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Constitutional Emergency

May 16 2014 event
The threat to our nation is grave...can there be any doubt based on what we have observed with our own eyes?  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Tea Party attacks, IRS Scandals, NSA treachery, debt unimaginable, a lawless US attorney general, on and on. 
If America refuses to standup and defend our nation and our constitution while there is still some hope, we reap a socialist, communist, One World Order existence for our nation.....


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Running on "Adrenaline and Rage" at the Bataan Memorial Death March

Every year for the past 25 years—with the exception of 2003—men and women from across the nation gather together and push through a grueling 26.2-mile course on the White Sands Missile Range in Southern New Mexico to remember and honor a special group of World War II heroes.

On April 9th, 1942, after battling to defend several islands in the Philippines, tens of thousands of Filipino and American (Army, Army Air Corps, Navy, and Marines) soldiers were surrendered to Japanese forces. They were forced to march for days in scorching heat—through the Philippine jungles...

Nevada Update

Bundy Ranch Advisory for April 29, 2014

Yes, it is true: Oath Keepers received a bizarre bit of leaked info which could not be verified but which also could not be ignored. Our contact is connected with the Department of Defense - or "was". The info we received stated that Eric Holder of the Department of Justice had okayed a drone strike on the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada, within a 48 hour period over the weekend of April 26/27, 2014.

That, fortunately, turned out to be "dis-info" - a false rumor. And though it came from a trusted source, Oath Keepers could neither prove nor disprove it. Oath Keepers is thankful that the rumor was false and no one got hurt. Oath Keepers also is aware that the source of that rumor requires debriefing, which would hopefully lead to the author of that operation. It was a directed attack on Oath Keepers to do several things including gaging our comms depth, our speed in Intel, and study how we responded. The project's cheerleaders were already implanted in the militias operating on-site at the ranch, so that when Oath Keepers responded to the rumor new forces would be ready to pounce on Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers is doing excellent work at the ranch. We are in touch with the family and they wish to continue working with us. Oath Keepers are encouraged to donate at our website or send checks directly to Cliven and Carol Bundy (* see below)

This mis-info came from a trusted source, a former Special Forces soldier with significant connections inside DOD. Though the info was unbelievable, in the present climate generated by the BLM and Senator Harry Reid (who called the ranchers and their friends "domestic terrorists"), Oath Keepers decided that the info must be regarded as indicating that a drone attack was at least "possible".

Knowing that this sort of info is at least bizarre, Stewart and our Board members who were there at the ranch finally, after painstakingly going over all possible angles, decided that this should be handled just as the authorities would handle a bomb threat at a school - evacuate the kids from the school immediately and then sift for the bomb, if indeed one turned out to exist there.Stewart knew this was a potential trap for Oath Keepers, but felt that he could not remain quiet about the info which had come to us. Better safe than sorry, in a nutshell, defines his thinking on this. Oath Keepers is tremendously happy that nothing happened and that this was a bad tip, a piece of "dis-info", a "psy-op".

On the basis of that, Oath Keepers alerted the Bundy ranch and all who were working there this past weekend. Oath Keepers advised people there to consider evacuation. Now we're being attacked on many fronts in the backwash.

Let's take a moment to assess the psychological environment in which this rumor was active. The BLM had already accosted members of the Bundy ranch on the road, tackling a woman roughly, letting one of their combat dogs loose on Ammon Bundy (Cliven's son), and tasing him in a confrontation brought about when armed fedgov troopss accompanied a BLM effort to round up the Bundys' cattle and the Bundy family came out to protest.Ensuing days saw rising tensions and a build-up of troop levels by the BLM, which had finally amassed a veritable army which included S.W.A.T. and helmeted combat agents and snipers. The Bundy's children could look up and see snipers aiming rifles at them from ridge-lines.There was much fear, much agitation, and much tense concern, as we might imagine each of us would feel if a federal agency sent troops into our own yard.

