Monday, April 14, 2014

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Monday, April 14, 2014
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• Police Find Seven Dead Babies in Utah Home, Six Packed in Cardboard Boxes
• 547 Babies Saved From Abortion as 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Ends

 A Father Films His Daughter As She Grows From 0 Months To 14-Years-Old• Television Networks Ignore Case of Utah Mother Accused of Killing Seven Babies

More Pro-Life News
• Justina Pelletier’s Parents File Emergency Petition With Supreme Court to Regain Custody
• Police Officer Delivers His Own Daughter in His Squad Car While Rushing Wife to Hospital

• Mom Gives Birth in a Coma After Horrific Crash, Wakes Up Three Days Later
• $5 Billion in Tax Subsidies Headed to Obamacare Plans That Fund Abortions
• Amazing New Technology Shows Unborn Twins Jockeying for Space
• 7 Reasons Why the Pro-Life Movement is Winning on Abortion

• If Your Doctor Tells You to Abort Your Baby, Get a New Doctor

• Mom Holds Baby With “God Bless Planned Parenthood” Sign at Pro-Abortion Rally
• “Abortion Desert:” Activist Complains Large Swath of America is Abortion Free
• African-American Pastor Horrified at How Many Black Babies Abortion Kills

• Pakistani Man Arrested for Cannibalism After Eating Body of Dead Newborn Baby
• Colorado Bill Would Declare Fundamental “Right” to Abortion, Prevent Any Pro-Life Legislation

• Abby Johnson’s Ministry Has Helped More Than 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Quit
• Nevada Republican Party Strips Pro-Life Language on Abortion From its Platform

• Young Pregnant Pro-Life Woman Manhandled at Pro-Abortion UN Event
• Assisted Suicide Okay, But Man Arrested for Giving Elderly Wife a Pain Patch
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