Monday, August 31, 2009

Michelle my Belle

At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post of January 24th, 2009 , was a short column entitled "Replacing Michelle" in the National Review "The Week" column.

I found this interesting, so here it is, word for word, as it appeared: Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The University of Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run "programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting" . In 2005 the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317,000 – nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator. Oh did we mention that her husband had just become a US Senator? He sure had. Requested a $1 million earmark for the UC Medical Center, in fact. Way to network Michelle!

But now that Mrs. Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that be, if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000? Let me add that Michelle's position was a part time, 20 hour a week job. And to think they were critical of Blagoyovich' s wife for taking $100,000 in fuzzy real estate commission.

My thoughts: How did this bit of quid pro quo corruption escape the sharp reporters that dug through Sarah Palin's garbage and kindergarten files? Unbelievable!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

TEA Party grassroots movement still on fire.

The Lord blessed again today in our worship services at TLBC. We had about seventeen in attendance. My sermon was on "We Have Victory in Jesus" and you can see the outline on the front page of our church website HERE. The man in the picture is Ken Morse, Event Organizer for the Olympia Tea Party. See Link below.

This Wednesday TLBC will have our annual corporation meeting at Prayer Meeting time and Friday night is our First Friday Fellowship meeting at 7PM. Brother Paul Sandelin from Naples, Idaho will be our speaker. It should be good. Monday the 7th (Labor Day) we plan another church picnic on the gounds there at TLBC located at 11102 Yakima Avenue South, Tacoma, WA. 98444.

Tomorrow night I plan to attend the Town Meeting in Bremerton and urge Congressman Norm Dix to shut down the present so-called Healthcare Reform Bill and start over without forcing socialized medicine with Federally funded abortion and euthanasia on us. We say NO to free benefits to illegal aliens and career welfare freeloaders.

There is another Tea Party rally planned in Olympia on September 12, 2009. I would be there if I could but will be out of State at that time. (Aloha!) For more information about the Olympia Tea Party click here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where do YOU stand politically?

So, you think you know where you stand, politically. Think again. The result from this short test may surprise you and give you some food for thought.

You'll be asked just 10 questions, and then it instantly tells you where you stand politically. It shows your position as a red dot on a "political map" so you'll see exactly where you score.

The most interesting thing about the Quiz is that it goes beyond the Democrat, Republican, and Independent.

The Quiz has gotten a lot of praise. The Washington Post said it has "gained respect as a valid measure of a person's political leanings." The Fraser Institute said it's "a fast, fun, and accurate assessment of a person's overall political views." Suite University said it isthe "most concise and accurate political quiz out there."Click on the link below...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

6th Congressional District Town Hall Meeting

God blessed again in our services today at TLBC. I preached on "Whosoever Will" and my outline is on our church website click here. We had about 15 in attendance.

I heard from Congressman Norm Dix and he has had a change of heart and now plans to have a couple of town Hall Meetings after all.

The first meeting will be held at Fort Worden State Park in the Commons, Building 210 [] from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday August 31st.
Later that day, he will be hosting a similar Town Hall Meeting in the Puget Sound Ballroom of the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton [] from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

I hope you will be able to find time in your schedule to attend one of these events.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Great Generation


I am a doctor specializing in the Emergency Departments of the only two military Level One- Trauma Centers, both in San Antonio , TX and they care for civilian Emergencies as well as military personnel. SanAntonio has the largest military retiree population in the worldliving here.As a military doctor, I work long hours and the pay is less thanglamorous. One tends to become jaded by the long hours, lack of sleep,food, family contact and the endless parade of human suffering passingbefore you. The arrival of another ambulance does not mean more pay, only more work...Most often, it is a victim from a motor vehicle crash. Often it is a person of dubious character who has been shot or stabbed.

With our large military retiree population, it is often anursing home patient.Even with my enlisted service and minimal combat experience in Panama .I have caught myself groaning when the ambulance brought in yetanother sick, elderly person from one of the local retirement centersthat cater to military retirees. I had not stopped to think of what citizens of this age group represented. I saw 'Saving Private Ryan.' I was touched deeply. Not so much by the carnage, but by the sacrifices of so many. I was touched most by thescene of the elderly survivor at the graveside, asking his wife if he'd been a good man.. I realized that I had seen these same men and women coming through my Emergency Dept. and had not realized what magnificent sacrifices they had made. The things they did for me and everyone else that has lived on this planet since the end of that conflict are priceless.