So that was the temperature on the ground leading into last weekend. But in the national political environment we saw a very damning picture presented by a Nevada Senator named Harry Reid. Senator Harry Reid greatly fueled the tensions nationwide, deliberately. Reid, as the whole world knows, publicly declared that the Bundy family and their neighbors and supporters were "domestic terrorists".Yes, believe it or not, a sitting U.S. Senator actually said that. His statement is now coming home to roost. Here is why.

All Oath Keepers know that President Obama signed into "law" the infamous NDAA-2012, which placed American citizens under military jurisdiction. Under the NDAA-2012 any American citizen may be picked up by the military and placed in custody under a military tribunal - without even being charged with a crime - and - without benefit of a lawyer - and - may be held indefinitely until the so-called "war on terror" is finally over, which some politicians have said could last a hundred years or more. We also know that the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 greatly released restrictions on government enforcement agents and permitted them to violate American citizens' unalienable rights. We all know that the NSA is collecting all of our communications. We know that dissent against current policy in government is being targeted by government agencies including the IRS and DHS.

Additionally, our situation includes the observation that Americans now bear the brunt of more than 70,000 S.W.A.T. raids a year, mostly over victimless so-called "crimes" or just to serve warrants. Our police are being militarized and under the command of the US Department of Homeland Security are now in effect an extension of a standing army being readied to control mass dissent among the people. (See: NORTHCOM in Colorado, which is now home of the first US military deployment of combat troops on US soil. Worse, we note that federal agents are now militarized and are extensions of the military, same as are our local police. All are interfaced under DHS authority. We notice that the BLM placed combat troops online against the Bundy family, pointing military guns at our cowboy citizens in an unacceptable and unforgiveable portrait of enforced tyranny. The fedgov cannot take back the fact that they brought a ghastly army down to bear on an American ranching family and their friends. They did it.

Further, we also know for fact that the President has a private, secret "kill list" of people his Administration may consider killing on sight, sans any due process, simply on the President's word.

So all of that is in the picture here as we look at the "leak" which got everyone excited. Considering how bizarre that listing of government sins-against-the-people really is, it's not such a far reach to understand why a threat of a war-on-terror-styled attack in retribution for the Bundy cowboy defeat of the BLM gov-thug soldiers earlier this month is not such a far-fetched idea after all. At the very least, and under current environment terms, letting people know the nature of the alleged threat was the right thing to do.

In the wake of this remarkable anomaly, I see that some so-called "patriots" have gone to exaggerated extents to attack Oath Keepers. The hysteria levels are up past flood-stage markings.We have people accusing Oath Keepers of many different offenses, including stealing money we collected for the Bundy family. Oath Keepers has resources and attorneys and a good name to protect. Regarding the money-related accusation, the Oath Keepers book-keeper just informed me that we have raised more than forty thousand dollars for the Bundy Ranch operation, and of that sum we have presented a check for $12,500.00 to the Bundy family - not cash, a check.All accounting will be available in coming weeks as receipts are collected, and our membership may know with confidence that full reckoning will be completed. Here is part of the statement I just got from our book-keeper:

"Here are the things I know we bought, food, water, ice, clothing, tents, field equipment/supplies,port-o-potties and travel expenses for the OK BODs andanybody willing to take rotating shifts out at the Bundy Ranch. We also gave the Bundy's $12,500.00via a check, not cash."
She told me that we've taken in more than forty thousand dollars.

Please allow me to explain something in better detail. First, Oath Keepers raised that money from sympathetic members and supporters. We are very proud of everyone who shouldered the cost of doing this at the Bundy Ranch. We presented the Bundys with the check for $12,500.00 without any stipulation - it is their money to do with as they choose, and we need no accounting from them regarding that money. We will be able to account for all monies we've taken in. Oath Keepers is grateful to every member and supporter who sent money to this project, and we stand honorably to account for that money.


