Monday, October 14, 2013

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Monday, October 14, 2013

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• Abortion Activists Violently Assault Pro-Lifers in Mob at Australia March for Life

• 213 Babies Saved From Abortion Already During 40 Days for Life Campaign
Abortion Activist Brutally Attacks Pro-Life Woman With Knife as She Prays, Holds Sign
• Miss World 2013 Megan Young: “I’m Against Abortion,” and “Sex is for Marriage”

More Pro-Life News

• Abandoned Baby With 10 Inches of Umbilical Cords Still Attached Survives
• Obamacare Enrolls Unborn Children Only to Use Taxpayer Funds to Abort Them
Abortion Clinic in Ohio Closes Down Thanks to Late-term Abortion Ban
• Abortion Practitioner Holds Newborn Baby as She Leads Rally for Late-Term Abortions
• Ted Cruz Wins Pro-Life Values Voters Summit Straw Poll With Lopsided Margin
• Abortion Doctors: Not Really Any Reason for an Abortion to Save a Mother’s Life
• Young Woman Changes Mind About Aborting Triplets After Australia Pro-Abortion Riots

• Mom Who Lost Baby in Miscarriage: They Abort Babies Same Age as Mine
• Twenty Reasons to Think Twice About Aborting a Baby With Anencephaly
• Wendy Davis Avoids Abortion at All Costs in New Television Commercial

• Reality Star Brittany DeJesus Will Tell MTV Viewers She Regrets Her Abortion

• Liberal Newspaper Pushes Euthanasia as a Health Care Cost-Saving Option

• Population Control Writer Alan Weisman’s “Countdown” Likens Humans to Rapidly-Spreading Cancer
• 7 Spectacular Pieces Of Pro-Life Art, Sculpture Around the World
Nearly 500 Complaints Filed Against Indiana Abortion Practitioner
• Democrat Says Republican Whose Wife Had Two Miscarriages Wants to “Criminalize” Them
New Jersey Pro-Life Group: Vote for Steve Lonegan Over Cory Booker
• Kansas Abortion Activists Cost State $1 Million By Suing Pro-Life Laws

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