Monday, February 27, 2012

what really happened...

The day the Democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, when Obama became President. It was actually January 3rd, 2007, two years earlier, when the Democrats took control with large majorities over both the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress. At that point the Democratic Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995. Obama was now part of that Democrat Senate.

For those who are listening to Democrats saying that everything is "Bush's Fault," think about this:

January 3rd, 2007, the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress:
The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
George Bush's Economic policies were the foundation for A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION.

Remember that day...
January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank(D) took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd(D) took over the Senate Banking Committee. They became the Chairmen.

The economic meltdown that happened later was in BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES.

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are largely responsible for taking us from nearly 13,000 DOW, 3.5 GDP growth, and 4.6% Unemployment...into this CRISIS. Among MANY other things, they ordered 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans be forced into the economy. They became virtually worthless after their ultra-liberal and fiscally irresponsible Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mandates and policies blew up. The ones that ordered that everyone is entitled to a credit money down....that’s the “fair” way to run the U.S. housing and banking system. Oh yeah, and be sure to bundle up all those trillions of dollars of risky loans and sell them as investment securities to pension funds, retirees, whoever they could unload them on. Those were the toxic loans that wiped out investors and sank the banks.

President Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie because it was financially risky for the US economy to operate housing financing that way. Barney Frank(D) blocked it and called it Bush’s objections "Chicken Little Philosophy". He said the sky would not fall.

And guess who took the THIRD highest pay-off, campaign contributions, from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA.

And who fought against attempts to reform Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA, and the Democrat Congress. And three former heads of Freddie and Fannie, all disgraced and forced to resign, are Obama’s chief economic advisors at this moment.

So when someone tries to blame Bush...
REMEMBER JANUARY 3rd, 2007....

Bush may have been in the car but, the Democrats were in charge of the economic gas pedal and the banking steering wheel as the economy was driven into the ditch.

Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.

Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 & 2009 as well as 2010 & 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with President Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush got tough on their spending increases.

For 2009, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed President Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budget, and which they have done repeatededly since, passing not one budget, as required by law in all that time. Where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

Let's remember what the deficits looked like during that period:
If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the LOWEST in five years, and the FOURTH STRAIGHT DECLINE in deficit spending! After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for every budget.

If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a nutshell, what Obama has done is inherited a deficit that he voted for, and then insisted on increasing that deficit four-fold since January 20th, 2009 as President.

"The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

our national anthem

We had a call from the nurses station at St. Joseph Hospital this morning as we were getting ready to start Sunday School They were taking brother Skip into surgery due to a cardiac event. We stopped everything and had a season of prayer. Rick went on to bring a good study in SS on "The Shepherd's Trilogy" and "Matthew Falls Sick." Pastor preached on "The Christian and Politics" audio in the AM worship service and on Acts 17, "Going To Greece" in the afternoon service. audio

When Pastor got home after the services today he called the nurses station to check on Skip. The nurse said he was doing very well and was on dialysis at the moment and that it would be just fine for Pastor to come for a visit. AMEN! Thanks the Lord for another AP (answered prayer)


"So, with all the kindness I can muster, I give this one piece of advice to the next pop star who is asked to sing the national anthem at a sporting event: save the vocal gymnastics and the physical gyrations for your concerts. Just sing this song the way you were taught to sing it in kindergarten - straight up, no styling. Sing it with the constant awareness that there are soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines watching you from bases and outposts all over the world. Don't make them cringe with your self-centered ego gratification. Sing it as if you are standing before a row of 86-year-old WWII vets wearing their Purple Hearts, Silver Stars and flag pins on their cardigans and you want them to be proud of you for honoring them and the country they love - not because you want them to think you are a superstar musician. They could see that from the costumes, the makeup and the entourages. Sing "The Star Spangled Banner" with the courtesy and humility that tells the audience that it is about America , not you."


Monday, February 20, 2012

the numbers

The numbers for the Obama administration budget are sickening.

With the Obama budget, in ten years INTEREST DUE will triple.

Bottom Line: How does debt affect you?

Your dollars are worth less today than 4 years ago.
They will be worth much less in ten years.
Gasoline has nearly doubled in four years.
Our exchange rate with other countries has fallen more than 30% in four years.
Food prices are up 5 to 20% in four years.
The Federal Reserve continues to print money just to pay our debt INTEREST DUE.
Think about how this is eroding your cash flow more and more each day.

