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April 25, 2014
Talking Points - Hamas Fath Unity Deal April 25, 2014
Earlier this week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas agreed to form a national unity government with Hamas.  In so doing, Abbas crossed a bright red line that should disgust all who seek peace.  Hamas is a terrorist organization that is recognized as such by both the United States and the European Union.  To this day, Hamas refuses to recognize the State of Israel and refuses to renounce terrorism.  Quite to the contrary, Hamas has claimed credit for suicide attacks that have killed hundreds of Israeli civilians and has launched tens of thousands of missiles into Israel.  The Hamas charter doesn't only call for the death of all Israelis; it calls for the death of all Jews.  By reaching out to Hamas, Abbas has turned his back on peace.  

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Israel suspends peace talks over unity deal

Israel on Thursday afternoon announced the suspension of peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority in the wake of Wednesday’s announcement of a unity agreement between rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas. Read more.

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Obama: Israel, Palestinians in need of ‘pause’ in talks

US President Barack Obama said on Friday that Israel and the Palestinians may be in need of a “pause” in their negotiations.
Speaking to the press while on a tour of Asia, the president said that Mideast peace has proven elusive due to the unwillingness of leaders in the region to make “hard choices.” Read more.

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Uniting With Terrorists Won’t Lead to an Accord

The Palestinians have been a house divided since 2007, when Hamas, a violent Islamist organization, overran the Palestinian Authority. The violence erupted after a political standoff following their stunning electoral victory the previous year. To this day, Hamas still controls Gaza, while the rival Fatah faction (which controls the Palestinian Liberation Organization) clings to power in the West Bank.

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We will be gathering in DC at a critical time, when our leaders may well be finalizing the details of a nuclear deal with Iran.  We know that when thousands of CUFI activists arrive on Capitol Hill, we can change the conversation. We know we can remind our leaders that a nuclear Iran is not only a threat to Israel, but to the US as well.  We know we can focus their minds and stiffen their spines. 
Don't be silent!  Don't miss this historic opportunity to stand with Israel!  Join us in DC!

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