Saturday, August 17, 2013

CP62 Annual Picnic

All is well.  There was a small turn out for the Clover Park annual class of 62 picnic this year.  Most of the e-mail responses I received were notes about how folks were not able to make to this one.  I told Marion as we were setting up, if no one else shows up, we will still have fun.  :)
Last year at the big 50th celebration, several that attended the gathering at the picnic suggested doing it again on a yearly basis.  This year we all enjoyed a great time at the the old American Lake Park.  The third Saturday in August seems to work well for most classmates who want to attend and stay in touch.

 The first ones to show up were Carl Knight and his wife Melody.  They have some stories to tell of their time in Africa and Sierra Leone as Missionaries.
 Then there was Joe Hedges and his wife Caroline.  Like last year, Carl, Joe and I had a great time talking about how God worked in our lives.  Joe is Pastor of a small church down near Astoria, Oregon.  He is also a talented artist.
 Joe O'Daniels was the next to wander in.  Joe has been retired from the Fire Department for 17years.  He has been a motorcycle rider and is now getting involved in the large scale model railroad hobby.
 Then came John Halvorsen.  What a prince of a guy.  He has got to be one of the classiest guys in our class.  His mother was the English teacher for many of us.  She passed away about 17 years ago.  John is still an active musician and played in a concert in Seattle the night before the picnic
 Everyone brought their own lunch and when we got hungry we set out some chips, dips and other snacks.  Bringing the old Klahowya's from 1959 to 1962 was helpful for remembering so and so... 
 When Ed Densmore arrived with his wife Connie, they said they were not able to stay - but wound up staying until 2pm when we had to tear down the picnic and make room for another group that rented the shelter for the rest of the afternoon.  Ed has some stories that will make you a believer in "Divine Coincidences".
 Ed observed that it is a curious thing how several of our classmates have become involved in some sort of a Christian Ministry or another. We are not sure how many for whom that is so but it was true for several that attended the picnic. 
 Jaime Tubig and his dear wife were there too (I am sorry I forgot her name but I will make it a point to remember it next time).  I really like her line about introducing Jaime - "His name is Jaime too-big-for-his-breeches." 
 It sure was great to see everyone.  Last year was a rough year for Marion and me.  We both lost our mothers and our favorite old Pastor also passed away and Marion broke her hip and is still recovering from the surgery.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Too-big-for-his-breeches.  :) Love it.
 Yours truly Larry Killion - I know, I'm going to start exercising soon.
Marion Hirata Killion my precious bride for 48 years come October 9th.

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Marjeanne said...

Thank you for sharing, Larry! I plan to retire (again) next spring, and we will be wandering the western states in our 5th wheel. Two grandbabies and their parents live in Tacoma, so we are regularly drawn there. The third weekend of August is in my calendar.
Incidentally, I, too, was involved in a ministry most of my life. Years of serving as an organist for various churches, and continuing to perform graces my life. I will be performing in Europe again in the middle of next summer.
Take care and keep in touch. I really appreciate your emails and your blog.

Marjeanne Judd Stone