Thursday, March 27, 2014

Impeach BO?

We shouldn't impeach Barack Hussein Obama.
You read that right. You see, impeaching this traitor won't undo all of Mr. 
Obama's illegal orders. It won't reverse all the damage that this Marxist 
madman has done to America. It will simply remove him from office, and 
it will let every one of his illegal and unconstitutional policies stand.
That's why USJF has been battling Barack Hussein Obama in court since 2008.
We are fighting to prove that this man is not eligible to serve as President, and that EVERYTHING that he has done since 2009 is ILLEGAL and INVALID.
I absolutely MUST raise $8,150 by next Monday.
Right now, we are in court in 2 cases challenging the eligibility of Barack 
Obama to serve as President of the United States of America.
In these two cases, we are arguing that the State of California didn't enforce 
its own election laws, and certify that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., was 
eligible to run for, and serve as, President.
These two court cases have the power to overturn and rescind all 55 
electoral votes that Barack Hussein Obama stole from California in 
November, 2012.
These cases, therefore, have the potential to oust Barack Hussein Obama 
from the White House.
Already, Mr. Obama and his allies have spent over $2 million in private 
funds, and untold millions of dollars of taxpayer money, trying to defeat 
USJF, and our allies, in court to hide his past. They know how dangerous 
our lawsuits are.
They know that Barack Obama could never truly prove that he was eligible 
for the Presidency. They know that California's liberal Secretary of State deliberately covered up this fraud on the American people for him, and 
refused to enforce the law requiring that she verify the eligibility of all 
candidates for office, including for the Office of President of the United 
If we win one or both of these cases, not only will the usurper-in-chief 
be removed from office, his entire false "Presidency" will be invalidated.
That's means no more ObamaCare. No more stimulus spending. No more 
illegal executive orders. No more radical "Czars," or other appointments.
These court cases could, quite literally, save America.
That's why I need your help now, more than ever.

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