Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If u r pro-LIFE VOTE

May 28, 2014
Stand up for what you believe!

Dear Larry,

You and I know the truth: Faith, family and freedom are in grave danger all across America today.

Father and Son
We either stand up now for what we believe, or risk losing the great legacy our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit.

That's why I hope you'll not only vote this November - but give now to help rally an additional one million voters to the polls. We'll need their support of conservative, pro-family leaders and policies if we want to prevail at this historic moment in American history.

The momentum may be shifting in our favor

We're halfway through President Obama's second term. It appears that so many Americans are upset with his policies, particularly Obamacare, that voters are poised to restore a more pro-family worldview to the U.S. Senate through the men and women they elect.

This is a great opportunity for us. This fall's midterm election will be our best chance - and maybe only chance for at least the next three election cycles - to turn the tide. We must act before America's 238-year-old history of reverence for life, family and religious freedom is completely washed away.

Every $2.80 you give today will help bring another pro-family voter to the polls in November.

CitizenLink has a plan to identify, educate and rally to the polls 1 million conservative, pro-family voters who are likely to join with us.

But your support is essential if we hope to reach them . . . AND combat the media bias, rampant misinformation and toxic rhetoric that characterize our national dialogue.

That's why your gift today matters. Please raise your voice and give today.

Every vote will be crucial for overturning liberal control in the Senate and restoring a conservative, pro-family point of view.

November's midterm election will be here before we know it, and we need your help today to rally voters to the polls. Please stand with me today and help bring pro-family victory in November!

For Faith and Family,

Tom Minnery
Tom Minnery

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