Situation permitting, I now try to ask my patients about their experiences. They would never bring up the subject without theinquiry. I have been privileged to an amazing array of experiences,recounted in the brief minutes allowed in an Emergency Dept.encounter. These experiences have revealed the incredible individualsI have had the honor of serving in a medical capacity, many on their last admission to the hospital. There was a frail, elderly woman who reassured my young enlisted medic, trying to start an IV line in her arm. She remained calm and poised, despite her illness and the multiple needle-sticks into her fragile veins. She was what we call a 'hard stick.' As the medic made another attempt, I noticed a number tattooed across her forearm. I touched it with one finger and looked into her eyes. She simply said,'Auschwitz.' Many of later generations would have loudly and openly berated the young medic in his many attempts. How different was the response from this person who'd seen unspeakable suffering.
Also, there was this long retired Colonel, who as a young officer had parachuted from his burning plane over a Pacific Island held by theJapanese. Now an octogenarian, he had a minor cut on his head from a fall at his home where he lived alone. His CT scan and suturing had been delayed until after midnight by the usual parade of high priority ambulance patients. Still spry for his age, he asked to use the phone to call a taxi, to take him home, then he realized his ambulance had brought him without his wallet. He asked if he could use the phone to make a long distance call to his daughter who lived 7 miles away. With great pride we told him that he could not, as he'd done enough for his country and the least we could do was get him a taxi home, even if we had to pay for it ourselves. My only regret was that my shift wouldn't end for several hours, and I couldn't drive him myself.

I was there the night M/Sgt. Roy Benavidez came through the EmergencyDept. for the last time. He was very sick. I was not the doctor taking care of him, but I walked to his bedside and took his hand. I said nothing. He was so sick, he didn't know I was there. I'd read his Congressional Medal of Honor citation and wanted to shake his hand. He died a few days later.

The gentleman who served with Merrill's Marauders.

The survivor of the Bataan Death March.

The survivor of Omaha Beach.

The 101 year old World War I veteran.

The former POW held in frozen North Korea.

The former Special Forces medic - now with non-operable liver cancer.

The former Viet Nam Corps Commander.

I remember these citizens.

I may still groan when yet another ambulance comes in, but now I am much more aware of what an honor it is to serve these particular men and women. I have seen a Congress who would turn their back on these individuals who've sacrificed so much to protect our liberty. I see later generations that seem to be totally engrossed in abusing these same liberties, won with such sacrifice. It has become my personal endeavor to make the nurses and young enlisted medics aware of these amazing individuals when I encounter them in our Emergency Dept. Their response to these particular citizens has made me think that perhaps all is not lost in the next generation. My experiences have solidified my belief that we are losing an incredible generation, and this nation knows not what it is losing. Our uncaring government and ungrateful civilian populace should all take note. We should all remember that we must 'Earn this.'

Written By CPT. Stephen R. Ellison, M.D. US Army

If it weren't for the United States military, there'd be NO UnitedStates of America .....If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag. ~Author Unknown....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Be Informed

Praise GOD! Our attendance at TLBC more than doubled today from last week. My sermon outline can be seen here.

Dr. Krauthammer (pictured on the right) is an M.D. and he is paralyzed from the neck down.

Be informed on what is happening in America. A friend went to hear Charles Krauthammer and listened with 25 others in a closed room.

What he says here, is NOT 2nd-hand. This is serious information about the direction our country is moving in. The ramifications are staggering for both us and our children.

It was a profound evening, hearing Dr. Charles Krauthammer speak to the Center for the American Experiment. He is brilliant intellectual, seasoned and articulate.. He is forthright and careful in his analysis, and never resorts to emotions or personal insults.

