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Monday, March 31, 2014
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• Gosnell Movie “America’s Biggest Serial Killer” Will Tell Story of Abortionist Who Killed Babies Born Alive
• Nine Years Ago Today, Terri Schiavo Lived Her Last Day

 Mom With Cancer Sacrifices Her Life for Her Baby, Refuses Abortion• 321 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life

More Pro-Life News
• This Little Baby May Have Died But Why Should She be Incinerated for Heat?
• Social Justice Movement Ought to Recognize Human Rights for Unborn Children

• Baby Born With Heart Outside His Chest, Parents Need Help for Lifesaving Medical Procedure
• Former Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Impregnating 15-Year-Old in Rape, Paying for Abortion
• Abortion Clinic Worker Quits: “I Hate This Place, I’ve Had Enough! I Quit!”
• Report: 17 British Women Got Their 8th Abortion in 2012, Thousands Have Repeat Abortions Annually

• Baby Boy Clings to Life as His Seven-Month-Pregnant Mom is Shot, Killed

• Supreme Court May Decide if Planned Parenthood Can Injure Women With Dangerous Abortion Drug
• Kids Say The Darnedest Things When Asked What They’d Do If They Had Only 5 Years To Live
• Houston Planned Parenthood Caught Attempting to Hide Botched Abortion in 911 Call

• West Virginia’s “Pro-Life” Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks
• Death on Demand Coming to Canada? Proposal Would Push Euthanasia on Patients
• Abortions in Kansas Drop Again to Their Lowest Point Ever


Blue: For Earth. For Humanity. For Freedom. DVD

What if the "green" movement isn't saving the earth, but instead is enslaving humanity?

BLUE is more than a film, it's an idea. Ideas have the power to change the way we think, begin movements, and even change the world. One of the most prominent idea of our time today is the Green Movement, which says that the Earth is threatened by the activity, even the existence, of mankind, and that the noble response is to restrict our freedom in order to save the planet. The movie BLUE challenges that idea. BLUE is an independently funded and filmed documentary by director, JD King.

"In BLUE, filmmaker JD King takes you into some of the most spectacular forest lands in North America, and introduces you to many of the real people who have made their lives there for generations. They are now in a desperate battle to save everything they value, their land, their jobs, their families, their way of life. You may be shocked to discover that their worst enemy has become the 'environmental' movement. Do our new environmental governors really know what is best for these rich precious lands? To the contrary, JD King explores the reality underneath the rhetoric, and shows that this movement is no longer about humans' proper conservancy of nature, but is all about seizing the new 'green'—of money, power and dictatorial control. Can rational rules for these lands--based on the human values of rights and freedom—prevail? Some of the true stories you will see in this movie may outrage you, some of them will move and inspire you, but you will never take the claims and demands of 'environmental leaders' at face value again after experiencing BLUE." — Prof. Matt Malkin, UCLA
Run time: 58 minutes


Americans' Right To Arms is a Project of Patriot PAC
Feinstein Wants Obama to Ban
Importing SCARY-Looking Firearms
Roughly 35% of Imports Could be GONE
URGENT ACTION ALERT: Just as Rep. Mike Kelly's office comes out warning of new Executive Orders to unilaterally implement the still-unratified U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, anti-gun fanatic California Senator Dianne Feinstein is rallying the gun grab posse to get back in Obama's corner in the disarmament fight!
She is right now seeking co-signers of a letter asking Obama to BAN imports of semi-automatic (i.e. scary-looking "assault") firearms.
Feinstein specifically requests Obama use his pen and phone to:
  • Prohibit importation of all semi-automatic rifles that can accept, or be readily converted to accept, a large capacity ammunition magazine of more than 10 rounds, regardless of the military pedigree of the firearm or the configuration of the firearm's magazine well;
  • Prohibit semi-automatic rifles with fixed magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;
  • Prohibit the importation of the frame or receiver of any prohibited rifle, regardless of whether it is incorporated into a fully manufactured firearm.
  • Prohibit the practice of importing assault rifles in parts and then constructing the rifles once they are in the United States by adding the requisite number of American-made parts;
  • Prohibit the use of a "thumbhole" stock as a means to avoid classification of a rifle as an assault rifle; and
  • Prohibit the importation of assault pistols, in addition to assault rifles.
Yes, she wants to ban "assault pistols" – no doubt so that our handguns can get grabbed as well!