37 weeks until the Nov 6, 2012 General Election.
14 weeks to State Convention - May 30, 2012.
4 weeks to County Convention - Mar 24, 2012.
2 weeks to the local GOP Caucus - Mar 3, 2012.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Failure in prayer

Several were out sick today in our services. Praying for their soon return. Sunday School finished a study of Psalm 23. We are also reading Pilgrims Progress Part Two. Audio of todays lesson is on our website. Pastor finished a series of sermons today on Prayer. In the afternoon service we studied Acts 16 "To the Regions Beyond".
Listen here



Three years ago today in an ordinary report from the Chicago Mercantile Report, CNBC's Rick Santelli began sounding off about our government's actions and and their real effects. Santelli's remarks sparked what is known today as the Tea Party Movement. "Santellii's RANT" began with these words, "The government is promoting bad behavior." Here are some more excerpts.

"You know the new administration is big on computers and technology...why don't you put up a website to have people vote on the internet as a referendum to see if we really want to subsidize the loser's mortgages... This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage... (booing)... Obama, are you listening? ... You know, Cuba used to have mansions and a relatively decent economy. They moved from the individual to the collective. Now they are driving '54 Chevys... We are thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July. All you capitalists show up to Lake Michigan, I'm going to start organizing. (Whistling and Cheering) We're going to be dumping in some derivative securities. What do you think about that? ...I'll tell yo what, if you read our founding fathers, people like Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson... What we are doing in this country now is making them roll over in their graves.

Get "The 2012 Tea Party Survival Guide" at

Thursday, February 16, 2012

well, it WAS true after all...


ObamaCare's IPAB, or Independent Payment Authorization Board, will cap the total amount of money Medicare recipients will receive for care. Reach that cap and medical services will stop. THIS is the true ObamaCare death panel.


While everyone was talking about Obama-Care's end of life counseling, the "old people cost too much" faction of the Obama administration slipped into their Orwellian legislation a benign sounding board with life and death power of Medicare treatment decisions.

This 15 member decision making body, appointed by the president and answerable only to him, will have total control over how much care senior citizens will be allowed to receive. Payment caps will be determined on cost-benefit criteria set for society, not on need of the individual patient. Old patients with few years ahead and "less cost-benefit outlook" are not going get payment authorization for life-saving care.

The stated purpose of the IPAB is so horrifying and so clearly a discriminatory attack on our seniors, that even onetime Obama-Care champion Barney Frank has come out in strong opposition – desperately trying to stop the pending death panels before even one senior is lost to a bureaucratic machine designed to lower medical bills by denying medical care to the people who need it the most.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

kick the can

President Obama wins the Punter In Chief Award, as he kicks the can down the road …AGAIN.

Once again he submits a budget that spends too much and ignores our impending financial crisis.


The Obama Administration Budget Proposal:

· Increase current fiscal year budget deficit by $200 billion

· Spend $45 trillion in the next ten years

· Add $13 trillion to our $15 trillion current debt

· Claim a $4 trillion 10 year reduction by projecting a spending amount of $45 trillion vs $49 trillion

· The so called $4 trillion reduction comes from

o Claiming 1 trillion saving from last year’s debt deal

o Claiming 1 trillion saving by not fighting a war that the Dept of Defense never requested

o Claiming 1.5 trillion income from new taxes

o Which leaves an average of so called spending cut of $50 billion a year from $4,000 billion a year annual budget

· To add insult to injury no mention or plan to ensure Social Security and Medicare solvency

Bottom line each newborn’s tax burden will be an additional $80,000 a year

38 weeks until the Nov 6, 2012 General Election

15 weeks to State Convention—May 30, 2012

5 weeks to County Convention—Mar 24, 2012

3 weeks to County Caucus —Mar 3, 2012

BO DOJ Bullying again


We just heard from Sheriff Joe, who told us he received a call from his "friends" at the Department of Justice and they weren't happy.

They told Joe that they were not pleased that he posted an update and photos from our petition delivery to his office demonstrating widespread grassroots support for the Sheriff's lawful actions to uphold the law.

The DOJ basically tried to bully Sheriff Joe into taking down any mention of the petition delivery!

So Obama's Justice Department is now bullying Sheriff Joe because of a citizen petition that condems DOJ's bullying attacks against the Sheriff!

Only in Obama's world!

Well, Sheriff Joe told us he's not backing down. And neither are we. Later this week, we will deliver these same petitions directly to the DOJ and key leaders in Congress. But we need your help.

+ + Let's Tell DOJ To Stop It's Bullying Attacks!

