Friday, March 14, 2014

Nat Right to Work

Every year, the National Right to Work Committee surveys our members to ask which of our ongoing efforts is most important to you

With the 2014 mid-term elections right around the corner, it is vital to know how you want to order the Committee's priorities. 

n key states and districts, we want to let the American people know which politicians support Right to Work and which politicians support compulsory unionism. 

Big Labor will do everything in their power to keep the Committee from informing folks about their radical, forced-dues agenda. 

One of their favorite weapons has been to use their allies at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) -- and similar bureaucracies at the state level -- to harass us with wasteful subpoenas demanding we prove we have members or that our education programs are "legal." 

It's vital you sign your 2014 Membership Ballot IMMEDIATELY. 

With union bosses still calling the shots in virtually every federal agency, FEC bureaucrats aren't backing down. 

They have repeatedly buried your Right to Work Committee under a mountain of harassing subpoenas with the ultimate goal of stopping us from informing Americans which politicians support Right to Work and which ones don’t. 

Big Labor's cronies at the FEC have concocted rules which refuse to recognize members of the National Right to Work Committee

They insist that you aren't entitled to the same rights under the U.S. Constitution accorded to members of other organizations! 

Our attorneys say, the Committee's position will be stronger if as many members as possible certify each year that they currently consider themselves to be members of the National Right to Work Committee. 

In the past, the FEC bureaucracy has attacked the Committee for exposing corruption involving candidates for federal office and top-level union officials. 

But today, with Big Labor cronies in control of the White House and federal bureaucracies, the FEC bureaucrats will attempt even more brazen assaults on the Committee -- with no fear of sanction. 

Remember the IRS harassment of groups Obama doesn't like back in 2012

So your 2014 Membership Ballot -- demonstrating that we do have members -- may be essential to winning any legal challenge to our membership. 

Our goal is to expand our federal and state programs as we move into 2014. Big Labor will be firing on all cylinders to elect their radical, forced-dues candidates this November. So, now is the time to put every member of Congress on record on the forced-unionism issue by forcing a roll-call vote in both houses of Congress on the National Right to Work Act (H.R. 946/S. 204). 

No worker should be forced to pay dues to a labor union just to get or keep a job. Every time in the past five decades that Big Labor's pet politicians have been exposed they have gone down in flames at the ballot box. 

That's why we must FORCE Congress to tell us WHO is for or against the National Right to Work Act. 

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