Media Research Center. America's Media Watchdog
Dear Reader,

This SCANDAL is so big, it should be a primetime television hit.
Leading up to a critical presidential election, the all-powerful IRS tried (and in some cases succeeded) to block conservative groups from participating in the democratic process.
The national so-called “news” media are covering up this unprecedented scandal in order to protect the Obama administration.
THAT’S a scandal in its own right!
The media’s effort to hide the truth from millions of Americans is deplorable, and now the Media Research Center is taking immediate action to expose and neutralize it.
After President Obama called the IRS’s targeting of conservatives a “phony” scandal, the media dutifully accepted his bogus claim and all but stopped reporting on every shocking new revelation in this rapidly developing story.
By signing the MRC’s petition, you will be sending an unmistakable message to the liberal media: as a patriotic American you demand that journalists do their job and not act as mouthpieces for the administration.
We are committed to holding the media accountable, but we need YOU in the fight.
After you sign the petition, please forward this email to all your friends and family; we need millions of Americans to take immediate action against the media’s IRS blackout to ensure that this scandal is thoroughly investigated and that the IRS doesn’t get away with persecuting their political enemies ever again.
Thank you for taking a stand against the liberal media’s inexcusable and shameful cover-up of how the IRS wielded its power to drown out conservative speech.

The Media Research Center


GrassTopsUSA MastheadBarack Hussein Obama Has Just Issued Two Dictatorial Decrees To "Nullify" Our Nation's Immigration Laws And Make Over 200,000 Convicted Felons Eligible For Release From Our Nation's Prisons.

       "Nullify" ... Twenty two United States Senators just penned a letter to Mr. Obama using that very word and went so far as to accuse him of threatening "our entire constitutional system."

       Strong words... but let's not delude ourselves, if these Senators are serious about what they have just said... if they really believe that Barack Obama is threatening our "entire constitutional system" ... then it stands to reason thatthere is only one solution to stop the evil that is afflicting this great nation.

       It's time for them to back up those words with appropriate action. We mustflood the offices of our so-called Republican leaders and the 50 Tea Party Members in Congress and demand the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership and the 50 Tea Party Members in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Send My Faxes 

Email on Benghazi

Obama Covered Up Benghazi Scandal

Posted on 
 We finally have the proof that the White House was involved in the cover up. They have lied about everything with Benghazi and now Obama has blood on his hands.
Check it out:
Newly released emails on the Benghazi terror attack suggest a senior White House aide played a central role in preparing former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice for her controversial Sunday show appearances — where she wrongly blamed protests over an Internet video.
More than 100 pages of documents were released to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Among them was a Sept. 14, 2012, email from Ben Rhodes, an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications.
The Rhodes email, with the subject line: “RE: PREP Call with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 pm ET,” was sent to a dozen members of the administration’s inner circle, including key members of the White House communications team such as Press Secretary Jay Carney.
In the email, Rhodes specifically draws attention to the anti-Islam Internet video, without distinguishing whether the Benghazi attack was different from protests elsewhere.

Racist Democrats

 9 Racist Things that Big Democrats Have Said and the Media Has Forgotten  

  By Tim Young

Clash Daily Guest Contributor
With all this racism talk going around… I think it’s important that we reflect on some of the most horribly racist quotes that Democrats have dropped… and that the media has forgotten about… in the past couple of years.
In a time when we still hear about Dan Quayle misspelling the word potato, you would think that these quotes would’ve been even more memorable… From Hillary to Joe to Bill and Barack… they’ve all had fantastically horrible things to say about other races… but the media conveniently forgets about these quips…
Let’s take a walk down the ignorant left’s racism lane shall we? 
1 – Hillary Clinton when she was a Senator:
“I love this quote. It’s from Mahatma Gandhi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis for a couple of years. Mr. Gandhi, do you still go to the gas station? A lot of wisdom comes out of that gas station”    
2 – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a 2010 interview with journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann in which he said that Barack Obama would be successful in his Presidential thanks to being “light-skinned” and speaking “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” 
3 – Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian referring to Gov. Nikki Haley’s Indian parents and heritage,
“In about 18 months from now, hopefully [Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Vincent Sheheen] will have sent Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came from and this country can move forward.” 
4 – Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel when taking a question from Robin Gandhi, an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska and a man of Indian descent:
“You’re not a member of the Taliban, are you?”  
5 – Vice President Joe Biden talking the entrepreneurial immigrants that enter our country and run 7-11’s and Dunkin Donuts:
“You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking!”  
6 – Who can forget when Al Sharpton reminded us how white people lived in caves and greek people were all gay:
“White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”
7 – That time President Obama caught his grandmother being a “typical white person,” whatever that means…
“The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person, who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know, you know, there’s a reaction that’s been bred in our experiences that don’t go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way, and that’s just the nature of race in our society.” 
Source: US News 
8.  Not to leave out old ‘Slick Willie,’ here’s a great quote about Obama from former President Bill Clinton,
“A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,”
Source: NY Daily News 
9 – And of course my personal favorite was of Joe Biden about Barack Obama
“I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy.”Now imagine a Republican saying any of those… I bet that would be a heck of a lot of fun for the media now wouldn’t it?


