Sunday, April 13, 2014

There they go again

Well, it looks like as things quiet down in Nevada, the government private property grabbers are up to the
SAME thing in New Mexico.  This must be the new tactics of the globalists as they move in to take away not only private citizens God given rights but annul the actual validity of sovereign States and Nations in the place of a United Nations one world Governmental system.  I guess we are going to be suffering this kind of junk now at least until the next Presidential election and/or the declaration of marshal law....

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It makes one wonder if things like the Bundy Ranch take away maneuver is simply a training exercise as Big Brother prepares for the ultimate take over of  a LOT more in our nation.  

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Larry Killion said...

From Shari: Passing on this email info...

April 13, 2014 at 10:15 am

Shared information/No link:

Here’s a few more land grabs that were protested but not stopped. This is going on NATIONWIDE…not just in Nevada.

Arizona 72,688,000 acres with federal seizure of 30,190,227 acres or 41.5-percent
of the land area. Leads the nation in copper production and non-fuel mineral

California 100,206,720 acres with federal seizure of 44,689,648 acres or
44.7-percent of the land area. California has vast untapped gold reserves and mercury

Colorado 66,485,760 acres with federal seizure of 23,904,445 acres or 36-percent of
the land area. Colorado produces 60-percent of the world's supply of molybdenum
and contains oil shale that contains five times more oil than all the world's oil reserves
combined. Also has considerable gold and silver reserves.

Montana 93,271,040 acres with federal seizure of 25,688,895 acres or 27.5-percent
of the land area. Montana is rich in gold, silver and vast, shallow coal deposits along
with millions of acres of timber and grazing land.

New Mexico 77,766,400 acres with federal seizure of 26,325,860 or 34-percent
of the land area. New Mexico leads the nation in the production of potash and in the
production of dry ice from carbon dioxide wells.

Oregon 61,598,720 acres with federal seizure of 31,930,738 acres or 52-percent of
the land area. Oregon leads the nation in reserves of standing timber, timber
production, plywood production, nickel production and the greatest profusion of agates
for gemstones.

Texas 168,217,600 acres with federal seizure of 2,346,012 acres or 1.4-percent of the
land area. (The land seized by the federal government seems small, but is greater in
area than the entire states of Delaware and Rhode Island). Texas leads the nation in
helium production, sulphur production, petroleum refining, asphalt production, cotton
production, and produces the most chemicals from seawater.

Utah 52,696,960 acres with federal seizure of 33,258,253 or 63-percent of the
land area. Utah leads the nation in the number of useful minerals found, and produces
petroleum, coal and copper. Much of the federal holdings have been designated scenic

Washington 42,693,760 acres with federal seizure of 10,272,658 acres or 27-percent
of the land area. Washington provides 10-percent of the nation’s timber needs and
30-percent of its hydroelectric power.

Wyoming 62,343,040 acres with federal seizure of 30,206,194 acres or 48-percent of
the land area. Wyoming holds the largest coal reserves in the nation and the
country-side is dotted with oil wells.