Thursday, April 10, 2014

What is WRONG with our government?

Feds Kill Cattle

Is it time to head to Nevada and stand up to the federal government overreach?
Check it out:
Tensions are growing as people in the community of Bunkerville are trying to stop federal agents from taking cattle off of public land.
During a Wednesday’s night town meeting, community members came out in force to support rancher Cliven Bundy. They gave him a standing ovation when he got up to speak.
“I love you people. And I love this land, and I love freedom and liberty,” Bundy told the crowd.
“I want to tell you and thank you for being brave enough to stand up for me, for my freedom, for my liberties and my land,” Overton area resident Kelly Houston said.
“I openly, publicly and personally say: I stand with the Bundys,” Overton area resident Laura Bledsoe said.

Resident not only showed support for the Bundy family, they also condemned the federal government for what they called heavy-handed tactics.

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Larry Killion said...

FLASH: Who is surprised by THIS?