Stop the Purge

Halt Barack Obama's Officers PURGE and
URGENT ACTION ALERT: According to a report by USA Today, the Pentagon is set to DESTROY approximately $1.2 BILLION worth of bullets and projectiles said to be in PERFECT CONDITION.
Purportedly the WASTE is the result of outdated and unworkable inventorying… $1.2 BILLION in bullets and missiles DESTROYEDbecause the bureaucracy says somebody messed up the Excel spreadsheet?
Certainly, the ammunition inventory process for the U.S. military is vastly more complicated than working an Excel spreadsheet but the core functions of logging in and tracking entries ARE not. We have the most advanced military in the world with seemingly endless technological capabilities. There are ENTIRE commands and career officers solely dedicated to managing our nation's arsenal and along everything ELSE essential to a modern fighting force! The U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) alone has 60,000 military and civilian personnel. The Pentagon manages a stockpile of conventional ammunition worth $70 billion – but cannot manage another $1.2 billion worth? Something here just doesn't add up…
Surely, even some bureaucrats could put their heads together to figure out how to "redistribute" the military's purportedly BILLION DOLLARS of excess ammo to Homeland or even the Post Office which are also stockpiling billions of rounds of ammunitions.
Personally, we immediately had the same idea our patriot ally Allen West proposes that a superior option would be to sell the excess usable 9 mm ammunition as good old Army Surplus at civilian outlets and MAKE SOME MONEY FOR THE FUNDING-STRAPPED DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.
"But then that would mean you're arming civilians…," West writes, explaining why such a common sense solution to a questionable problem is likely not even being considered.
MAKE NO MISTAKE: it is NOT just civilians who are being disarmed! Our military is being disarmed, downsized and morally degenerated by the Obama administration with its 'fundamental transformation' agenda. It is being done with malice aforethought.
The purge must stop!
Last month, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam War army veteran and progressive Islamist collaborator, struggled to defend Barack Obama's DISASTROUS 2015 budget plans.
If adopted, Obama's budget will fatally diminish America with draconian troop reductions shrinking our military to little more than a thuggish domestic police force…
These proposed massive troop cuts – decreasing America's military to PRE-WORLD WAR II sizes – are nothing less than proposed acts of sabotage and sedition exposing us to aggression abroad and inviting attack at home.
Obama's slash-and-burn destruction of our military must NOT be endorsed by any acts of Congress! Help DEMAND from Congress Ronald Reagan's successful maxim of 'Peace through Strength'!

More Taxes


Something happened yesterday that we think you should be aware of. Governor Jay Inslee channeled President Obama by signing an executive order to create a carbon tax task force under the guise of lowering carbon emissions. This is Governor Inslee’s first step in implementing a carbon tax — a gas tax that could reach $1.17 per gallon. 

David Roberts of Grist magazine (an environmental rag) believes Inslee will have to use executive orders to get his way, which he has just shown he is willing to do. Roberts says, "He wants to act, but he's got no Republicans in the legislature on his side, soif he gets anything done, it's going to be through executive powers."

The task force Inslee just created by executive decree is filled with his political allies and industries that will financially benefit from a carbon tax. They are a bunch of second-string puppets Inslee can hide behind while acting as first-string puppet for the “green” agenda of Tom Steyer — the liberal billionaire that is pumping millions of dollars into our state to elect environmental extremists.

We put together the “Inslee Increase” calculator so you can estimate how much Inslee’s radical agenda will cost your family. 

