Wednesday, January 01, 2014

TLBC 2013 4Q Report

The Lord’s Baptist Church
11102 Yakima Avenue South
Tacoma, WA. 98444
Pastor Larry J. Killion Phone: 253-537-0129 Email:
October November December 2013
We wish attendance were better than it was.   Pray for us as we begin another year of service. Sermon outlines and AUDIO links for the latest lessons are on our website. Visit our Face Book Page too. Pastor completed the study of Christ & Praying in our afternoon services and started a study on the Song of Solomon. More audio sermons are available on Brother Jim Turner finished Mabel Clement in our Sunday School Bible Study and is now reading Let’s Study Revelation by EG Cook. Pastor passed out about 160 gospel tracts this quarter and some of the members passed some out too but did not log in on the clipboard, so we cannot report their numbers.
Pastor preached at the Fall Bible Conference at Landmark Baptist Church in Granite Bay, California, Pastor Mike Prater.  He also preached at the Garden Island Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Paul Meyer, when he and Sister Marion were on vacation in Kauai.  It is always a blessing to meet new friends in Christ and to fellowship with those of a kindred spirit.  Pastor Keoki Awai at the Kailua Missionary Baptist Church on Oahu referred us to Brother Paul.  We had lost contact with Brother Keoki for nearly 25 years and in the providence of God found his address the week before we went on vacation.  God is so good to us. 
Our two newest members, Jacob Russell and Blaine Conzatti, both are growing in grace.  Brother Blaine will be leaving in January to attend classes at Liberty University and will be back this summer.  We will miss him while he is gone.  Brother Jacob is also taking college classes now and is likely to make a move to Bellingham, Washington for classes at Western Washington University later in 2014.  It seems like all our “little ones” are growing up and are college age now.  Pray for the grandchildren of our members that God would mercifully draw them to our services and get them under the preaching of His word.  Pastor is reaching out to his grandchildren via letters through the postal system. 
Brother Skip and Sister Teresa surprised us one prayer meeting service with a visit.  They convinced their shuttle driver to bring them by on the way home from Skip’s session at the kidney dialysis center.  What a blessing.  Continue to pray for them.  Sister Maxine is doing better.  Remember her too.  Bro Turners red blood cell count is reading too high.  Pray for him as they monitor this.  Sister Marion had to start another session of physical therapy for her hip replacement.  Sister Heidi Book had to have surgery this quarter.  Other than routine colds, everyone else seems to be doing all right.
Our First Friday of the Month Fellowship is always a blessing. We are now saving a link to the FFF audio clips on our church website.  In October, Elder Jim Turner took charge of the Fellowship while Pastor was away on vacation.  In November, Elder Jim Tweet preached on “Living the Crucified Life.”  In December, Elder Jim Turner preached on "No Tears No Exceptions." 
Pastor is thrilled to announce that the Landmark Edition of the New Testament (KJV Study Bible) was published in late December and is now available in bookstores.  This is the work of six contemporary Landmark Baptist Elders.  For more information, go to this post on Pastor’s Blog:

Thank you again for praying for our two Missionaries sent out directly under the authority of this congregation: Bob Ellis, in Ireland, and Cresencio Baldemor, in the Philippines.  Bro. Cresencio’s preaching point in Mabini is being taken over buy our daughter church in Maco, Pastor Dan Baldemor.  They found a suitable property for a meeting place and there is a need for $3500.  Please help us pray these funds in for the cause of Christ.  We voted in December to begin supporting the Mission Work of Ted Tweet out of the South Park Missionary Baptist Church in Seattle to the Latino Community there.  Jesus is coming soon.  Even so, COME LORD JESUS!  Amen.  

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