Saturday, February 01, 2014

Elder David ONeal

We had a wonderful meeting this week at The Lords Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA.  On January 26th it was our 34th anniversary as a New Testament Congregation of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Elder David ONeal was our guest speaker.  He is the Pastor of the Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Marion and I enjoyed having him as a guest in our home for the week too.  He preached a total of eight (8) sermons.  We have the audio MP3 copies of them saved and you may listen to them at your leisure HERE.

All to the Glory of God.
The Ministry of Reconciliation.
The Love of God.
The Love of God shed abroad in our heart.
Redemption through His Blood.
The Vicarious Suffering and Death of Christ.
Be Filled with the Spirit.

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