Tuesday, April 08, 2014

not good

This is not good...

Dear LifeNews.com Readers,

As you know, LifeNews launched our April fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 to fund our pro-life news and information efforts online.
We really appreciate those of you who have donated so far. Unfortunately, our response was VERY low and our campaign is underperforming right out of the gate.
Campaigns like these need a very strong start and a very strong finish to do well. Our start is below 10% of the total campaign goal to help LifeNews grow and expand and hire staff to help us reach millions of people every month with pro-life news and opinion.
Please take a few minutes now to go to our online donation page and make a donation to support LifeNews.
We have a very simple question we hope you'll ask yourself as you consider donating. Do you enjoy getting pro-life news, information, opinion and analysis every day from LifeNews.com? If the answer is yes, please support us TODAY!
We need you help to get to our goal, we can't do it without you!
Thank you and may God bless you and your family.

Sincerely for Life,

Steven Ertelt, Editor

P.S. To make a donation to LifeNews, just head to our easy online donation page that will take you to two different options to make an online donation with your credit card or an electronic debit transaction. Or, you can fill out the form following this letter and mail a check to us (US readers only please).

We will support the work of LifeNews.com with a $_____ donation.
Please mail your check to: LifeNews.com, P.O. Box 270841 Fort Collins, CO 80527.

Name __________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________
City ____________________ State ____ Zip __________________
Email Address ____________________________________________
Friend's Email Address(es) __________________________________
LifeNews.com will never sell/rent your name and address to anyone and we do not place you on a telemarketing list when you donate.

Comments or questions? Email us at news@lifenews.com.

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