He is NOT a fear monger nor an extremist in his comments and views. He is a fiscal conservative, and has a Pulitzer Prize for writing. He is a frequent contributor to Fox News and writes weekly for the Washington Post. The entire room was held spellbound during his
talk. I have shared this with many and several have asked me to summarize his comments, as we are living in uncharted waters economically and internationally.

Even 2 Democrats at my table agreed with everything he said! Here is a brief twelve point Summary of his comments:

1. Mr. Obama is a very intellectual, charming individual. He is not to be underestimated. He is a cool customer who doesn't show his emotions. It's very hard to know what's behind the mask. Taking down the Clinton dynasty from a political neophyte was an amazing accomplishment. The Clintons still do not understand what hit them. Obama was in the perfect place at the perfect time.

2. Obama has political skills comparable to Reagan and Clinton. He has a way of making you think he's on your side, agreeing with your position, while doing the opposite. Pay no attention to what he SAYS; rather, watch what he DOES!

3.. Obama has a ruthless quest for power. He did not come to Washington to make something out of himself, but rather to change everything, including dismantling capitalism. He can't be
straightforward on his ambitions, as the public would not go along. He has a heavy hand, and wants to level the playing field with income redistribution and punishment to the achievers of society. He would like to model the USA to Great Britain or Canada .

4. His three main goals are to control ENERGY, PUBLIC EDUCATION, AND NATIONAL HEALTH CARE by the Federal government. He doesn't care about the auto or financial services industries, but got them as an early bonus. The cap and trade will add costs to everything and
stifle growth. Paying for FREE college education is his goal. Most scary is his healthcare program, because if you make it FREE and add 46,000,000 people to a Medicare-type single-payer system, the costs will go through the roof.. The only way to control costs is with massive RATIONING of services, like in Canada . God forbid.

5. He has surrounded himself with mostly far-left academic types. No one around him has ever even run a candy store. But they are going to try and run the auto, financial, banking and other industries. This obviously can't work in the long run. Obama is not a socialist; rather he's a far-left secular progressive bent on nothing short of revolution.. He ran as a moderate, but will govern from the hard left. Again, watch what he does, not what he says.

6. Obama doesn't really see himself as President of the United States , but more as a ruler over the world. He sees himself above it all, trying to orchestrate and coordinate various countries and their agendas. He sees moral equivalency in all cultures. His apology tour in Germany and England was a prime example of how he sees America, as an imperialist nation that has been arrogant, rather than a great noble nation that has at times made errors.. This is the first President ever who has chastised our allies and appeased our enemies!

7. He is now handing out goodies. He hopes that the bill (and pain) will not come due until after he is re-elected in 2012. He would like to blame all problems on Bush from the past, and hopefully his successor in the future. He has a huge ego, and Mr. Krauthammer believes he is a narcissist.

8.. Republicans are in the wilderness for a while, but will emerge strong. They're pining for another Reagan, but there will never be another like him. Krauthammer believes Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindahl (except for his terrible speech in February) are the future of the party. Newt Gingrich is brilliant, but has baggage. Sarah Palin is sincere and intelligent, but needs to really seriously bone up on facts and info if she is to be a serious candidate in the future. We need to return to the party of lower taxes, smaller government, personal responsibility, strong national defense, and states rights.

9. The current level of spending is irresponsible and outrageous. We are spending trillions that we doen't have. This could lead to hyper-inflation, depression or worse. No country has ever spent themselves into prosperity. The media is giving Obama, Reid and Pelosi a passing grade because they love their agenda. But eventually the bill will come due and people will realize the huge bail outs didn't work, nor will the stimulus package. These were trillion-dollar payoffs to Obama's allies, the unions and the leftists in Congress to placate them, so he can get support for #4 above.

10. The election was over in mid-September when Lehman brothers failed, fear and panic swept in, we had an unpopular President, and the war was grinding on indefinitely without a clear outcome. The people were in pain, and the mantra of change caused people to act emotionally. Any Democrat could have won this election; it was surprising it was as close as it was.

11. In 2012, if the unemployment rate is over 10%, Republicans will be swept back into power. If it's under 8%, the Democrats continue to roll. If it's between 8-10%, it will be a dogfight. It will all be about the economy. I hope this gets you really thinking about what's happening in Washington and Congress. There is a left-wing revolution going on, according to Krauthammer, and he encourages us to keep the faith and join the loyal resistance. The work will be hard, but we're right on most issues and can reclaim our country, before it's far too late.

