Sunday, June 29, 2008

TLBC 2Q08 report

The Lord’s Baptist Church
11102 Yakima Avenue South
Tacoma, WA. 98444
Pastor Larry J. Killion Phone: 253-537-0129 Email:

As June draws to an end, another year is half gone. This is our 2nd quarter report for 2008. Outlines of our latest Sunday morning sermons can be seen on our church website. Church attendance is still discouraging. We only have about six now that faithfully support the church with finances. We’ve cut back on missions and ministries in order to meet routine expenses. A couple of churches and a friend in Kentucky have helped us with love offerings for which we are truly thankful.

Pastor attended the Bible Conference in Mt. Morris, Michigan in April and afterward traveled down to Kentucky and Indiana to visit with Elder Kenneth Long and his church and family. I preached at the Providence Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. I also discussed the pending missionary trip to Ukraine on the “Seeking The Truth” television program broadcast in Eastern KY. by the Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Hazard, KY.

Plans for the Mission trip to Ukraine with Elder Kenneth Long are still temporarily on hold. Alex needs to acquire vacation in order to host guests from America. The local Baptist Union organization in Chernigov is hindering the work. Alex and our people had to stop holding services where they were meeting due to politics. Finding another “affordable” place is discouraging. They have been meeting in small groups in the mean time but desperately need a suitable meeting place. They need help. I mentioned this need in emails to all that I know but am afraid that most are hesitant to send finances to a work that does not yet have scriptural authority. That is why we are so anxious to go. They need about another $250 per month as it stands now to have their own meeting place again. Brother Long and I think we can help them with the first month when we go for the baptisms and organization and maybe after that some of our sister churches will come on board with what is needed thereafter. Pray that God would burden hearts to make it so.

Pastor had an episode of vertigo that landed him in the hospital for three days in May. He is doing better now but still has balance problems at times. Insurance paid $20,000 of it but we still owe about $5000. A week after Pastor’s episode Elder Jim Turner also had a similar thing but his was a seizure related to an old bee sting issue from the past. Thank you for your prayers. The ad that I posted in a weekly paper for a FREE Bible Study for the Military reaped zero results. Pray for our local outreach efforts. I hope to be out in the neighborhood again passing out gospel tracks soon. We need souls.

Elder Bob Ellis, our Missionary in Ireland finished his chemotherapy for a lymphatic lesion on the optic nerve of his right eye. He believes no news is good news in regard to the follow up tests made after the treatments. Elder Cresencio Baldemor, our Missionary in Philippines is well. The financial needs in the Filipino work are the Lawa-an building project and brother Baldemor’s travel expenses. Sister Sue Kaley went home to be with the Lord. Graveside services were held in Puyallup where her husband Merrell was buried. Brother Troy Sheppard came up from Florida to help in the services. Remember our older members in prayer and those in distant places. Thanks again for your faithful prayers. We need it. AMEN.

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