We Must Act Together Today To Stop Illegitimate Bill From Passing Senate
Pray for US Banner Image
Dear Larry,
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has scheduled a vote on 
HR 4302, the so-called "Doc Fix" bill, for TONIGHT.
A serious constitutional breach, every bit as bad as the ones that Obama
commits, took place in the House of Representatives last week. We need
your help today to prevent this bill from passing in the Senate. Please
keep reading.

Congress is so desperate to pass this bill, so that they can leave for their Easter vacation, that John Boehner (R-OH) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) "passed" it in the House without having an actual VOTE.  The bill wasn't even completely written!
Pelosi and Boehner shoved aside the House rules -- at Harry Reid's request -- to push this bill through in the most outrageous fashion we've ever seen.
This was almost as bad as Obama creating his Executive Order laws with his pen!
We'll explain exactly what happened below.
But first, we need to rally 41 votes in the Senate RIGHT NOW to reject this terrible unfinished bill.
Image of Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Republicans and Democrats alike are furious with the stunt that Pelosi, 
Boehner and Reid pulled.
Representatives were still working on amendments to the Doc Fix bill on 
Thursday. They still hadn't come up with a way to pay for the $180 billion 
Medicare patch.
The House had agreed to "fast track" this bill, so they needed a 
supermajority of 270 votes to pass it in such a hurry.
But all of a sudden one of Boehner's lieutenants, Rep. Steve Womack 
(R-AR), announced a voice vote on the bill when there were only a handful 
of Representatives in the House chamber.
Surprised by this move, most of the Representatives who were there -- 
Democrats and Republicans -- shouted "NO!"
The voice vote failed.
But Rep. Womack declared that the bill had passed and then denied the 
request for a roll call vote!
This so-called spending bill was unfinished and it has no 
mechanism in it to pay for the $180 BILLION that it spends.

Save an American Life

Obama MUST Publicly Commit to
Bring Tortured Christian HOME
DEMAND Congress Intensify Campaign to
End Obama's Neglect of this American
"Remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them. And those who are suffering as if you were suffering with them." Hebrews 13:3
YOUR URGENT ACTION NEEDED:Imprisoned for nearly two years, American Pastor Saeed Abedini is again hospitalized in Iran for injuries sustained during torture and beatings for REFUSING TO CONVERT TO ISLAM. Foreign countries like Germany, the United Nations AND the European Union are calling for this American's freedom.
ImportantlyIran has the perfect face-saving "excuse" to show a shred of humanity NOW by releasing Pastor Abedini – this is the Persian New Year and there is a strong cultural tradition of clemency as a year begins anew… a window of opportunity that closes in just days!
We need YOUR voice in the call for Obama and Congress to STEP UP and pressure Iran to grant this martyred American's RELEASE now.

The issue in 5 minutes.

This Speech on Abortion By a 12-Year-Old Left Her Pro-Choice Teacher Speechless

Bless her sweet little heart.  AMEN!. 


Building Your EDC Kit (That’s Every Day Carry)


If you are going to carry, do like Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio, says: “Carry on, carry often, and carry everywhere!”
But, what should be in our EDC kit? Here is a short video that outlines the basics.  Take a look, then load up your gear.
Into the Fray, Episode 3: Every Day Carry Kit
You will need a gun, a holster, and some other stuff. The choice is yours. These are just guidelines.

I-1325 Explained.

