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I-1325 Explained.

This was sponsored by the 28th District Republican Club, but the information offered was valuable to anybody who cares about maintaining some citizen control over our state government.
Mr. Initiative himself, Tim Eyman came to Lakewood Thursday  evening 3/20/14 to talk about Initiative 1325, a Constitutional Amendment to the Washington State Constitution. There is no cost, so this was a great opportunity to bring along family, friends, neighbors and colleagues so more people can get informed and vote wisely. Our republic will not sustain itself; it requires an informed electorate to survive the current assault by big government politicians here at the state level (in addition to the federal assault).
As you know, Washington voters have repeatedly supported initiatives that require the legislature to have a 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

The Democrats were gleeful when the court ruled that this was not constitutional and would require an amendment to the Washington State Constitution. So the good part of this is that once approved by the voters in November, we won’t have to keep voting for this tax protection every two years.

Tim Eyman has been saving us millions of dollars through the years.

He agreed to speak at the 28th District Republican Club meeting on Thursday, March 20 in Lakewood concerning the importance of this initiative and how it is different from others.

Here are the details:
DATE: Thursday, March 20, 2014
WHERE: Lakewood Library 6300 Wildaire RD Lakewood, WA
TIME: 7 PM; Questions at the end
WHAT: Light refreshments
COST: No cost, but a donation to cover costs will be appreciated  
I was able to attend this meeting and felt that it was very informative.
A Few years back you may remember when the WA State voters approved I-695.  I suffered some hardships in my career back then due to some dirty internal politics in the public transit agency where I worked at the time and a hired hatchet man new to the agency used I-695 to maneuver things in certain departments in a so-called business decision that stole the cheese of several good people in the company.  My position was eliminated one year before eligibility for retirement in favor of keeping relatively less quality people among the agency in-crowd.  I negotiated a contract position in the Planning Department at about twenty grand less per year so I could stay on the books and earn my Public Employee Retirement eligibility status.  Be that as it may, I have always been a sort of quiet supporter of Tim Eyman's Initiatives over the years.   Here is my personal assessment of what he said at the Lakewood meeting.
  • Good meeting. Tim gave a brief synopsis of the past 16 years of his work in the WA State Initiative process. The liberals on the left HATE what he stands for. He has had ups and downs but keeps coming back. He says, "You win some and you lose some." He passed around a collection of political cartoons most of which he was the brunt of the "joke." He confessed some of the mistakes he has made but also proved that he has a passion for what he does because he believes he is doing the right thing. Tim at one point in his efforts to keep taxes lower and government smaller took out a $250,000 loan on his house to help finance an Initiative campaign.  

    Tim described WA State as a red state with a giant blue doughnut hole in the most densely populated part around Seattle. The tax and spend element of our WA State government thought they finally found a way to neutralize Eyman's efforts by demanding a constitutional amendment for a super majority vote before taxes can be raised. Well, that is what this next Initiative (I-1325) is all about.  

    Every legislative session in Olympia discusses about 3000 new laws proposed by the politicians, about 500 of which are passed into law. By comparison, there are only about one or two Initiatives proposed by we the people. Tim believes the Initiative process is a very effective way to influence our government whether or not our Initiatives pass. It shows the politicians where we the people are coming from - especially in regard to taxes. Get a copy of I-1325 and get your friends and neighbors to sign it and send it in. Show the tax and spend liberal left that we the people will not be silenced.

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