Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trail of Blood

The Trail of Blood Chart shows a graphic illustration of the history of the various different denominations of Christendom and when they got started. This chart is in the back of the little booklet by the same name that was written by J.M. Carroll. There is an electronic version of this booklet available on the front page of our church website. click here We had good services today at TLBC and visitors were back again. My sermon was on "The Faith of Abel" and an outline of it can be viewed on the front page of our church website also. click here We continue to pray for the special meeting coming up January 26 - 31 7PM nightly when Elder George Kelley, Pastor of the Grace Missionary Baptist Church of Ontario, California will be our guest speaker.
This is the time of the year when a lot of folks start thinking of getting in better shape physically. If this has been on your mind, let me encourage you to visit my Lifeforce page and browse the health related products that are available from Lifeforce. Thousands of people have been helped to a better healthier life with products like these. Yours truly is a LFI Customer for life. I can really tell it when I lay off of my Lifeforce products. click here
With the downturn in our nation's economy perhaps you are open to new ways to bring income into the family budget. Please take the survey click here to see just how open you really are to looking into a new stream of income.
There are some lively discussion going on in some of my Shelfari Groups and you might find them interesting to read. If you are a rock solid beleiver in the Bible, I could use some help dealing with some unbelievers and folks from other religions of the world in some of these groups. Browse my Groups on my Shelfari Profile page. click here
Yours in the old landmarks by sovereign grace,

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