Monday, September 09, 2013


Sixteen gun control bills are now pending in Congress.  The enemies of freedom will not stop.  They are angry that they came so close but failed last time.   

We must not surrender to their constant attack on liberty. If they can pass a single one of these sixteen bills, it will open the floodgate for them.  Do not let this happen.  Stay active in your responsible gun owner clubs and organizations and stay in contact with your elected representatives to keep them informed of the dangers of the anti-gun agenda.   

Here are some examples of what they are trying to do.

S374.  This will ban private transfer of firearms between law-abiding gun owners.

HR34.  This forces the submittal of sensitive information for license to buy a firearm.

HR117.  This forces more registration for a license to buy a firearm. 

We have an abundance of rules, regulations and laws on the books right now that are more than enough to keep order in the sale and use of firearms.  There are so many gun laws that the authorities cannot even enforce them.  That is why some of the most anti-gun cities in the country have the highest crime rates.  Our lawmakers would do well to cut down on the number of rules and regulations on the books and give authorities an easier job of keeping them in order.  More regulation is NOT better in this case - that is for sure.

 The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights makes it the Law of the Land that the God given right of a man to own and bear arms for the personal defense of himself, his family and all that is his, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  

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