Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Al Qaeda 9-11-2013

Dear Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell,

I agree with the majority of American voters who reject the thought of hostilities
against Syria as Barack Hussein Obama Jr. desires to do.  Stand with us against
another war.  The global community knows that Barry's red line in the sand was
meaningless political rhetoric.

Please vote NO on declaring WAR on Syria.  We dare not support those who have
sworn "Death to America."  This is especially true on the anniversary date of their
infamous attack on us September 11, 2001.

Not being privy to the reports you see, I can only go by what I see and hear
on the bias-news media, websites and e-mails.  I have seen reports that BOTH sides
of the Syrian conflict have been involved with gas-warfare.  CNN has been caught
actually manufacturing news with actors Hollywood style.  War is hell indeed and
we hate to hear about the suffering of innocent children and civilians.  Our heart
goes out to those that are suffering these atrocities but at the same time we must
remember to do all that we can to protect ourselves from factions of this crisis
who would do the same thing to us if given opportunity.  IE: 911.

In my humble opinion, we have given too much already to violent minded men in
the middle East who have openly declared their hatred for America and her allies
such as Israel and we would do well to stay far away from the internal problems
of other nations when we have enough problems of our own right here at home.
(Open Borders, NSA and other agencies infringing on the constitutional rights of
our lawful citizens, IRS targeting voters for special treatment, the gutting of our
military and attempts to disarm lawful gun owners, the threat of a para-military
outfit hanging over our heads that can incarcerate citizens in FEMA Camps with
out due process of law, almost more "takers" than "givers" in our social
programs, etc.)

We need to re-think this idea that the USA is somehow the police force for the world.
We need to back away from the doctrines of globalism and reinforce the constitutional
freedom we have as a sovereign nation. The best thing that could happen in Washington
D.C. right now is for us to move more toward the original intent of our fathers when
they drafted the founding documents of our nation.

Your Constituent, 
Larry J. Killion. 

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