blame the peaceful Muslims. What would you do if the choice was shut up or die?

6. So who are we at war with?

There is no way we can honestly respond that it is anyone other than the
Muslim terrorists. Trying to be politically correct and avoid verbalizing
this conclusion can well be fatal. There is no way to win if
you don't clearly recognize and articulate who you are fighting.

So with that background, now to the two major questions:

1. Can we lose this war?

2. What does losing really mean?

If we are to win, we must clearly answer these two pivotal

We can definitely lose this war, and as anomalous as it may sound, the major
reason we can lose is that so many of us simply do not fathom the answer to
the second question - What does losing mean?

It would appear that a great many of us think that losing the war means
hanging our heads, bringing the troops home and going on about our business,
like post-Vietnam. This is as far from the truth as one can get.

What losing really means is:

We would no longer be the premier country in the world. The attacks will not
subside, but rather will steadily increase.

Remember, they want us dead, not just quiet. If they had just wanted us
quiet, they would not have produced an increasing series of attacks against us,
over the past 18 years. The plan was, clearly, for terrorists to attack us
until we were neutered and submissive to them.

We would, of course, have no future support from other nations, for fear
of reprisals and for the reason that they would see; we are impotent and cannot
help them.

They will pick off the other non-Muslim nations, one at a time. It will be
increasingly easier for them. They already hold Spain hostage. It doesn't
matter whether it was right or wrong for Spain to withdraw its troops from Iraq . Spain did it because the Muslim terrorists bombed their train and told them to withdraw the troops.

Anything else they want Spain to do will be done. Spain is finished.

The next will probably be France. Our one hope on France is that they might
see the light and realize that if we don't win, they are finished too, in
that they can't resist the Muslim terrorists without us.

However, it may already be too late for France . France is already 20%
Muslim and fading fast!

Without our support Great Britan will go too. recently I read that there
are more mosques in England than churches.

If we lose the war, our production, income, exports and way of life will
all vanish as we know it. After losing, who would trade or deal with us
if they were threatened by the Muslims.

If we can't stop the Muslim terrorists, how could anyone else?

The radical Muslims fully know what is riding on this war, and therefore
are completely committed to winning, at any cost. We better know it too
and be likewise committed to winning at any cost.

Why do I go on at such lengths about the results of losing?

Simple. Until we recognize the costs of losing, we cannot unite and really
put 100% of our thoughts and efforts into winning. And it is going to take
that 100% effort to win.

So, how can we lose the war?

Again, the answer is simple.

We can lose the war by "imploding."
That is, defeating ourselves by refusing to recognize the enemy and their
purpose, and really digging in and lending full support to the war effort.
If we are united, there is no way that we can lose. If we continue to be
divided, there is no way that we can win!

Let me give you a few examples of how we simply don't comprehend the life
and death seriousness of this situation.

President Bush selects Norman Mineta as Secretary of Transportation.
Although all of the terrorist attacks were committed by Muslim men between 17 and 40 years of age, Secretary Mineta refuses to allow profiling. Does that sound like we are taking this thing seriously? This is war!

For the duration, we are going to have to give up some of the civil rights
we have become accustomed to. We had better be prepared to lose some of our
civil rights temporarily or we will most certainly lose all of them permanently.

And don't worry that it is a slippery slope. We gave up plenty of civil
rights during WWII, and immediately restored them after the victory and in
fact added many more since then.

Do I blame President Bush or President Clinton before him?

No, I blame us for blithely assuming we can maintain all of our Political
Correctness, and all of our civil rights during this conflict and have a clean, lawful, honorable war. None of those words apply to war.
Get them out of your head.

Some have gone so far in their criticism of the war and/or the
Administration that it almost seems they would literally like to see us

I think some actually do, I hasten to add that this isn't because they are
disloyal. It is because they just don't recognize what losing means.
Nevertheless, that conduct gives the impression to the enemy that we are divided
and weakening. It concerns our friends, and it does great damage to our cause.

Of more recent vintage, the uproar fueled by the politicians and media
regarding the treatment of some prisoners of war, perhaps exemplifies best what
I am saying. We have recently had an issue, involving the treatment of a few Muslim prisoners of war, by a small group of our military police. These are the type prisoners who just a few months ago were throwing their own people off buildings, cutting off their hands, cutting out their tongues and otherwise murdering their own
people just for disagreeing with Saddam Hussein.

