Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God help us

God help us to stand against perverted moral values, tyranny of big government, mob-rule, foolish big spending and debt.  God protect us from those that would not insure the safety of the most vulnerable in our land and especially those that are still in the womb.  God help us to drive the message home that we have a right to life that comes from our creator and our God in heaven.  God help us to understand that the evil and criminal element of our society will not abide by any of the laws of the land and Lord, do not let our elected officials rob us of our individual rights to self defense and do not let them give those that would do us harm an advantage in any way with superior firepower.  God help us to see that if  "gun control" legislation is to be passed, it must not be to facilitate the herding of the sheeple into perfect killing fields called "No Gun Zones" but rather, give us better access to the proper training and safe use of weapons for self defense.  God help us to equip our schools with the tools (guns) and training (armed sheep dogs) needed to stop a madman from doing his evil deeds before he can even get started.  God help us to stand up for traditional family values in the home and defend our young people against a perverted redefinition of Holy Matrimony so that our children can have the advantage of growing up in homes with both a father and a mother.  God help us to impeach and incarcerate those elected politicians and judges that breech our confidence, usurp the system  and over step the limitations imposed on them by the rule of law in our constitution.  God help us to get back to biblical economics in every area of our lives, especially in our national policies. 

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