Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Final Notice

MARCH 26, 2014 BY 

Tell Lawmakers to BAN Funds to Arms Trade Treaty! (Final Notice)

ALERT: Rep. Kelly seeking cosigners for letters to BAN funding for UN Arms Trade Treaty. Blast Faxes – Tell Congress to OPPOSE and DEFUND the UN ATT!
American Conservative,
The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty has got to be rejected by the United States Congress.
While the Senate hasn’t yet gone along with the UN’s gun-grabbing scheme, it appears that Obama is working to bypass Congress and unconstitutionally implement the treaty through his “pen” and “phone.”
Rep. Mike Kelly‘s office told us last week that “President Obama’s apparent efforts are to engage in unilateral implementation of the ATT via executive action, without the advice and consent of the Senate and the passage of implementing legislation, as required, by the Congress.”
Right now, Rep. Kelly is looking for lawmakers to join him in signing appropriations letters to completely defund the UN Arms Trade Treaty and prevent the ATT from being used for domestic prosecutions.
But time is running out as the letter will be closed-out tonight.
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