Thursday, April 03, 2014

Mandatory Healthcare Deadline

 Obamacare signup deadline, there are more questions than answers....

After the latest Obamacare signup deadline, the Washington State Republican Party issued the following press release:

Obamacare Numbers Leave Questions Unanswered 
Many Washingtonians prepare to pay Obamacare tax 
BELLEVUE, WA -- Three days after the Obamacare signup deadline has passed and there are still more questions than answers.  How many of those who signed up for coverage have actually paid for coverage?  How many of those who have signed up were previously insured?  How many uninsured Washingtonians will President Obama be hitting with a new tax?
"The Obamacare implementation is proving to be a disaster," said WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison. "The Democrats say Obamacare is a ‘success,’ but they are out of touch with reality.  The White House says 7.1 million signed up at the deadline, but that is a meaningless number.  Many people have lost their coverage and doctor, are having their premiums and deductibles raised, and are faced with IRS Obamacare taxes on their income.”
No wonder people are not flocking to sign up.(1)  And the word is getting out: for those that do sign up for Obamacare, premiums are set to skyrocket as much as twenty-five or thirty percent.(2)  Obamacare is causing great harm and suffering to the people of America and the people of Washington state.  It is not surprising that, according to a recent poll, public support for Obamacare is "languishing at its lowest level since passage."(3)
As the final numbers roll in it will be critical to keep an eye on the percentage of “millennials,” who will be the group hit hardest by this new law. In President Obama’s economy this younger generation has had the most difficult time entering into the workforce, even with college degrees.  Now they are being asked to contribute what little resources they have to make the new healthcare plan stay afloat. Chairman Hutchison stated that “It is an injustice that the younger generations are being forced to pay for the failed policies of D.C. lawmakers.”
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Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party


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