12. Do yourself a long term favor, send this to all who will listen to an intelligent assessment of the big picture. All our futures and our children's futures depend on our good understanding of what is really going on in DC!!!! And our action pursuant to that understanding is imperative!!! It really **_IS_** up to each of us to take individual action!!! Start with educating your friends and

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama-care being rammed through regardless.

For information on the proposed health care reform plan and how it deals with the ABORTION question click here

I received an email from the Whitehouse today with information promoting the administration’s health care reform package. There are some interesting points made in the email and it was suggested that we pass this email on to others in a chain letter fashion. One of the things that I think the lawmakers are not hearing is the concern that Americans have about the fundamental difference in what is being promoted and what can actually happen if this thing is pushed through as it is.

Hear us dear lawmakers! We are not against improving our healthcare services or correcting certain injustices in the present system. However, when we talk reform, we are not talking about the establishment of another Insurance Company that is run by the government. Health Care Reform is NOT the same thing as Free Universal Healthcare for any and all in this land. We say no more free benefits to freeloaders and illegal aliens.

Abortion is not healthy and should not be on the table for a discussion about health. It is the termination of a human life. We are appalled at the thought that the elderly may be deemed less productive citizens and therefore less qualified for required medical treatment and coverage, male or female. Gender is not the only issue that needs to be addressed in this discussion.

Here is one American’s brief response to the three sets of eight point bullets in the Whitehouse email that is to be forwarded around the country in chain letter fashion.

8 ways reform provides security:

1. Prohibit refusal of coverage due to pre-existing conditions. OK.

2. Set yearly caps on what can be charged as out of pocket medical expenses. OK.

3. No exclusion of coverage for preventive tests and checkups for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, sickle cell anemia, or others. OK.

4. No dropping or watering down coverage for those who become seriously ill. OK.

5. No charging more because of gender. Right but if you use more services you should pay for what you use. The cost is often not necessarily gender related but service related. Unfortunately this same principle applies in other areas too like age, race, sexual orientation, smokers or obesity regarding certain illnesses.

6. No annual or lifetime caps on the coverage you may purchase. OK.

7. Extend Family Coverage for youths to the age of 26. NO. Maybe 22 if in College, otherwise at 18 there is always the military.

8. Guaranteed Premium Renewal as long as the premium is paid. OK.

The Big Question about these things is, “How do we finance these things?”

8 Common Myths about this package answered.

1. This package will not mean a government takeover of healthcare or rationing of healthcare services. Says who? Look around. History validates this concern.

2. This package will not bust the budget. Says who? Look around. The other changes recently enacted have all but bankrupted our county already. No more.

3. This package does not encourage euthanasia. Says who? Read your own rhetoric. Listen to what the politically appointed Czars have said on this topic.

4. This package will not affect the benefits that veterans now receive. Says who? It is a matter of record that spending for the military is way back in almost all areas and there has already been damage to existing VA benefits.

5. This package will not burden small businesses. Says who? Joe the Plumber was told that the government was going to redistribute his wealth and how do we know that this is not one of the ways to do that?

6. This package will not harm Medicare benefits. Says who? How can you create a government competitor to Medicare without using some of the funds designated for Medicare? It will require more taxes or cutting benefits or both.

7. This package will not force you to change doctors or your present insurance. Says who? If the new government insurance doesn’t undercut the competition, why do we need it? It makes no sense to create a service that folks will not be encouraged to use instead of their existing doctors and plans.

8. This package will not do anything with your bank account. Says who? This administration has done nothing BUT mess with my bank account. You must be kidding me. Can you not see that the majority of the negative feedback coming from the American taxpayers has to do with the problems you have created with our bank accounts?

8 reasons we need this package now.

1. Millions are denied coverage. Maybe so but insurance is a gamble and many young people chose to take the risk as their own personal preference. A blanket fix is not the answer. Free medical coverage is not a privilege that freeloaders and illegal aliens deserve. All US citizens have the right to purchase the medical insurance of their own choice. Lets strengthen that freedom.

