Monday, January 30, 2006

LFI News Flash

NEWS Flash from Life Force International ===============================================
January 2006

Limited Promotion

Life Force currently has a limited time promotion with a 25% savings to our members and customers. The promotion is on Colloidal Silver and Taheebo, two of our most effective and popular products.

As you know, cold and flu season is well under way, and we have had thousands of people achieve tremendous results over the years with these two products. This is a limited time promotion, so we suggest that you take advantage of these savings today.

Save 25% with our Colloidal Silver and Taheebo Promotion Regular U.S. price $42 During this promotion the U.S. cost will be only $31.50 Pack includes: 1 Colloidal Silver & 1 Taheebo

There is no limit to the number of units that can be purchased for the duration of this limited time promotion. To order your Colloidal Silver and Taheebo promotion pack today: Call1-800-531-4877 Tell the Customer Service Rep that you were referred by Larry Killion LFI # 20403837.


If you have not taken advantage of the free Body Balance offer yet, Do THAT!

It is for new LFI custmers only. Go here: You will need to put in the LFI number of your referrer. Mine is 20403837 but I would like for you to put in brother Skips instead of mine. His number is William Sturtevant 20479483. That way if you remain our customer, Skip will get a 15% commission on all your sales and I will get a 40% commission. Remember, to get the free quart you sign up for an autoshipment of Body Balance every two weeks after the first quart arrives and you may cancel your order at any time.

There is also a 100% money back garuntee if you are not satified with the product for any reason. All you have to do is pay for the shipping and handling of the first bottle (7.95)

If you have any questions let me know. I am totally SOLD on these products. I drink 8 ounces of Body Balance every morning (like a glass of juice) with a dropper of Silver and a dropper of Tahebo in it. I think I have told you this before but I have only had ONE cold since starting of these LFI products in 2003 and before that I had a cold almost every month or two.

Yours for good health,
Larry Killion, LFI # 20403837
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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Larry and Marion in Kauai Sept 05 Posted by Picasa

Introducing my other links.

Well, here we are again. Great day today in the Lord's House. Please visit the TLBC link over on the right side of this page. It tells where I am coming from spiritually speaking and has an outline of my latest sermon.

Also, I'd like to encourage you to visit my Powerful Intentions Page. There is a Blog over there too for your consideration. That was my first attemp at blogging. It gave me enough courage to go ahead and attempt something over here on The Link for my PI page is:

My Personal Web Site is one that I created using the tools in GDI. I call it the Killion Site. On The Killion Site you will learn how I got started with my online home business and what has worked for me the best so far.

Talk to you later,

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My info and stuff

My Current Intentions:

I intend to retire from my secular job and have enough finances to do as I feel led of God to do in my Christian liberty. How wonderful it is going to be when my life is not run according to the schedule of my employer ....soon!

My Life Purpose:

Eccl 12:13Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. (KJV)

My Values:

I love the Triune God of the Bible.
I love my wife Marion more than any other human in the world.
I love my country and the freedom we still enjoy today.
I love the good health that my family and I enjoy.
I love a positive cash flow every month.

My Story:

My Vision:

No Alarm Clock!

Look at me! Retired from Pierce Transit after 24 years of service. Now that I am gone they really miss me. They didn't know what they had until now. I almost feel sorry for them.

I get up when I want to and do what I want to do when I want to do it and with whom I want to do it. Feels SO GREAT to NOT be controlled by the schedule of an employer any more.Now that I don't have the JOB to hinder me any more, I can spend more time ministering to the flock of God's sheep that has been entrusted to me. The church is really starting to grow and prosper in every way now. I LOVE the freedom of being able to respond to requests for preaching engagements anytime they come in.

I'm a regular speaker at Bible Conferences in Washington, California, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Oklahoma. I even have time now to work on another best selling book on Spiritual Truth.

My lovely wife Marion and I take a trip two or three times a year to visit Missionary friends in Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Guyana, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Australia, Philippines and other exotic places.We also enjoy trips to special meetings and conventions for our home business. Our business partners are so much fun and it is always great to spend time with our team of wealth builder friends both in our upline and in our downline.

Our daughers are both happily married and their families are faithful members in the church that I Pastor here in Tacoma, Washington. I can't hardly believe all the money that is rolling in now and I don't even work any more. It is absolutely amazing. Who would have thought that the finances would flow in like this. Seems like the more fun we have the more the finances keep flowing in. God has been SO GOOD to me! Praise His Holy Name!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tacwash testing testing testing

Here we are. Did our first blog over on Powerful intentions.

Enjoyed it. Looking into doing it again over here on

Just trying to look around and get the feel of things.

Larry Killion, Pastor
The Lord's Baptist Church
Tacoma, Washington