Monday, April 21, 2014


Last week Americans were cutting checks to an organization that hides from its employers – the taxpayers. With no public documentation of their work, secret meetings to produce
new regulations, and underhanded tactics to target the administration’s political enemies,
the IRS is acting as a political arm for the White House and Barack Obama’s imperial
Despite a record breaking 150,000 comments demanding that the IRS not impose draconian restrictions on you and the rights of social advocacy groups, Obama’s IRS Commissioner
John Koskinen isn’t leaving the issue alone -- Koskinen told USA Today this week that they
were hitting the reset button and would be back with new regulations... before they've even reviewed the 150,000 comments!
These speech-arresting IRS regulations are so far reaching they impact not only
federal elections
 -- but also judicial nominations, as well as, state electionsstate referendalocal elected officials, andschool boards etc. 
The Obama Administration is dead set on using executive power to regulate the ability of
conservative organizations to speak out on the core values that we all share.  The White
House has gone so far as to sacrifice some of its own policies to ensure the IRS has the
ability to muzzle its political enemies.
They want to hit the reset button to stop your ability to hand out a TVC voter guide. They
want to stop a homeschooling co-op's ability to host a candidate forum. These new
regulations will even limit your ability to register voters in your community.
The IRS regulations are a solution in search of a problem. They’re an attempt to codify their unethical targeting of you and conservative organizations and silence the White
House’s critics.
Andrea Lafferty

Traditional Values Coalition

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