Saturday, August 24, 2013

Plain Talking the Federalist

Last Monday when Marion and I went over to Dea and Wally’s for our “Range Day” when I first went into Dea’s kitchen, the first thing I saw on the table was this book and I said, “Oh, Wow, are you going to take this to Kauai when we go?”  (We are planning a two-week trip in the near future.)  Wally came in and Dea said, “I TOLD you that would be the first thing he would see and talk about.”  Wally laughed and said, “Well, I guess you could take it if you want to.  Take a look in the front of it.”   I picked it up and on the blank page across from the copyright page was a hand written note, “For Pastor Larry Killion - Only Christ is perfect government.  Rick B.” 

R. E. Bridwell is a family friend from the days of “Bremerton Christian School” and after much time and labor has finally finished his book, which is in essence a modern American paraphrase of the original work, The Federalist.  Dea and Wally attended a recent book signing and afterward, got Rick to sign one for me.  THANK YOU!  Yes, I plan to take it to Kauai and when I get home, Lord willing, I can write a review for it.   I believe the founders of America were geniuses.  English has changed since the
Eighteenth Century.  This looks like a great idea.  It will help modern Americans better understand the intent of our founding fathers when drafting our constitution.   

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