Together, we can make sure our family, friends and all Washingtonians are educated so Inslee doesn’t hurt us with a massive gas tax increase.

We need you to do 3 simple things:
  1. Calculate the Inslee Increase for your family
  2. Share the calculator on Facebook
  3. Forward this email
We need to spread the word so that others know the burden Inslee will put on our families. 

Thank you, 

The Shift Team 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Guys

Five guys and a Bible on YouTube


Gun Free Zones DON'T WORK

I guess the shooter in Kennesaw GA, just minutes from the AAR Crossbreed Holsters Studios didn't see the "No Guns" sign posted on the door as he entered to commit his murderous rampage? (said with tongue in cheek) 

Gun free zones are a LIE! 

Send this picture to YOUR representatives in state and federal government and tell them ENOUGH!!!


STONE fires 1st shot in run for office in Georgia.
Click here to see short ad.

April 23, 2014
Stone for Congress Fires Opening Shot of 2014 Ad Campaign
(AUGUSTA, GA) – A Revolutionary War cannon shot opens the John Stone for Congress 2014 Ad Campaign, as the conservative Republican fires off against the inside-the-beltway establishment in the hotly contested Republican for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District Seat.

Stone, a former senior congressional aide and licensed gun collector, fires the cannon to start the commercial, then drives home the pledge to not just win the seat back from incumbent Democrat John Barrow, but to vote in all new Republican House Leadership.

Stone became the first House candidate in the nation to sign the Republican Trust Political Action Committee Pledge to vote for all-new GOP House leaders to end the on-going GOP civil war, which has become a defining issue among the five candidates in the Republican primary.  Polling in the district and across the nation confirms over 70% over Republican primary voters support a clean sweep of House leadership.

The television theme is supported by similar radio ads, in which Stone calls for new leadership and policies in Washington, and a unique call for new and renewed economic development in the 12th District.   

The 2014 Stone for Congress radio and television campaign starts Thursday districtwide.


Widow’s House Sold By State … for Unpaid $6.30 Fine

feudal state

Eileen Battisti owned a house in Beaver, PA. Her husband, who took care of their taxes, died in 2004. Since then, Eileen has been trying to keep up with her finances alone. It has been very difficult, and she has no one to help her apparently.
So she fell behind on her property taxes, to the tune of $235. After a few notices, she finally scraped together the funds and paid it off. Well, almost. She says she didn’t know about $6.30 in interest. The state sent a few other notices allegedly, but Eileen didn’t get the notices or she didn’t act on them fast enough.
One way or the other, the state decided to auction off her home. She owned it outright, and it was worth $280,000. The house was sold for $116,000. The state says most of that money will go to Eileen if her appeals are unsuccesful. I’m sure they will just get their $6.30 and give her the rest. Yeah. Sure they will. There are also attorney’s fees, closing costs, real estate commissions, and the rest, right? Surely it’s only fair the State get some of the sale price to cover those costs.
Disgusting. That’s what this is. Just plain disgusting. Property tax is inherently wicked. Widows and aged people, who own their homes because of hard work and faithfulness, should not ever have to pay a cent in property tax. The situation is abhorrent.
Many older couples, widows, and widowers are on a fixed income—either a pension or Social Security. They can’t afford when property values rise and their property taxes rise with them. So they either sell their homes (lame), go into reverse mortgage (very lame), or have their homes taken from them by the State (absolutely despicable).
You don’t own your house. You pay property tax every year, right? And if you don’t pay it, the government seizes your property. That’s kind of what the bank does when you don’t pay your mortgage. Because the bank technically has legal ownership of your house until your mortgage is paid off.                                                                                          
We’re not free. We’re vassals of the State. We’re worse than vassals or serfs, actually. Because the State has made no covenant to do right by us. They take. They kill. They rob. They fine. They do what they want with what you’ve worked to earn. And there’s really nothing you can do about it.But you won’t ever pay off your mortgage with the State. It will always have final say over your property. Over everything, really. You want to fish the King’s fish or hunt the King’s deer? Or drive the King’s roads? You must pay for permission. And if you are caught without a license from the King, you will be punished. If you do anything wrong, you pay a fine to the King. Because any offense to the King’s laws is a personal affront to the King. No matter who you’ve hurt, the King is the main offendee.              


true or false

April 29, 2014
Government: Arbitrator of Truth
by Joseph Backholm

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in
Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, a case being referred to as the "right to lie" case.