This was sponsored by the 28th District Republican Club, but the information offered was valuable to anybody who cares about maintaining some citizen control over our state government.
Mr. Initiative himself, Tim Eyman came to Lakewood Thursday  evening 3/20/14 to talk about Initiative 1325, a Constitutional Amendment to the Washington State Constitution. There is no cost, so this was a great opportunity to bring along family, friends, neighbors and colleagues so more people can get informed and vote wisely. Our republic will not sustain itself; it requires an informed electorate to survive the current assault by big government politicians here at the state level (in addition to the federal assault).
As you know, Washington voters have repeatedly supported initiatives that require the legislature to have a 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

The Democrats were gleeful when the court ruled that this was not constitutional and would require an amendment to the Washington State Constitution. So the good part of this is that once approved by the voters in November, we won’t have to keep voting for this tax protection every two years.

Tim Eyman has been saving us millions of dollars through the years.

He agreed to speak at the 28th District Republican Club meeting on Thursday, March 20 in Lakewood concerning the importance of this initiative and how it is different from others.

Here are the details:
DATE: Thursday, March 20, 2014
WHERE: Lakewood Library 6300 Wildaire RD Lakewood, WA
TIME: 7 PM; Questions at the end
WHAT: Light refreshments
COST: No cost, but a donation to cover costs will be appreciated  
I was able to attend this meeting and felt that it was very informative.
A Few years back you may remember when the WA State voters approved I-695.  I suffered some hardships in my career back then due to some dirty internal politics in the public transit agency where I worked at the time and a hired hatchet man new to the agency used I-695 to maneuver things in certain departments in a so-called business decision that stole the cheese of several good people in the company.  My position was eliminated one year before eligibility for retirement in favor of keeping relatively less quality people among the agency in-crowd.  I negotiated a contract position in the Planning Department at about twenty grand less per year so I could stay on the books and earn my Public Employee Retirement eligibility status.  Be that as it may, I have always been a sort of quiet supporter of Tim Eyman's Initiatives over the years.   Here is my personal assessment of what he said at the Lakewood meeting.
  • Good meeting. Tim gave a brief synopsis of the past 16 years of his work in the WA State Initiative process. The liberals on the left HATE what he stands for. He has had ups and downs but keeps coming back. He says, "You win some and you lose some." He passed around a collection of political cartoons most of which he was the brunt of the "joke." He confessed some of the mistakes he has made but also proved that he has a passion for what he does because he believes he is doing the right thing. Tim at one point in his efforts to keep taxes lower and government smaller took out a $250,000 loan on his house to help finance an Initiative campaign.  

    Tim described WA State as a red state with a giant blue doughnut hole in the most densely populated part around Seattle. The tax and spend element of our WA State government thought they finally found a way to neutralize Eyman's efforts by demanding a constitutional amendment for a super majority vote before taxes can be raised. Well, that is what this next Initiative (I-1325) is all about.  

    Every legislative session in Olympia discusses about 3000 new laws proposed by the politicians, about 500 of which are passed into law. By comparison, there are only about one or two Initiatives proposed by we the people. Tim believes the Initiative process is a very effective way to influence our government whether or not our Initiatives pass. It shows the politicians where we the people are coming from - especially in regard to taxes. Get a copy of I-1325 and get your friends and neighbors to sign it and send it in. Show the tax and spend liberal left that we the people will not be silenced.

My  Twitter:  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Liberal Ethics

Obamacare exchange sends couple 

voter registration form pre-marked as Democrat

Sunday, March 30, 2014  
No choice in healthcare, no choice in political affiliation.
Check it out:
Last October, LU staff reported that Obamacare exchanges offered visitors an option to register to vote. Brian Cook, a spokesman for Medicare and Medicaid Services, was quoted as saying the exchanges were required to include that option under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).
But does that law also mandate that exchanges automatically register enrollees and, if so, as Democrats? That’s what happened to a La Mesa, Calif., couple. ABC News 10 reports that the couple, who asked not to be identified, received an envelope from Covered California, the state’s Obamacare exchange. Inside was a registration card pre-marked with an “x” in the box next to Democratic Party.
The husband told reporters:
I’m an old guy and I never would have noticed it, except I have an accountant that notices every dot and dash on a piece of paper as a wife.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A good Muslim

Can a good Muslim be a good 


This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. The following is his reply:

Theologically - no. Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon god of Arabia .
Religiously - no. Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam. (Quran,2:256)(Koran)
Scripturally - no. Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran.

