Thursday, November 15, 2012

FLA Still cannot say who won

"West Digs in." Politico, 11/13/12

Politico reports Allen West is digging in his heals and not giving up… and neither should you!

The Washington Post (no friend of Col. West) reported today: Allen West-Patrick Murphy race: Florida to probe vote issues.

In fact, the Post further reports that, "After a partial recount of early voting in the county (St. Lucie), West gained 132 votes and challenger Murphy lost 667."

James, this race is NOT OVER!

If you haven't read my email below, please do so right away and make an emergency contribution to help Allen West today!

I have already contributed $5,000 to Allen's recount fund but I can only do more with your immediate help. You see, Every time we've asked, Allen has stuck his neck out for us in defense of our values. Now it's our time to help him.

Please read my email below and make an immediate contribution. We can win this race and send Allen back to Congress.

Please do all you can to help.

I don't have much time to talk--I'm busy monitoring the situation in Allen West's congressional district and things are looking grim.

Allen emailed citing "disturbing irregularities" at polls in his district which have given his opponent a razor-thin lead.

As votes are still being counted, Allen has requested a recount in critical counties where observers were reportedly barred from witnessing the vote count, in violation of Florida law.

Allen described the situation as "complete chaos" and is doing everything in his power to demand justice.

Should a recount occur, armies of lawyers from the Democrat campaign machine will descend upon his district to ensure his liberal opponent is victorious.

We've got to make sure we have the resources to fight back.

I have consulted with one of the best election attorneys in the country and he has advised me to do whatever I can to help Allen’s recount effort. EVERY LEGAL VOTE MUST BE COUNTED.

I also have pledged to give the Allen West recount fund the maximum contribution allowable by federal law.

That’s why I’m asking you to make a special gift today of $50 to help Allen West succeed in a fair and accurate count of ALL the votes.

I know you're tired after a long election season, but Allen West has consistently fought for our values in Congress and, in his moment of need, we've got to have his back.

Will you make an immediate contribution of $50 to support Allen West's next term in the US Congress?

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Citizen Patriot

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