Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Benghazi Memorial

While Washington, D.C. Slept...
A Benghazi memorial will soon rise from the corrupt soil of 
Washington, D.C.

Is Public Education Necessary Cover Image

Is Public Education Necessary Cover Image

Obama and Clinton will have no choice but to come 

face-to-face with their treachery. More importantly, 
this monument will stand as a reminder of Democrat 
corruption to future generations for centuries to come.

Greg Marra, the artist who created the statue for 

fallen Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, has already begun 
working on the memorial to commemorate the 4 
fallen in Benghazi. The statue depicts the artist's 
vision of the incident:

One man praying, another behind the two fallen 

Navy SEALS—men who fought for over 20 hours 
against impossible odds.

We're asking all patriotic Americans to sponsor 
this larger-than-life statue. We want citizens of 
all ages to walk around the figures and remember 
the deadly decisions made by evil politicians.

The statue will help Americans understand what 

happened to these men, while D.C. slept.

Don't let the memory of American patriots who died
at Benghazi fade into re-written history books!
Is Public Education Necessary Cover Image

We will never forget what happened WHILE D.C. SLEPT.

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