Sunday, September 01, 2013

I switched from AARP to AMAC

Should President Obama direct an attack against Syria?
Yes, they are an enemy of the United States.
Yes, but not send any troops there.
No, it could ignite a Middle East War.
No, Syria did not attack us.
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Obamacare Rate Hikes May Approach 300% in Some Instances, Says AMAC
BOHEMIA, NY, Aug 30 – Health insurance policy holders across the country can expect letters from their providers notifying them of “staggering” rate increases, some even approaching 300%, according to Dan Weber...
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Obamacare Rate Shock – An AMAC Member’s Experience
by Andrew Mangione
Many of you are familiar with my updates on AMAC’s activity on Capitol Hill and other topics that I’m privileged to bring to you here and in our other forums. I recently received a disturbing piece of information from my health insurance...
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The Picture-Perfect U.S. Virgin Islands
by D.J. Wilson
Do you have a penchant for daydreaming? It doesn’t take much to get me started. Something as simple as a postcard of a sunset on the beach promptly stirs my imagination. I envision warm white sand beneath my feet, a soft sea breeze in the air...
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5 Corporations That Should Be Blacklisted By Conservatives
By John Hawkins
Contrary to what you hear from liberals, the biggest flaw conservatives have is being overly tolerant. Really? Seriously? We’re “overly tolerant?” Absolutely. Conservatives will listen to a Hollywood star trash us as intolerant and then we’ll go watch his movie anyway...
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5 Tips for Decoding Food Labels
from Harvard Medical School
When it comes to eating healthfully, fresh fruits and vegetables are pretty much a slam dunk. Including packaged foods in a healthful diet is trickier. But it isn’t impossible if you learn how to use the Nutrition Facts on the package to judge the quality of the food inside...
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Video: Rep. Paul Ryan slams Acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel for not understanding the ACA
That government is best which governs least, because its people discipline themselves. If we are directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we will soon want for bread.
Thomas Jefferson

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