Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Gun confiscation in the bud

NRA-ILA 2014 Truth About Gun owners (TAG) poll

A couple of weeks ago I sent you a letter with a very important petition to sign.
If you haven't done so yet, you can sign the petition online right here.
Please take action as soon as you can. The gun registration scheme

that you and I narrowly defeated last year is BACK.
Right now, Barack Obama and his allies in Congress are devising every possible
scheme to pass his so-called "universal background checks" plan. But background
checks are NOT the real goal behind this effort.

The Obama administration has clearly stated that once their plan is put into place,
all law-abiding gun owners LIKE YOU must be forced to submit to mandatory
"gun registration" to enforce the new law.

You read that right. GUN REGISTRATION. Not just for every gun you buy, but for 
every gun you already own!

Larry, if Obama forces you to register your guns, how long do you think it will be
before every firearm you own is banned and confiscated?
This single legislative battle is the biggest fight that you and I will face
in Congress this year. The outcome will decide the fate of our freedom
for the rest of our lives.

So before you do anything else today, please sign this petition to Congress and tell them to vote NO on Obama's gun registration scheme.
As an NRA-ILA supporter, I need you to stand and be counted with me and tens of
thousands of your fellow patriots RIGHT NOW in front of the U.S. House and Senate.

REMEMBER: You and I won the first round of this fight and stopped Obama's gun
registration bill last year by a dangerously slim margin of only five votes in the U.S. Senate.
The second round of this fight has begun and we need to come out of our corner swinging hard RIGHT NOW. You need to demand that Congress vote NO on Obama's gun registration scheme by signing this petition today.
And after you sign your petition, I hope you'll add even more power to your voice by
making a contribution to NRA-ILA. Whatever amount you can give, all I ask is that you
be as generous as you can be at this critical time.

Only NRA-ILA has the national reach and proven ability to win a fight this big. But we
can't do it without your active involvement and strong support right now.

Thank you.
Chris W. Cox
Executive Director

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