The Susan B. Anthony List (SBA) is a national pro-life advocacy group that is actively involved in political campaigns.
Steve Driehaus is a former Congressman from Ohio who was one of a handful of pro-life Democrats who eventually voted for Obamacare after allegedly getting concessions from the President ensuring that no federal funds would be used for abortion.

At the time, pro-life organizations, including SBA, were outspoken in their belief that the agreement would not actually stop federal funds from being used for abortion.

Upset by his vote, SBA attempted to put up billboards that said "Shame on Steve Driehaus! Driehaus voted FOR taxpayer-funded abortion" during his 2010 reelection campaign.

However, before the message was ever put on the billboard, Driehaus threatened to sue both SBA and the billboard company under an Ohio law that makes it a crime to knowingly publish false statements about a political candidate. As a result, the billboard company refused to publish the advertisements.

The response from SBA was, "It's not false!"

SBA believes that the federal subsidies for state insurance plans that cover abortion is, itself, paying for abortion.

That is a defensible position.

On the other hand, the President did sign an executive order stating that federal funds would not be used for abortion, and Driehaus did not vote for Obamacare until that was done.  

Driehaus doesn't think he voted for taxpayer funded abortion, but SBA list thinks he did.

Should the Government be able to prohibit SBA from making their argument because they have agreed with Driehaus that it isn't true?

The legal question in the case is whether the state of Ohio can decide when something is a "lie" or not and prohibit that message from being communicated as a result.

The policy question is, perhaps, just as significant.  

As the left becomes increasingly hostile to the free exchange of ideas, we are seeing an increasing fondness for policies that prohibit the expression of certain viewpoints.

They try to end debate by claiming there is no debate. They have convinced themselves that their opinion is not an opinion at all but fact.

In 2010, legislation was introduced in the Washington State legislature that would have created legal penalties if pro-life pregnancy resource centers distributed information they determined to be "medically and scientifically inaccurate." 

It was designed to stop them from saying things like, "abortion has been linked to breast cancer" or "abortion can lead to higher rates of depression, alcoholism, or drug use." 

Because abortion industry supporters disagree with those statements, they want to make it illegal to say them.

Three years prior, in 2007, Washington State passed a law taking away a school district's authority to choose abstinence based sex education using the same "medically and scientifically accurate" justification.  Essentially they said, "you school boards are required by law to give children the information we think they should have because we are right." 

Of course, it is often the job of government to make a decision about a subject on which people disagree. There will be an income tax or there will not be an income tax. Whatever the decision, someone will be unhappy.

But in these cases, the purpose of the policies are to prohibit certain people from expressing themselves under the guise of "consumer protection" or "free and fair elections."

But who will oversee the overseer?   

Giving government the power to prohibit the expression of certain views simply because they are "lies" is particularly troubling when government, as it often is, is such an active participant in the underlying debate. 

It is an advantage if one team has the ability to call a penalty on their opponent.

We've all been in situations where two people looked at the same set of facts and reached opposite conclusions. 

Does that mean someone is lying?  No. 

Perspective matters and none of us are without bias.  Our experiences shape our beliefs about what is true and what isn't.

A law prohibiting lying in a political campaign sounds wonderful.

None of us wants to be lied to.

We even snicker gleefully at the possibility that such a law might end political advertising altogether.

But we should all be skeptical about giving anyone the power to silence another's message by simply attaching the label "lie" or "medically and scientifically inaccurate" to it. 

The real world is unfortunately messy.  There are dishonest people.  Lots of them.  

Freedom is inefficient and it provides opportunities for abuse. 

But it's better than the alternatives.

Governments that create policies specifically to control what messages can be communicated don't usually produce great results for the people.

Note: After the billboard company refused to place their ads, SBA list put the same message on the radio. Driehaus lost his re-election bid.