And just a few years ago these same type prisoners chemically killed 400,000
of their own people for the same reason. They are also the same type of enemy fighters, who recently were burning Americans,and dragging their charred corpses through the streets of Iraq . And still more recently, the same type of enemy that was and is providing videos to all news sources internationally, of the beheading of American prisoners they held.

Compare this with some of our press and politicians, who for several days
have thought and talked about nothing else but the "humiliating" of some
Muslim prisoners -- not burning them, not dragging their charred corpses
through the streets, not beheading them, but "humiliating" them.

Can this be for real?

The politicians and pundits have even talked of impeachment of the
Secretary of Defense. If this doesn't show the complete lack of
comprehension and understanding of the seriousness of the enemy we
are fighting, the life and death struggle we are in and the disastrous
results of losing this war, nothing can.

To bring our country to a virtual political standstill over this prisoner
issue makes us look like Nero playing his fiddle as Rome burned -- totally oblivious to what is going on in the real world. Neither we, nor any other country, can survive this internal strife. Again I say, this does not mean that some of our politicians or media people are disloyal. It simply means that they are absolutely oblivious to the magnitude of the situation we are in and into which the Muslim terrorists have been pushing us, for many years.

These people are a serious and dangerous liability to the war effort. We
must take note of who they are and get them out of office.

Remember, the Muslim terrorists stated goal is to kill all infidels! That
translates into ALL non-Muslims -- not just in the United States, but
throughout the world. We are the last bastion of defense.

We have been criticized for many years as being 'arrogant.' That charge is
valid in at least one respect. We are arrogant in that we believe that we
are so good, powerful and smart, that we can win the hearts and minds of all
those who attack us, and that with both hands tied behind our back, we can
defeat anything bad in the world! We can't!

If we don't recognize this, our nation as we know it will not survive, and
no other free country in the world will survive if we are defeated.

And finally, name any Muslim countries throughout the world that allow
freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of the
press, equal rights for anyone -- let alone everyone, equal status or any status
for women, or that have been productive in one single way that contributes to the good of the world.

This has been a long way of saying that we must be united on this war or we
will be equated in the history books to the self-inflicted fall of the Roman
Empire . If, that is, the Muslim leaders will allow history books to be
written or read.

If we don't win this war right now, keep a close eye on how the Muslims
take over France in the next 5 years or less. They will continue to increase the Muslim population of France and continue to encroach little by little, on the established French traditions. The French will be fighting among themselves, over what should or should not be done, which will continue to weaken them and keep them from any united resolve. Doesn't that sound eerily familiar?

Democracies don't have their freedoms taken away from them by some external
military force. Instead, they give their freedoms away, piece by politically correct piece. And they are giving those freedoms away to those who have shown, worldwide that they abhor freedom and will not apply it to you or even to themselves, once they are in power.

They have universally shown that when they have taken over, they then start
brutally killing each other over who will be the few who control the masses.

What is happening in Iraq is a good example. Will we ever stop hearing
from the politically correct about the "peaceful Muslims"?

I close on a hopeful note, by repeating what I said above. If we are
united, there is no way that we can lose. I hope now, after the election,
the factions in our country will begin to focus on the critical situation we
are in, and will unite to save our country. It is your future we are
talking about! Do whatever you can to preserve it. I reiterate. A
national election is months away.

After reading the above, we all must do this not only for ourselves, but our
children, our grandchildren, our country and the world.
Whether Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal and that includes the
Politicians and media of our country and the free world!

Please forward this to any you feel may want, or NEED to read it.

Our "leaders" in Congress ought to read it, too. There are those that
find fault with our country, but it is obvious to anyone who truly thinks
through this, that we must UNITE!

Lastly, I wish to add: At the risk of offending someone, I sincerely think
that anyone who rejects this as just another political rant, or doubts the seriousness of this issue or just ignores it without sending it on, is part of the problem. Lets quit laughing at and forwarding the jokes and cartoons which denigrate and ridicule our leaders in this war against terror. They are trying to protect the interests and well being of the US and it's citizens.

Best we support them.