Thursday, March 27, 2014

Which NOAH Movie?

HOT PETITION!  Stop Sen. Al Franken from homose xualizing public school classrooms. Stop federal curricula to kids.  Please select, sign, and WE WILL FAX your petition
 to all 535 members of Congress (saving you time!) to filibuster Franken's "No Child Left Unmolested" amendment to Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

NOAH!  Two Movies but Which is Biblical?

Teaching your children about God and Creation (rather than sin as Al Franken prefers to teach children) should be any parent's natural concern, if they love God and their kids.

Should you take your children to see NOAH with Russell Crowe this weekend?  Not if you expect a Biblical account of the Flood legend of Genesis 6 and 7.  

But if you want a BIBLICAL movie about Noah's Flood for your children, I recommend Evangelist Ray Comfort's version of Noah's life story on DVD, called NOAH, THE MOVIE available here:
Watch!  Dr. Chaps' interviews Mark Looy, co-founder of Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham, about their recent debate with Bill Nyethe Science Guy-->

In this video I also preview the two Noah movies.

In my interview with Mary Looy, we compare the two Noah movies.  The Hollywood version with Russell Crowe will sell tickets, but does not remain faithful to the text of the Biblical story.
I recommend you buy the Ray Comfort DVD version of instead.

And meanwhile, let's petition Congress to STOP AL FRANKEN'S PRO-GAY MANDATE upon your public school children:

SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION, and we will instantly fax all 535 Congressmen and Senators (saving you much time!) to stop Sen. Al Franken's "No Child Left Unmolested" amendment to the Elementary and Secondary "Homose xual Education" Act

Or select free option here.

Democrats Violate Children, Throw Out Christian Signatures
Debra Bowen, the Democrat Secretary of State of California, is throwing out valid signatures gathered by Christians who oppose AB 1266, the co-ed bathroom bill that threatens public school children's privacy. 

After YOU helped The Pray In Jesus' Name Project fax 8,000 pastors, a record 620,000 petitions were submitted to overturn the Democrats' co-ed bathroom law by ballot initiative. 

But sadly, "in the full count to qualify the referendum on the co-ed bathroom bill, the California Secretary of State is reporting that we came up 17,276 short of the 504,760 signatures needed. The Secretary of State declared that 487,484 signatures were valid and that 131,857 were invalid," reports Privacy for All Students. 
I just interviewed Brad Dacus, PJI's President, fighting in court to count every signature:
Watch!  Dr. Chaps' interview with Brad Dacus, the Christian lawyer fighting for religious freedom at the Pacific Justice Institute-->
Why did Democrats throw out 131,857 valid signatures?  One reason is that senior citizens with fading eyesight are penalized for sloppy handwriting, reports attorney Matt Reynolds with Pacific Justice Institute (PJI).
Can you imagine?  Democrats want to violate your children, allow cross-dressing perverts to share co-ed showers with your children, and they dare deprive senior citizens any right to object!  If this were a pro-gay initiative, you know they'd count every petition.

Let's petition Congress to STOP AL FRANKEN from violating children in all 50 states.

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