Friday, March 21, 2014

Ditch Mitch

Dear Patriot,
It's official. We just endorsed conservative Matt Bevin in his race against Mitch McConnell. We are going to launch an unprecedented grassroots campaign to help elect this great man.
Matt Bevin is the real deal. He has courage, principle, and is the best chance for both conservatives and Republicans to win the Kentucky Senate seat.
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is planning to organize Tea Party activists and disenfranchised conservatives in the largest door-to-door campaign in Kentucky's history. But we desperately need your help.
We must raise $100,000 immediately.
Matt Bevin is a businessman. He knows how to create jobs. He is a staunch conservative who clearly isn't afraid of a fight.
And he's challenging one of the nastiest and most anti-Tea Party incumbents in America.
Time after time, Mitch McConnell has attacked our movement and threatened our candidates.
He's sold out conservatives and cut back-room deals with Barack Obama. Mr. McConnell has no interest in saving America. He only cares about amassing power and lining his own pockets at the expense of ordinary Americans.
And, as a result, Mitch McConnell's approval rate in deep-red Kentucky is a pathetic 35%! And, according to some polls, he's actually losing to the liberal Democrat in this race!
If McConnell succeeds in winning the Republican nomination for Senate, he will simply lose this seat in the general election. He might even cost Republicans control of the Senate!
It's clearly better for Tea Party activists to 100% back a true conservative candidate who can win, rather than allow a ruling class RINO like Mitch McConnell to waste this golden opportunity!
We need to send thousands of activists into Kentucky neighborhoods to talk about Matt Bevin's principled vision for the future.
No more Obamacare. No more sleazy back-room deals. No more tax increases, liberal Obama nominees, or debt limit hikes.
Matt will go to Washington and cut spending, reign in the bureaucracy, and help put Kentucky and America back to work.
Unfortunately though, Mitch McConnell and his army of establishment consultants have plenty of money. They will savage Matt with wave after wave of TV attack ads.
They would rather destroy conservatives and lose this seat for the Republicans than see a conservative save it!

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