Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hate speech from Harry Reid

Harry Reid Calls Bundy Supporters 

Domestic Terrorists

Harry Reid speaks to reporters in the Capitol in Washington

Take a look at his actual comments
:You may hate Harry Reid. But at least the guy states his opinion. So, if you were wondering what big-government robots really think of Cliven Bundy and those that supported him, look no further than Harry Reid. He says they’re domestic terrorists.
Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists . . . I repeat: what went on up there was domestic terrorism. There were hundreds—hundreds of people from around the country—that came there. They had sniper rifles on the freeway. They had assault weapons. They had automatic weapons. . . . [They said they had] children and women lined up because if anyone got hurt we wanted to make sure they got hurt first, because we want the federal government hurting women and children. . . . What if others tried the same thing? . . . Clive Bundy does not recognize the United States. He says that the United States is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He doesn’t pay his fees. And he doesn’t follow the law. He continues to thumb his nose at authority.
So, let it be known. If you try to protest the civil government’s ridiculous over-reach and federal adjudication of local issues from above … If you resist the federal government’s unilateral regulation, taxation, and control of local land and local business … If you don’t bend over backwards to give up your guns, your business, your money, your life to the great overlord in DC … you are a domestic terrorist.
And the thing is, Reid is just making it clear on which side of the authority divide he falls. The fact is that the BLM showed up at Clive Bundy’s ranch with “sniper rifles on the freeway,” “assault weapons,” “automatic weapons.” They were pointing guns at citizens and sequestering the first amendment into a fenced-off zone. Federal government stooges (not unlike Reid) were the first to criticize Bundy supporters for having their women and children present in the armed standoff. (So who is using children as a leverage tool?) The fact is that, if the source of legitimate authority in the US comes from the people, the civil government of the United States, according to Harry Reid’s own pronouncement, is an institution comprising a whole host of domestic terrorists.
Government does not come from DC. The United States is not merely the outworking of its civil government. “We the people,” remember? It is the people of the states, the people of local communities from which comes the authority and greatness of this country. The real domestic terrorists are not those who fight for the cause of the people, whatever you may think of Cliven Bundy. The real domestic terrorists are those tyrants attempting to take away the rights and freedoms of average citizens. I imagine this is not the last time patriotic militiamen will have to prove the purpose of the second amendment.


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