Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Book

We went up to Duval Saturday afternoon and had a surprise birthday party and family get together for Mike Hirata, Marion's brother. It was great. Family was there from all over including New York, Italy, and all over Western Washington. Everyone was excited to hear about my NEW BOOK coming out soon called "Traveling For God". More about that later. My goodness, it was amazing to see some of the aftermath of the flooding in the area. Some of the roads are still not accessible.

Church today at TLBC went very well. Attendance continues to improve. I preached on "Living By Faith" and the sermon outline is available on the front page of our church website. Click Here. Now for an introduction to my new book.


The purpose of this book is to encourage the reader to prayerfully consider the possibility that God might have you travel to some Mission Field for a visit. You may not feel called of the Lord to be a full time Missionary to some given field of service but it might be consistent with the will of the Lord for you to take a short trip at some given time and help a Missionary in some small way while your are there in the place where God has called him to serve.

Every Missionary minded church should consider sending their Pastor for a visit to a mission field. It will do wonders for him. But you don’t have to be a God called preacher to get a blessing from visiting a Missionary your church supports on the Mission Field somewhere. Many a church member has returned from a week or two of “vacation” where instead of staying at a luxury resort somewhere, they stayed with a Missionary and his family and helped out in what ever way they could while they were there. It is a life changing event. You will never forget it if the Lord should ever open the door for you to do something like this. Sometimes there are youth groups that go to a mission field for a short term for the purpose of helping with the construction of some building project on the mission field. Nothing could be more rewarding for the young people in your church if they could do a project like this.

There are three parts to this book. First are the notes from Pastor Larry Killion’s journal of an exploratory trip he took in 1993 with Kenneth Long to spy out the land in Siberia for a possible Mission work under the authority of The Lord’s Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA. Second is brother Killion’s notes from his trip to the Philippines in 1994 when he assisted Missionary Cresencio Baldemor in the organization of two churches by the authority of The Lord’s Baptist church in Tacoma, WA. Third is a description of the events around a possible trip to Ukraine and the establishment of a sound New Testament church there in that place but after much prayer, planning and preparation the door suddenly closed on this trip. Things like that happen too and it is always important to trust God to lead and direct in all activities of this kind. The important thing is to be willing to go if the Lord would let you and willing to stay if on the other hand that is His will on the matter. Pray without ceasing.

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