Larry, it is outrageous that the Department of Justice would stoop so low as to bully a county Sheriff because of a citizen petition. But this is just like the Obama administration. It's classic "Chicago politics." Right and wrong do not matter with these people -- just the raw exercise of power and threats against citizens.

Grassfire Nation will be delivering these petitions again THIS FRIDAY -- this time directly to DOJ and key members of Congress.

My staff has informed me that you have not yet signed this CITIZEN PETITION OF SUPPORT for Sheriff Joe. Please go here now to sign the petition and be included in the delivery to DOJ this Friday:

I must hear from you by NOON THURSDAY to include you in this important delivery.

Thanks for taking action!

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

the numbers

President Obama wins the The Sleight of Hand Award, AGAIN!

He consistently touts the administration’s falling unemployment numbers.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics non-farm employment

· In 2009 133.5 million Americans were working

· Today in 2012, 132.4 million Americans working

· 1.1 million fewer workers since his inauguration, which does not account for population growth

· Even more troubling is the percentage of Americans working

o In 2000 67.3% of adults worked

o Today 63.7 %

o And over half of all Americans are receiving some form of government payment

39 weeks to the Nov 6, 2012 General Election

16 weeks to State Convention—May 30, 2012

6 weeks to County Convention—Mar 24, 2012

4 weeks to County Caucus —Mar 3, 2012

Monday, February 06, 2012


It's time to quit coddling the old folks in this country. That is the attitude of the modern day progressive political mind-set. Listen people, We owe our parents and grandparents a lot more than you think. Think about this - one of these days YOU just may be elderly too....

It is now clear that the BIGGEST LOSERS in the ObamaCare statist healthcare overhaul ARE AMERICA’S SENIORS and those approaching retirement age. Consider these shocking facts:

According to Obama’s own chief actuary in the Department of Health and Human Services, ObamaCare will savage Medicare by cutting $575.1 billion in this decade alone.

One website says that ObamaCare “will affect all aspects of health care for seniors -- coverage, prices, and access.”

“Medicare Advantage” -- the popular program which gives seniors more choices in healthcare -- is already being decimated by ObamaCare with major insurers dropping the plan altogether and Obama’s actuary projecting a 50% reduction in the program by 2017.

And then there’s the reality of HEALTHCARE RATIONING that will be implemented by ObamaCare’s “Independent Payment Advisory Board” -- appointed by Obama with the power to make Medicare rationing decisions without Congressional oversight!

Of course, many seniors have been kept in the dark -- even deceived about ObamaCare by the nation’s largest membership association of seniors, AARP. From the onset, the AARP aggressively lobbied for passage of ObamaCare. Even as these troubling details emerged, AARP continued its staunch support of Obama’s plan...

The reason?

AARP stands to reap billions in profits by offering gap coverage as a direct result of deep cuts in Medicare!

This “Grand Deception” created by Obama and aggressively promoted by the AARP that seniors support ObamaCare is a lie now threatening the health care of every senior and the solvency of our nation.

With American seniors now at serious risk due to ObamaCare, and AARP essentially turning their backs on the concerns of seniors, Grassfire Nation is partnering with Conservative 50 Plus to unite conservative citizens in opposition to ObamaCare.

It is vitally important that seniors and those approaching retirement age stand together with one voice against ObamaCare and the AARP’s Grand Deception!

To accomplish this goal, Conservative 50 Plus has just launched a National Petition exclusively for seniors who oppose ObamaCare.

Click here for more and to sign:

+ + Supreme Court Showdown over ObamaCare

With Supreme Court oral arguments just weeks away, Conservative 50 Plus wants to deliver at least 100,000 petitions to the Supreme Court and key leaders in Congress before the hearings begin from seniors who oppose ObamaCare

If you are a senior or are approaching retirement age, Conservative 50 Plus needs your help right now.

Click here to sign this important petition and have it hand delivered by Conservative 50 Plus to the Supreme Court and key members of Congress prior to the scheduled March hearings:

+ + Don’t allow your voice to be co-opted

The left-leaning and self-serving motives of the AARP do not represent conservative seniors.

In fact, while seniors face drastically reduced healthcare choices, higher taxes and the prospects of reduced care, AARP will be taking in BILLIONS!

That’s why it is imperative for seniors to take a strong, principled stand -- striking a blow for freedom by purging ObamaCare from the American landscape.

