Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vets 4 Congress

Broke Cruz Filibuster to Give Obama
a Blank Check Through 2015
Join the Fight to Primary and
RETIRE Turncoat Mitch McConnell!
"Never before in U.S. political history has a sitting party leader lost a primary election, but never in our history has it been so important that one does." – Matt Bevin
URGENT ALERT: Moneybags Mitch McConnell has shown over and over again in the Senate that he is a coward and unwilling to take on Harry Reid and the Democrats on the issues.
Now Mitch is showing this cowardice on the campaign trail by using strong arm tactics against reporters trying to cover the story of his primary contest and ducking conservative challenger Matt Bevin in debates.
In contrast, Tea Party patriot Matt Bevin has accepted the invitation to KET TV's Republican primary U.S. Senate candidate debate to be held on April 21, and the Kenton County Women's Republican candidate forum to be held on March 24.
Bevin's campaign spokeswoman Rachel Semmel asks, "Where's Mitch?"
And we have the answer…
Mitch is busy hiding his track record of bailouts, amnesty, debt ceiling hikes and Obamacare funding from Kentucky voters.

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