Friday, October 11, 2013

Support Gun Rights Locally

I’m sure you’ve heard about the successful recall of the anti-gun rights Colorado State Senators. That was a grassroots effort that was outspent 7 to 1 by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his rich anti-constitutional cronies. 

We have a similar movement afoot here in Washington in the 2013 special election.
Appointed anti-gun State Senator Nathan Schlicher is facing off against pro-gun rights State Representative Jan Angel in a critical off-year election battle. 

Depending on other circumstances, control of the Washington State Senate could hang on the outcome of this election. The State Senate is in the current control of the pro-gun majority coalition caucus, comprised of every Republican in the State Senate and two Democrat Senators. 

Right now all it would take for the anti-gunners to gain control of the State Senate is one Senator defecting over to the dark side.

Jan Angel is very pro-gun rights, and it is our job as Second Amendment supporters to get her across the finish line. 

By volunteering a few hours to help out the effort we can be victorious in booting the anti-gun Schlicher and sending anti-gun rights elitists like Bloomberg back to the drawing board yet again.
Time is critical; we only have 7 more days until voter ballots are distributed for the election!
Jerry Gibbs is our man on the ground in the 26th district (Pierce and Kitsap County). If you can help out by calling or door knocking other pro-gun voters, please e-mail him immediately after reading this at:
Please also include your number so Jerry can give you a call.
Yours in Freedom,
Phil Watson
PS:  You may also recall a State Senator out of Illinois giving speeches on national TV in 2004. Less than 5 years later, that State Senator was sworn in as President of the United States. These local elections matter. The time to act is right now, not after it’s too late. 

Philip Watson

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