Join with other conservative-minded seniors who are speaking up and adding their names to Conservative 50 Plus’s National petition Opposing ObamaCare by clicking here:

Once you’ve signed, Grassfire Nation is urging you to forward this message to 25-30 of your friends and family members, encouraging them to join with you by signing this important petition opposing ObamaCare.

Have them click here to sign the petition:

The time to follow has past. Americans must rise up and lead the charge to restore our nation.

a side bar...

After the Japanese decimated our fleet in Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941,
They could have sent their troop ships and carriers directly to California
To finish what they started.

The prediction from our Chief of Staff was we would not be able to stop a
Massive invasion until they reached the Mississippi River.
Remember, we had a 2 million man army and war ships…...
All fighting the Germans.

So, why did they not invade?

After the war, the remaining Japanese generals and admirals were asked that question. Their answer…... They knew that almost every home had guns and the Americans knew how to use them..

The world's largest army... America 's hunters!
I had never thought about this....

A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and
Arrived at a striking conclusion:

There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin ..
Allow me to restate that number. Over the last dear season, Wisconsin 's hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

More men under arms than in Iran ..
More than in France and Germany combined.
These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed.

That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of
Pennsylvania and Michigan's 700,000 hunters all of whom have now returned home.

Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

The point?

That's why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed.
Food for thought when next we consider disarming responsibly armed citizens.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Faithfulness in Prayer

We had a wonderful 32nd Anniversary celebration of the organization of TLBC with our guest speaker Kenneth Long, Pastor of the Providence Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. We have the audio of the sermons saved on our church Facebook Page. Click Here

Good services today again as Pastor returned to his series on Prayer. The sermon today was on "Faithfulness in Prayer" and can be heard HERE.

*The Old Pastor's Last Request*

'An old pastor lay dying. He sent a message for an IRS agent and his lawyer
to come to the hospital. When they arrived, they were ushered up to his
room. As they entered the room, the pastor held out his hands and motioned
for them to sit on each side of the bed.

The pastor grasped their hands, sighed contentedly, smiled, and stared at
the ceiling. For a time, no one said anything. Both the IRS agent and lawyer
were touched and flattered that the old man would ask them to be with him
during his final moments. They were also puzzled because the pastor had
never given any indication that he particularly liked either one of them.

Finally, the Lawyer asked, 'Pastor, why did you ask the two of us to come

The old pastor mustered all his strength, then said weakly, 'Jesus died
between two thieves, and that's how I'd like to go.'

Friday, February 03, 2012

Arrogant or What?

Is this guy arrogant or what?

Bad press, including major mockery of the play by comedian Jon Stewart, led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 billion annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuries to military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The President admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.

Most Stupid Statement Ever Made By a President.

"Look, it's an all volunteer force," Obama complained. "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice ? It doesn't compute.." "I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, "Obama continued "I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit..I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans."

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Deficit King

Obama wins the Deficit King Award

With next year deficit scheduled to go over one trillion dollar, AGAIN

He has amassed the four highest deficits since World War II

It is no wonder we are in this state when President Obama constantly uses administrative policies and regulations versus legislative politics to spend, spend, spend.

Consider these three examples:

· 225,000 clean energy jobs created/saved - cost $355,000 per job as reported by the President’s Council of Economic advisers

· $500 million green job training program at the Dept of Labor which has trained 53,000 but only 8,035 found jobs and only 1,033 are still working – cost $484,000 per job as reported by the Wall Street Journal

· $38.6 Billion in loan guarantees with $17.2 billion spent created 3,545 jobs – cost $4,800,000 per job as reported by the Washington Post

40 weeks to the Nov 6, 2012 General Election

17 weeks to State Convention—May 30, 2012

7 weeks to County Convention—Mar 24, 2012

5 weeks to County Caucus —Mar 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Washington State Senate will spend a majority of the day today considering legislation to redefine marriage. A majority of the State Senate has already publicly stated that they plan to support the bill.

A number of amendments are expected to be offered during the course of the debate, including amendments to offer protection to individuals and businesses that do not want to be forced to rent facilities or provide services in advancement of a same-sex "marriages".

The Senate is also expected to hear amendments that would allow the public to vote on the definition of marriage.

If you are near Olympia, you are encouraged to come to the capitol and fill the galleries and make sure the Senate knows you are watching.

The House of Representative is expected to consider the same bill on Friday.

If the bill passes the legislature without the legislature giving the people a chance to vote on the issue, a referendum will be filed and signatures will be gathered to allow a vote

You can contact your legislators through the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000.