Geographically - no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca , to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

Socially - no. Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

Politically - no. Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America , the great Satan.

Domestically - no. Because he is instructed to marry four Women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him. (Quran 4:34)

Intellectually - no. Because he cannot accept the American AND CANADIAN Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

Philosophically - no. Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran does not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

Spiritually - no. Because when we declare 'one nation under God,' The Christian's God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran's 99 excellent names.

Therefore, after much study and deliberation... Perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. They obviously cannot be both 'good' Muslims and 'good' Americans OR CANADIAN Call it what you wish it's still the truth. You had better believe it. The more who understand this, the better it will be for our country and our future.

The religious war is bigger than we know or understand!

Footnote: The Muslims have said they will destroy us from within. SO FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.


Please don't delete this until you send it on.


The Freedom Update - Episode 13

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Religion not allowed in public

Dear Fellow American,
On December 20th, 2013 a single left-wing federal judge struck down Utah's law protecting marriage.
Even in the nation's most conservative state, traditional marriage is in deep trouble. And this is just the beginning.
Recently, we have seen left-leaning judges strike down the protection of marriage in Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia.
I fear what may come next!
The radical homosexual lobby is already mobilizing to wipe out every single law in the country that protects this most sacred and important institution. And if we don't fight back now, they're going to get away with it!
Here at the American Leadership Fund we are desperately trying to hold the line against the radical homosexual lobby and its allies in the left-wing media and the judiciary.
We are fighting all over the country to convince state legislatures to preserve traditional marriage both in the courts and through legislation.
Never again should an activist judge be allowed to overturn the will of the people. Not when the sacred institution of marriage is on the line!!
It's more important than ever that Americans like you take a public stand supporting traditional marriage right now.
You see, the liberal media is portraying this battle over the definition of marriage as being effectively over. Almost every day some reporter breathlessly declares that the American people overwhelmingly support "gay marriage."
And all too many politicians and judges believe this nonsense!
In fact, Barack Obama's puppet Eric Holder has instructed state attorneys general NOT to enforce traditional marriage laws, even if they're already on the books!
We must stand up to this lawlessness. We MUST hold the line. Pro-traditional marriage activists are pushing back hard all across the country. But they need help. Desperately.
We need thousands and thousands of ordinary Americans to join this crusade. We need to show the liberal media that ordinary Americans don't want judges striking down traditional marriage laws.
We need to fight back and fight back now.
Just consider what will happen if gay "marriage" becomes the new normal.
The radical homosexual lobby will turn its attention to churches and places of businesses. These radicals will use the courts to force every American to publicly accept their twisted views as normal and right.
It's already happening. In Massachusetts, ten years after they legalized gay marriage, church-owned adoption agencies have been forced to shut down and radical homosexuals are terrorizing churches during their services.
And just a few months ago, an Oregon baker was found guilty of discrimination after he declined to supply a cake for a gay wedding. He will now almost certainly be fined thousands of dollars simply for standing up for his faith!
Just weeks after the British government passed its gay marriage bill, two homosexuals filed a lawsuit arguing that the Church of England must marry them!
My friend, if we don't act now, any one of us could be next.
Please, stand with us to preserve traditional marriage and religious liberty.
The future of our country hangs in the balance.
Let's show these radicals that our fight's not over. It's only just begun.
Thank you in advance for all your help.
Cherilyn Eagar
President, American Leadership Fund

Which NOAH Movie?

HOT PETITION!  Stop Sen. Al Franken from homose xualizing public school classrooms. Stop federal curricula to kids.  Please select, sign, and WE WILL FAX your petition
 to all 535 members of Congress (saving you time!) to filibuster Franken's "No Child Left Unmolested" amendment to Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

NOAH!  Two Movies but Which is Biblical?

Teaching your children about God and Creation (rather than sin as Al Franken prefers to teach children) should be any parent's natural concern, if they love God and their kids.

