Thursday, April 10, 2014


Authorize Police to Seize All Weapons
Anti-Rights Haters MUST NOT WIN
URGENT ACTION ALERT:Just like we warned, the confiscation creep is SPREADING.
Vermont's H. 735, an otherwise mundane budget bill proposing fee updates on things like license renewals and lottery ticket sales passed the state House WITHOUT any problems.
And then our Second Amendment allies took a closer look – and lo' and behold they found a tucked away provision for STATE "storage" of firearms, in fact ALL weapons, during domestic disputes.
There is NO DUE PROCESS, not even a sham hearing in court – just straight up CONFISCATION.
Meaning not only is this stealth maneuver an attack on our SECOND AMENDMENT, it is a deliberate stripping of Americans' Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment constitutional rights!
Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution
[N]or shall any person … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law …
Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Section One
[N]or shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law …
And guess what… those disarmed and stripped of their constitutional rights will have to PAY to get their seized firearms back!
In Vermont AND in all 50 states, Obama's unlawful gun-grabbers MUST be stopped – before we have no Constitution or liberty left!
We must launch the counterattack now not only on social media but in our State capitols and in Washington.
Gun rights Americans rallied this past weekend in Connecticut with turnout in the thousands. The lapdog media IGNORED it; they too will IGNORE this latest sneaky, desperate ploy to confiscate firearms in Vermont. And as soon as we "out" their anti-democratic hijacking of our rights, they will try to paint it as yet another "common sense" gun violence solution we pro-gun fanatics are too ignorant to appreciate.
THEY are the ignorant, but ignorance is no excuse for their crimes against the Constitution, and our liberty.
"It's a highly illegal confiscation bill," Gun Owners of Vermont president Ed Cutler told Vermont Watchdog.
"H.735 is a forfeiture bill that tells police if a person gets a temporary restraining order, they have to come into the house and take all weapons – not just firearms, but all weapons."
Eric Holder wants Big Brother to have monitoring/tracking bracelets shackled on to law-abiding gun owners and their firearms – you know, to make sure none end up used in crimes or in the hands of say MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS!
Our Governors MUST be held accountable to our Constitution, along with our other elected officials at every level of government.
As of Apr. 1, the law-abiding residents of "The Constitution State" have to comply with the last major round of provisions in SB 1160 (Public Act 1303) or ELSE.
The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action provides this handy list of what exactly "or ELSE" in Connecticut now entails…
  • Individuals must apply for a "long gun eligibility certificate" through the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection ("DESPP") to purchase any rifle or shotgun. You are exempt from this requirement if you have a Connecticut permit to carry a pistol or revolver; a pistol or revolver retail sales permit; or a pistol or revolver eligibility certificate.

  • The fee (tax) for this certificate is $35 and must be renewed every five years.

  • You must complete a DESPP-approved firearms training course.

  • You must submit fingerprints with your application and a fee of $50 for state fingerprints and $16.50 for federal fingerprints.

  • The DESPP commissioner will have 60 days after the receipt of your application to issue the "long gun eligibility certificate," which can then be presented to a licensed firearms dealer to purchase a long gun.
State of Connecticut Dept of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) Commissioner Dora Schriro ADMITTED on Mar. 14 that her agency HAD sent the notorious confiscation letter to Connecticut gun owners who missed a Jan. 1 deadline to hand over their "illegal weapons."
As a result of their "non-compliance" those owners of previously lawful firearms became felons overnight.
Laughable if it weren't such a dead serious crisis, Schriro now claims that the orders for gun owners to either DESTROY the guns and ammo in question or TURN THEM IN to police is not de facto confiscation because law enforcement and/or government officials are not yet going door-to-door to seize our "forbidden" firearms from us.
Her assertion that banning, and then intimidating with threats and coercion, or compulsorily relieving and depriving under force of "law" is NOT confiscation is utterly absurd and insulting.
Authorities like Schriro are trying to get law-abiding citizens to play along nicely and do their dirty work for them as they legislate us out of our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, one bogus category of "assault weapon" or 10+ bullet magazine at a time.
And no doubt when it is all said and done and our guns and ammo are GONE, these traitors will continue to deny CONFISCATION, saying the people FREELY turned in their guns and ammo out of "common sense" and "safety concerns." This destruction of our Second Amendment rights is straight out of Obama's leftist playbook – Schriro and all the Connecticut gun grab collaborators MUST NOT get away with it!
The Connecticut Peace Officers' Association released an open letter affirming that police in Connecticut will not "be party to the oppression of the people of the State by enforcing an unconstitutional law."
So far more than 250 peace officers and Connecticut law enforcement officers have cosigned the letter, joining their fellow citizens in classic civil disobedience.
In the wake of the State's blatant power grab and unconstitutional guns and ammo confiscation scheme, these officers choose to uphold their oath to the U.S. Constitution!
Remember, TO WIN in Connecticut and NATIONWIDE, we MUST be as relentless defending liberty as is the Left with their gun control schemes. Join in our support for our pro-gun law enforcement officers and the patriots in Connecticut, Vermont, Colorado, California, New York and elsewhere willing to stand up and REJECT UNLAWFUL GUN GRABS.
We must continue to pound Congress and our Governors to get them on the offensive when it comes to protecting our Constitutional rights! Make sure YOUR voice is HEARD!

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