Friday, August 23, 2013

Government Tyranny

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Hello Larry,
All Cheryl wanted to do was build her dream home and provide a way to keep her children and grandchildren close. Unfortunately, her simple plans are being washed away by the City of Bellevue.
You see, Cheryl's property is located on the beautiful shores of Phantom Lake, the body of water that city officials selected to serve as the storm water runoff reservoir. Now, the water levels rise so high that they flood her yard, endangering her house and decreasing her property value.
ToT - Phantom Lake
This is the latest true story in our Tales of Tyranny series, and it emphasizes the importance of your involvement in local government. Stories like this take place all too often in Washington communities - you can see eight more examples on our Tales of Tyranny webpage
These stories wake people up and we're trying to tell them to as many people as possible. With our new ad campaign, we can reach one person for less than ten cents. Will you donate $10.00 right now and help us reach 100 people?

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