Monday, August 19, 2013


Marion and I had an adjusted schedule today as we picked up our granddaughter and took her to her Middle School where she is an eighth grader.  She is a "Mentor" for two new students coming into the school this year.  We then took our grandson, AJ, with us to our normal day of  target practice.  He brought his air rifle with him but we had technical difficulties with it, so, we let him have a try with our Mossberg Plinkster 22LR.  He LOVED it.  

OK - that was a little high and to the right.

See it?  Remember, keep your finger off the trigger until you have sights on target and made the decision to fire.

Changing magazine.  Excellent. 

Not bad shooting for a little guy.   

 Now, that's the way ya do it Oma.

Uncle Wally stopping a BAD GUY.

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