Monday, March 10, 2014

She was RIGHT

Hello - Michelle Foster here of the Conservative Campaign Committee and I wanted to share with you some information to demonstrate that time and again, Governor Sarah Palin has been proven right - even when so many liberals have tried to mock, ridicule and destroy her.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, Gov. Sarah Palin correctly warned the world that if Barack Obama were elected president, his conciliatory approach towards the world aggressors would have consequences.
Specifically, Gov. Palin warned that Russia (which had just invaded the sovereign nation of Georgia, a U.S. ally) would feel emboldened to send troops into Ukraine as well - knowing that Barack Obama's 'bark' was weak enough, and that his 'bite' would be non-existent.
Governor Palin was mocked and derided by liberal journalists, the Democrat Party, and sadly even by a few more 'moderate' members of the Republican establishment.
But Palin has been proven right, and the liberals who mocked her were wrong:
And it wasn't just Russia's invasion of the Ukraine that Palin was right about.
Sarah Palin correctly predicted that under ObamaCare there would be government 'death panels' that would determine whether or not a patient should be eligible to receive life-saving treatments, or whether it would be cheaper to just let that patient die:
And even liberals are admitting that Palin was right and that Barack Obama lacked substance, and deceived the nation into electing him with a vacuous agenda of "hope and change":
There are a whole host of issues in which Sarah Palin was mocked by the Left, but then proven right.  And we here at the Conservative Campaign Committee are compiling all those instances into a new TV ad campaign that we will be airing in key 'swing states' during the ongoing Midterm Elections.
Our new TV ad campaign will expose to voters the lies they've been fed by Barack Obama, the Democrat Party and the liberal media and we will urge voters to support conservative candidates in the primary elections taking place now, and then again in the November general elections.
Sarah Palin said it best in her speech to CPAC yesterday:  we must not just sit back and hope that the Democrats defeat themselves.  For we know the Democrats will lie, manipulate and deceive to win.  

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