Saturday, September 14, 2013

Landmark New Testament (KJV Study Bible)

Elder Jim Turner, of The Lords Baptist Congregation in Tacoma Washington, began to work on an edition of the King James Version where the ecclesiastical terms “church” and “baptism” were properly translated “congregation” and “immersion.”  Elder Mark Fenison, of Victory Baptist Congregation in Chehalis, Washington had the idea of “The Landmark New Testament” with footnotes designed to defend historic Baptist Church Truth.  Elders Turner and Fenison worked together incorporating both ideas with contributions from Elder Larry Killion of The Lords Baptist Congregation in Tacoma, Washington, Elder Paul Stepp of The Indore Baptist Congregation in Indore, West Virginia, and Elder Jeff Short of the Charleston Baptist Congregation in Charleston, West Virginia. Elder Robert Myers of Harmony Baptist Congregation in Camden, Tennessee did much work with the Microsoft Word version and the portable document format (pdf) along with many helpful insights, proof reading and corrections to typographical errors. 

The King James Version drew heavily from the Tyndale and Coverdale translations of the New Testament.  Tyndale and Coverdale translated the Greek term ekklesia as “congregation.”  However, King James ordered his translators (within his 15 rules to the translators), not to translate ekklesia but instead to use the ecclesiastical term “church.”

All contributors to the Landmark Study New Testament are thankful to be free from the rules of a human King for this edition.  We trust and pray that the great King of Kings will bless this effort to His honor and glory.  We humbly present the Landmark Study New Testament for the edification of God’s elect and a clearer understanding of New Testament Ecclesiology.   The KJV text remains intact here except where they did not translate ekklesia and baptizo by order of King James. We have also added "Modern English" words in brackets next to some of the "Elizabethan English" words that some call "archaic".  

Presently there are 641 pages in the work.  It should be available before the end of 2013.   The estimated price at this point is about $23.00 in Paper Back form, about $35.00  in Hard Back form, and probably around $15.00 in E-book form but that can vary as the publishing process wears on.   

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