Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last Tuesday Marion and I took a trip to Long Beach, Washington for the Annual International Kite Festival. It didn't seem as large as last year but we enjoyed it just the same. We were surprised to see the new hotels that are being constructed near the beach. They are going up fast.

While we were there we also visited the North Head Lighthouse established 1898. It is located at Cape Disappointment State Park. There is a 250 acre camp ground there, two miles of beach and six miles of hiking trails. That is me at the top of the Lighthouse.

Services today in church went well and my sermon outline on "Total Depravity" is posted on the front page of our website:

After church I had a voice mail on my cell phone from my Uncle L J in Oklahoma. (I silence my phone while we are at church) He told me that my cousin, Wayne Leroy Williams, has cancer in his pancreas and in his brain. If you are inclined to pray for him we would appreciate it. Wayne Leroy has not had it easy. He has already lost both of his parents and is himself paralyzed from a motorcycle accident.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Steadfast Service.

Good day today in the services at TLBC. I preached on "The Free Agency of Man." Sermon outline is on our church website: We passed out about 25 gospel tracts in the neighborhood around the meetng place last week. There is a need for more steadfast service in the Lord's true churches today.

Mom was sick with a sore throat today. We called 911 last night for brother Skip who was having a diabetic fare up. Brother Tim Works also responded (he is a Fire Department Chapline) and all is well. One visitor was there in church today from an encounter we had last week. Pray for Dr Linh. We missed the Apthorps, Buffaloes, VanBrocklins and Jamisons today. Attendance was only in the low teens. Oh that people would put the things of God first on the Lord's Day.

We also visited Tom Caldwell this week in Harborview Coronary ICU. Tom's son Denny is a member of the church in Hayward, Calfornia where Elder T.P. Crawford is pastor. Tom had a stroke after surgery to remove cancer from under is tongue. He could not talk to us but we had prayer with him and made sure that he heard the gospel of our resurrected Lord.

Yours in HIM,

Larry Killion

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life is good.

Marion and I have really enjoyed ourselves recently. When we took our little trip over to Yakima to visit sister Deuchle we left there and went to Leavenworth and spent the night there. Marion has gone several days now where she can walk without her walking stick. See the horse drawn carriage. They have a couple of these running on Front and Commercial streets but we walked...

Last Thursday we went out for dinner with Mom and Maxine at The Old Country Buffet and all had a grand time and then on Saturday we took a trip to Ocean Shores with our grand kids Riley and Bailey. As you can see - they had a good time too as well as we. They are flying our giant delta kites "Snoopy and The Red Barron".
I preached today on "Our Great God" and posted my sermon outline on the front page or our church website.
Our Missionary to Ireland, Elder Bob Ellis, will be coming home this month with his wife and daughter for a short furlough and we are looking forward to that. They will be here around the time of the Labor Day Bible Conference in Seattle at the South Park Missionary Baptist Church where Elder James Tweet is Pastor. Services start Friday 8/31 at 7PM and will be all day on Saturday 9/1 starting at 10AM. We will have our usual services in Tacoma on Sunday 9/2 with Elder Ellis bringing a mission report in the Sunday School hour and preaching for us at the 11AM hour. Then we'll close our services for the rest of the day and go back up to Seattle for the last portion of the Conference. Come be with us if you are in the neighborhood.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Our grandson Bailey will be spending the week with us this week. We hope to take a trip to the ocean while he is here. Perhaps we will go see "Underdog" and take my Mom too if she feels up to it. Marion is doing better and better. We made a trip to Yakima last week and visited sister Deuchel. She is such a blessing. When we left Yakima, we drove on over to Leavenworth and spent the night there. We enjoyed a nice Weiner Schnitzel dinner with the German cooked potatoes and the red cabbage. The next morning we did some shopping and took in a little concert in the park.

My sermon today was on "The Nails of the Cross" and the outline is on the front page of our church website as usual. We had about a dozen total in attendance today and are longing to see more folks show an interest in worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth.

Larry Killion