Should you take your children to see NOAH with Russell Crowe this weekend?  Not if you expect a Biblical account of the Flood legend of Genesis 6 and 7.  

But if you want a BIBLICAL movie about Noah's Flood for your children, I recommend Evangelist Ray Comfort's version of Noah's life story on DVD, called NOAH, THE MOVIE available here:
Watch!  Dr. Chaps' interviews Mark Looy, co-founder of Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham, about their recent debate with Bill Nyethe Science Guy-->

In this video I also preview the two Noah movies.

In my interview with Mary Looy, we compare the two Noah movies.  The Hollywood version with Russell Crowe will sell tickets, but does not remain faithful to the text of the Biblical story.
I recommend you buy the Ray Comfort DVD version of instead.

And meanwhile, let's petition Congress to STOP AL FRANKEN'S PRO-GAY MANDATE upon your public school children:

SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION, and we will instantly fax all 535 Congressmen and Senators (saving you much time!) to stop Sen. Al Franken's "No Child Left Unmolested" amendment to the Elementary and Secondary "Homose xual Education" Act

Or select free option here.

Democrats Violate Children, Throw Out Christian Signatures
Debra Bowen, the Democrat Secretary of State of California, is throwing out valid signatures gathered by Christians who oppose AB 1266, the co-ed bathroom bill that threatens public school children's privacy. 

After YOU helped The Pray In Jesus' Name Project fax 8,000 pastors, a record 620,000 petitions were submitted to overturn the Democrats' co-ed bathroom law by ballot initiative. 

But sadly, "in the full count to qualify the referendum on the co-ed bathroom bill, the California Secretary of State is reporting that we came up 17,276 short of the 504,760 signatures needed. The Secretary of State declared that 487,484 signatures were valid and that 131,857 were invalid," reports Privacy for All Students. 
I just interviewed Brad Dacus, PJI's President, fighting in court to count every signature:
Watch!  Dr. Chaps' interview with Brad Dacus, the Christian lawyer fighting for religious freedom at the Pacific Justice Institute-->
Why did Democrats throw out 131,857 valid signatures?  One reason is that senior citizens with fading eyesight are penalized for sloppy handwriting, reports attorney Matt Reynolds with Pacific Justice Institute (PJI).
Can you imagine?  Democrats want to violate your children, allow cross-dressing perverts to share co-ed showers with your children, and they dare deprive senior citizens any right to object!  If this were a pro-gay initiative, you know they'd count every petition.

Let's petition Congress to STOP AL FRANKEN from violating children in all 50 states.


"Does the USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD really work...?"
Dear responsibly armed American,
I am sure you can probably guess what the
#1 question that I always get asked is...
"Tim, does the USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD really work...?"
I completely understand that question. After all, who would want to
belong to an association that is all bark and no bite?

Well, here are some recent, REAL-LIFE examples of USCCA Members
who have had to use their Self-Defense SHIELD Benefit:
  • Member TN - shot and killed intruder - $1,085 [all charges dropped]
  • Member PA - pulled gun on attacker - $12,000 [all charges dropped]
  • Member FL - falsely charged with assault - $3,500 [all charges dropped]
  • Member CA - falsely charged with assault - $3,125 [all charges dropped]
  • Member FL - falsely charged with assault - $5,000 [not guilty]
  • Member NY - falsely charged with assault - $5,500 [all charges dropped]
  • Member PR - shot intruder - $5,000 [not guilty]
  • Member CT - falsely charged w/possession of weapon - $5,000 [all charges dropped]
I hope and pray that you'll never wind up on this list.
But if you do, I want YOU to hear the words, "Not Guilty" or "Charges Dropped."
But, I can't help you unless you're a member.
A USCCA membership is the easiest way for you to insulate
yourself from a legal system that seems to protect
criminals more than it protects
people like you and me.
I invite you to join me and over 60,000 of your fellow responsibly armed Americans...
Stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

P.. S. - Also, if you join up today, you'll be instantly entered into the grand prize
drawing...4 grand prizewinners and 50 runners-up winners...
Check out all the prizes you could win <==Click Here