Tuesday, March 25, 2014

He thinks he can give away the web

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Barack Obama Has Just Announced That He's Going To Give Your Internet To The United Nations... And Only Congress Has The Power To Stop Him.

       But Obama simply doesn't want to give your Internet away to the United Nations. He wants to hand it over to what he is calling a "global multistakeholder community" ... that will likely include NOT ONLY the United Nations... but a coalition of rogue nations and global 'thugocracies' such as Russia and China.

       And these international bad-boys won't stop at regulating your speech on the Internet. You can be certain that they're also planning to come after your wallet, because what can be regulated, can also be taxed.

       Only Congress has the power to stop Barack Obama from giving away something he has no authority to give away in the first place... YOUR INTERNET...and we're demanding that they do just that.... right here and right now.

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A "Global Multistakeholder Community"?

       You read that right, Barack Obama wants to hand control of your Internet over to as of yet unnamed members of a so-called "global multistakeholder community."

       That's according to Barack Obama's own Commerce Department which announced in a press release on March 14 that they will "transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community."

       And while the members of this "global multistakeholder community" are not yet known, we do know that some of the bodies involved in the selection of who has ultimate control of your Internet are, in fact, two agencies within the United Nations and a number of regimes that despise freedom such as Vladmir Putin's Russia, China, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

       The Wall Street Journal got to the crux of what is happening: "Russia, China and other authoritarian governments have already been working to redesign the Internet more to their liking, and now they will no doubt leap to fill the power vacuum caused by America's unilateral retreat."

       The Journal adds: "In the past few years, Russia and China have used a [United Nations] agency called the International Telecommunication Union [ITU] to challenge the open Internet. ... They want the ITU to outlaw anonymity on the Web (to make identifying dissidents easier)... The unspoken aim is to discourage global Internet companies from giving everyone equal access."

      And just in case you're wondering what all that means, National Review Onlinequotes Daniel Castro with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation:"We may be concerned about the lack of free communication in other countries, but we don't have to sweat about those countries' governments shutting off our access here..."

       Well that's about to change and the only question that is yet unanswered iswhy has Congress not already moved to stop this international attempt to squelch your freedom and your liberty

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