2. We are getting less care for higher costs. Yes, you are telling me? That is precisely why we do NOT need socialized medicine in this country. That would only make things worse. Lets work to improve what we have and not create a monster.

3. Women require more service. This is probably true and is worthy of careful attention. All proper services should be provided as required but as with everything else, if you use more of a product or service, it costs more. So if you want to provide more service here, how do we handle the financial part of it? Do we tax the people more that are not using the extra service? Is that fair?

4. Limited healthcare for rural America. Here again is an issue of personal choice and preferences. Access to medical services is by nature limited in rural settings but medical insurance coverage should be adequately available as needed here too. Perhaps this item is more of a logistics problem than anything else.

5. Small Businesses struggle to provide healthcare insurance. Again, let us work with the tools we have at hand, such as existing insurance companies and innovative plans for this area, and not try to make a blanket fix with some form of socialized medicine.

6. Personal tragedies happen due to insurance shortfalls and excessive medical bills. This is true and folks need to be better informed of the consequences of their choosing to not keep proper insurance but again it is a matter of personal choice and preference. Bankruptcy is sometimes the choice of some, regarding how to handle unexpected illness or injury but a government form of socialized medicine should not be used for a blanket fix in this area either. The American taxpayer has a hard enough time paying for his own mistakes let alone the carelessness of others.

7. There was diminishing access to care in 2007 and 2008. Actually, it was not that access is less but that the economy has forced many people out of the financial ability to provide the healthcare they should have. So it is not really an insurance problem but an economy problem. Creating a government run healthcare welfare system is the last thing our economy needs right now.

8. The trends are troubling. Man, you can say that again. It is certain that we must do what we can to improve things all the way around but the American people are saying loud and clear that we do not believe big government is the answer if our lawmakers would only listen to us. Yes we have problems and they need to be corrected but the package that is being promoted by the present political elite is not the answer. Give America a chance to solve this problem and please don’t make it more complex by forcing your government healthcare welfare package upon us against our will.

Larry J. Killion

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Lawmakers say they are not avoiding us.

WASHINGTON – Despite not scheduling any in-person town hall meetings during the August recess, Washington state’s two senators and Rep. Norm Dicks say they aren’t ducking constituents. They say voters have had, and will continue to have, opportunities to discuss health care issues with them.

None of the three has traditionally held town halls.

But even as Dicks, D-Belfair, and Democratic Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell scheduled other events, Democratic Rep. Adam Smith, D-Tacoma, has had to move his Aug. 25 town hall meeting in Lakewood to a bigger location because of the number of people who say they will attend.

An earlier Smith town hall in Lakewood grew a little unruly, but Smith said he will continue to hold them.

What: U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Tacoma, meets with constituents and takes questions about health care reform and other topics.
When: Aug. 25, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Milgard Family Hope Center, 10402 Kline St S.W., Lakewood. (Has been moved from Lakewood City Hall chambers because of capacity limitations.)
To reserve a space: Call 253-593-6600 or 1-888-SMITH09.

For information on the lawmakers’ recess plans and their stands on health care, check their Web sites:

Sen. Patty Murray:
Sen. Maria Cantwell:
Rep. Norm Dicks:
Rep. Adam Smith:

Clipped from the TNT.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Most of the church were absent today for one reason or another. The congregation consisted of the number of perfection. I taught on The Second Coming in Sunday School and preached on "What God Requires" in the AM service. Click Here for a copy of the outline.

I seem to be getting more calls regarding my connection to the Washington State TEA Parties than my connection to the Lord's Church here lately...

Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.

Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don't make more.

When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.

Larry Killion
Discussion on the Doctrine of Grace
Discussion on Landmark Church Truth
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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sister Joan Deuchle

Our DEAR Sister Joan Deuchle was called home to be with the Lord and we will miss her greatly. She was a faithful supporter of the Lord's Church here in Tacoma, Washington.

Marion and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Eagle , Alaska. You may see some of the pictures HERE.

My Sermon this morning at TLBC was on "Looking Unto Jesus" and as usual, you may see the outline on the front page of our church website. click here

Larry Killion
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