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Empowering Christian Students to Speak

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No student should feel like they have to hide their faith to attend a public school or college. Yet, far too often, that's exactly what happens when topics such as marriage and sexuality are discussed. So, how can you help encourage Christian students and let them know they're not alone?

We have two great ways to help!

First, let the teens in your life know about Day of Dialogue onApr. 10. Next, share with them this FREE, downloadable Student Guide from Focus on the Family. The guide equips Christian students who want to exercise their free speech rights—and have the freedom to confidently express a biblical worldview and share Christ's love.
The mother on the phone sounded compassionate, yet deeply troubled.
She described how her young, teenage daughter had gone to class expecting to study the usual academic subjects, and instead was asked to sign a petition supporting a policy to approve same-sex couples attending the prom. An older student was allowed to come into the public school classroom and invite younger students to sign it.
Disturbed, her daughter had gone to her parent for help. But the mom was at a loss about what her Christian daughter's rights actually were.

This is just one example of the many questions Focus on the Family® receives from concerned parents. With the increase in government promotion of same-sex marriage—and the fact that about 90-percent of school-age children attend public schools—it seems likely these pleas for help will only increase.

The good news is Christian students do have constitutional rights to express their deeply held biblical values—and those rights have been backed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court!

To empower students to exercise those rights in a confident and grace-filled manner, Focus on the Family sponsors an annual event for teens called Day of Dialogue®, happening this year on Apr. 10, 2014.

Through the event and dynamic website ( more teens—like this concerned parent's daughter—will have an equal opportunity to share their faith-based perspective at school. By empowering teens with free-speech tools and information about their legal rights,Day of Dialogue equips students to communicate in a caring and engaging way why they personally choose to follow what the Bible says about relationships and sexuality.

Do you know a student with a passion for sharing Christ's love and God's truth? Then they'll love this resource—Day of Dialogue's free, downloadable Student Guide.

In addition to an easy-to-use, infographic guide on how to participate, students can access free-speech tools, such as downloadable T-shirt and poster designs, as well as Conversation Cards. Watch the video students can link to through the Conversation Card to help get the dialogue started!

Students will find a colorful, Conversation-Starter graph linking to discussion questions and teen-friendly articles on hot-button topics as well as tips on having grace-filled responses and fun videos.

If you have a heart for empowering Christian students to speak their values—and want to help ensure they have a safe place to share their viewpoint, then be sure to share this free resource  with a teen in your life!

P.S. If you have questions, comments or stories to share, we'd love to hear from you! Just email us at
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 Discuss God's design for life and marriage as often as you pay your bills and discover 12 new opportunities to invest in the culture this year. 
Bullying and homosexuality are hot-button topics—both in the culture and at school. Are the teens in your life prepared with a Christ-centered response? Let them know about Focus on the Family's Day of Dialogue® event on Thursday, Apr. 10. It's perfect for high school and college-age students. Download our FREE parent and student guides today!

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